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Help People FIND their ZIVUG!

Find Your Zivug Corp.

Donate to the cause Help People FIND their ZIVUG!

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Our goal is to create an atmosphere where the "frum" person can meet & mingle with like minded peeople in a 100% kosher setting.


As a Certified Master Dating Coach I speak to large groups when ever asked. On one such occasion, a mother attended one of my interactive workshops on relationships.  She inquired as to how I can help people who are not main stream Yeshivish yet not modern meet.  It took me 6 months of research to come up with


Around 2 years ago, I brainstormed and came to the conclusion that I needed to  create an atmosphere where these people can meet and not be put off by any stigmas of going to a "singles" event nor that they should worry that their repuation may be ruined as to what people may think.  Yet they were finding that the Shadchanim were not very helpful either.


And so I came up with several ideas:

1- The need to eliminate lables!  By doing so, I needed to brand who FYZ would be for.  And so I came up with 2 concepts; a) The frum and "with it" crowd. Often people feel that events are for the nebs, or lame people.  People that can't get a date.  Not true!  b) Women that "want" to cover their hair when they are married & men that "want" their wives to cover their hair when they are married.  If you notice the emphasis on the word want.  The covering of the hair is a special mitzvah and it does not only represent that a woman is married (as many sheitles today actually make a person look better). But it represents a certain desire to follow Hashem's dictates.  You see covering the hair ALWAYS is not very comfortable for women and men do not always appreciate their wives walking around with a snood or teichel.  But when they "wanrt" it because Hashem created this special mitzvah - they also want to live a certain life style.


 2- The need for events. Why, you may ask?  Simply put, most people today are suffering from lack of dates or too many availabilities that they do not know who to choose from.  And so, they relay on information and paper profiles. Therefore I have creted two types of events. The first are events that last for a few hours.  On such an event, the participants get a one hour interactive workshop or relationships where they ask question and actually get involved. Then we have some form of speed dating where they get to meet all the participants in their age range.  And then there is social time.  All of these events are attended by myself as well as several other facilitators. All such events have a nice venue as well as a nice spread of food, all in hopes of bringing in quality people.  The next type of event are weekends.  They have the same as the above with a lot more organizing throughout the weekend.  In this way people get to spend even more time together.  In order to keep the rumors at bay, we have boys & girls sleeping on different floors and security guards on the floors.  By my standards, a person that attends one of our events saves themseleves a years worth of dating.  Or better yet, if they come to several events a year, they manage to speed up the dating process by several years.


So how can you help?  We need people.  Although our events bring in many people, it is only a fraction of the people out there.  We know that H'BH assigns a zivug when the neshama is born.  However, we do not know where to find that person.  The more people that attend such events the more chances people will have at finding their zivug.  Additionally, these events are costly and many singles cannot afford to attend.  Bewteen the current economic situation, many dating sites and overall responsibilities they simply can't afford it. 

We need:

Sponsorships - we can't continue without money!

More people involved - in order to save money we need volunteers

More Rabbis to endorse our program - in hopes that this will bring more people too.

More shadchanim to understand what we are doing and openly endorse us.

And most important of all, more awareness to both parents and children.  People need to see this as a way of meeting their bashert.



Have questions about Donate to the cause Help People FIND their ZIVUG!? Contact Find Your Zivug Corp.


Find Your Zivug Corp.

Endorsed by leading Rabanim, Shadchanim, and facilitators.

Certified master dating coach on staff.

Families are always welcome and even encouraged to join us, when we go to hotels. 

After having attended a Shabbaton run by Yaakov Grunstein and the Find Your Zivug group, [Shabbos Nachamu 2013] I can truly say that I am impressed. The professionalism displayed in each and every detail made Shabbos a true pleasure. The shiurim and speakers were stimulating and interesting and the food and accommodations were first class! Most of all, I was impressed by the singles program. Tremendous care was given to make sure that, not only were a high caliber of persons present, but FYZ went the extra mile to make sure that each single had multiple opportunities to connect in meaningful ways. I highly recommend FYZ and applaud Yaakov on a job well done! I hope to participate in future events and to see many other join as well.  Rabbi Benzion Z Klatzko

I just came home from spending an amazing Shabbos Nachamu at the Hilton in Stamford Conn. [Shabbos Nachamu 2013] There are not enough words to express my Hakoras Hatov for this program. And I write this with tears of gratitude.
As a shadchan I've facilitated at many programs of this nature and venue. However, this program was one I thank Hashem for giving me the zechus to be a part of.
Yaakov Grunstein - the care and sensitivity you placed in every aspect of the shabbaton was clearly evident. From the ample amount of food, nosh and activities geared for meeting, surpassed anything I have ever witnessed. You delivered everything you promised 100%. You truly care about these singles, and I was very touched to be viewing this from my objective angle. May Hashem bentch you and your lovely wife, Leeba for all you do on behalf of those seeking a shidduch.
Yitzy and Sarah Korman, Moshe and Chaviva Verschleisser and Efraim Levy - your devotion to making this program a success was surely felt by the participants.
Rabbi Tzvi Flaum, Rabbi Benzion Klatzko and Rabbi Tovia Singer - you wowed us beyond belief with your shiurim.
Acharon Acharon Chaviv - to the dear singles who attended, you made this possible. You gave each person on staff the opportunity to be able to fulfill this mitzvah in partnering with Hashem. May you all be happily married by next Shabbos Nachamu! 
SYAS Shadchan & radio host Baila S

Endorsed by:

Rabbi Boruch Simon- Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University
Rabbi Kenneth Auman, YI of Flatbush
Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld,YI of Kew Garden Hills
Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield, YI of Staten Island

Rabbi Zvi Flaum - Rosh Yeshiva of Lander College
and several others that choose to remain anonymous at this time.
Shadchanim and facilitators who agreed to publicly endorse this event include but are not limited to:
Mrs. Dasi Goldberg,
Mrs. Esterina Tafrizi,
Mrs. Anna Aronovitch - SYAS MM,
Mr. & Mrs. Allen & Debby Leibowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Sarah and Yitzy Korman,
Mrs. Esther Zywica
Mrs. Chaya Goldsmith

Mrs. Heidie Leifer

Mr. & Mrs. Moshe and Chaviva Verschleisser

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