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Dog-Friendly Walk at Laurelhurst Park

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As part of Animal Aid's Dog Jog & Kitty Fit Virtual 5K, we'll be hosting three dog-friendly walks in the park to help you complete your steps, ending with this walk at Laurelhurst Park.

Meeting Location: SE Oak Street & SE 37th Avenue. When you arrive, look for the Animal Aid staff or volunteer holding a poster with the Dog Jog & Kitty Fit Virtual 5K logo (the image on this page).

Having a canine companion is not a requirement for joining the walk. We welcome all Dog Jog & Kitty Fit Virtual 5K participants and supporters of Animal Aid. Please also consider your dog's personality and if they would enjoy a group walk with other people and canines; for some dogs, this type of situation is just not their thing, and that's completely okay.

If you are planning to bring your furry friend, please remember to follow these rules for the safety and consideration of others:

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times during the walk. Please, no retractable leashes.

  • Please don't assume someone wants your dog to meet their dog, and be sure to ask for permission before letting your dog greet another dog.

  • If you sense your dog getting anxious or overstimulated on the walk, please don't hesitate to excuse yourself from the group to give your dog more space and evaluate their health and wellbeing. Remember: You are your dog's advocate first and foremost, and your fellow dog owners will be understanding of this.

  • Always pick up after your dog. If you run out of bags, ask a fellow dog walker for a spare.

We look forward to having you join us on this walk and thank you for helping us fundraise for animals in need!

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