Divinity Through Unity Self Love Retreat.

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Meraki Tanit

Lugar venda portinatx 18

07810 Ibiza


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We welcome you to come and retreat with us on the mystical Island of Ibiza. 5 days of self love, wellness and Zen.

About this Event

Say yes to a better you.

Start on your journey to self healing through self love, self awareness and self care.

Divinity through Unity retreats have been mindfully created to help you awaken and develop the healer within. Our mission is to lead and support you along your healing journey, leaving the retreat with new skills and the ability on how to heal yourself and how to incorporate that into your everyday life.

Each of us from Divinity are walking the journey and are committed not only to our own self healing and development, but to sharing our tools along the way to reach out and light up as many souls as we can, in turn helping raise the vibration of not only ourselves, but also the planet as a collective through the simple message of self love. When we are loving and forgiving to ourselves, we can overflow these qualities to one another.

Divinity is our birthright.

Love is our religion.

Unity is our nature.

Come join us on our second retreat on the mystical Island of Ibiza, known for its transition of rebirth. For those who are lovers of Astrology, Ibiza is said to be governed by the sign of Scorpio, which gives that magical esoteirc, transforming, creative, divine energy. Scorpio symbolises both life and death. Under the Scorpio sign, it has enormous creative energy that breathes here, the Island of metamorphosis and new beginnings. Ibiza also has an incredibly high level of crystal quartz in the soil and rocks - probably a contributing factor in the special energy that Ibiza holds and is famous for.

What to expect -

Drumming - Drumming connects us to our divine creator, connecting our heart to the heartbeat of the Earth. The sound of the drum is a prayer to spirit, is it the voice of the Earth coming through to speak of its heart. The drumbeat is one of the oldest and most sacred sounds that we can use to address consciousness and healing. We will be guiding you through a Reiki shamanic drum healing session in the morning, combining Reiki with the sound of the drum is a way of treating negative conscious mind habits and reprogramming you mentally and emotionally. In the evening we will be heading over to the infamous Ibango villa, where regular drumming circles are held and other ceremonial events.

Mindful Morning Walking Meditation - Walking in silence in the mystical forests of Ibiza, surrounded by Sage, Rosemary and the sweet essence of pine trees amongst many more of Mother Nature’s medicines. Walking mindfully is a tradition in many cultures. Your brain can’t dwell on worries and problems when your body is physically active. As your mind becomes quiet you are able to connect and move into your heart. We can connect to the heart when we are in silence. Walking with your attention and awareness of your heart allows you to hear the voice of your heart and gain access to Divine dimensions, one that has been inside your heart from day Surrender your mind and heal your body. As you rejuvenate from the inside out for only then can your true essence of beauty be revealed.

Om chanting - Every vibration is a sound. Harmonious sounds have a powerful healing effect on the physical, emotional and mental body and its functioning, as well as in the spiritual self. Disharmonious frequencies result in stress, illness and misery. Harmonious frequencies result in love, joy and peace. Sound can transform negative, repressed emotions, restoring the harmony in our bodies and between body, mind and Soul. Just like a radio, it is our choice to attune ourselves to certain frequencies. OM is the primordial sound of creation and is the highest and purest vibration. Chanting OM is one of the best ways to bring the vibration of Unity into the diversity of creation and the perfect wholeness in each cell. The collective negativity produced by the destructive and judgmental thinking, speech and actions of each individual is the source of all illnesses, armed conflicts and even natural disasters on our planet so it is up to us to change and raise the vibrations which we radiate into the atmosphere. By doing OM chanting, the negativity can be transformed in ourselves at the place where the chanting is performed or wherever the healing energy is sincerely directed.

Sound Meditation - “If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.”


2:00PM / 3:00PM- Arrival

3:00PM - 5:00PM- Settling in

5:30PM - 7:30PM - Opening dinner

8:00PM - Candlelit Yoga with Jojo

9:15PM - 10:30PM - Sound Meditation and Holy Fire - Inner peace


7:00 AM - 7:30 AM - Tea + nibbles

7:30 AM - 9:30 AM - Breathwork meditation + Reiki drum journey in nature - Meet your spirit animal

11:00 AM - Brunch

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM - Creative Chakra Workshop - design your own tie dye Chakra t-shirt

2:30 PM : 3:45 PM - Chakra cleansing Yoga

4:00 PM - 6:30 PM - Break / one on one treatments + Cooking class

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM - Dinner

8:00 PM - LATE - Drum Jam at IBANGO


7:00AM - 7:30 AM - Tea + nibbles

7:30 AM - 9:30 AM - Morning walking meditation - OM chanting in the forest

11:00 AM - Brunch

12:00PM - 1:00PM - Self-Reflection, own time

1:30PM - 5:30PM - Day out visiting a beach

6:00PM - 7:30PM - Dinner

7:30PM - 9:00PM - Sound Meditation with Holy Fire Reiki

9:00PM - 10PM - Yoga Nidra


7:00 AM - 7:30AM - Tea + nibbles

8:00 AM - 9:15AM - Walking Morning Meditation in the forest

9:15 AM - 10:30 AM - Morning Yoga with Jojo

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Heart opening brunch

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Self time

3:00 PM - 6:00pm - Cacao ceremony

7: 30 PM - 9:00 PM - Dinner


7:00 AM - 7:30 AM - Tea + nibbles

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM - Sound Meditation

9:00 AM - 12:00 Treatments, own time, enjoy the space

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM - Farewell Lunch

5:00 PM is checkout


Be ready to connect to the high vibrations of Plant-based food, promoting healing and detoxification for the Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit. Every Ingredient that passes through Shellbee's hands is charged with Holy fire Reiki, Mantras and a special ingredient that is abundant to everyone - LOVE!

Retreating to the foundations of nature and reconnecting to your full true self, to see, feel and experience the Impact that conscious Internal self-love can have on the physical being and mental health. When we honour ourself with vitality a new life force energy can be born.

She'Gon'Prep will be providing a variety of cuisines over the course of 5 days, flavours and fusions Intuitively weaved together - dishes that promote healing, balance & stimulation for the chakra system.


Do you believe In yourself to create a delicious meal without following a recipe? When was the last time you created a dish with the ingredients you already have at home?

Trusting to flow with flavours that you’re putting together, experiment with new vegetables, different herbs and spices, various ways on cooking them, tips on how to spread 1 Ingredient over many dishes.

Shellbe will be teaching a workshop on the basics of cooking intuitively using a plant-based approach, leave equipped with the knowledge to whip up dishes that will empty your fridge and explode your taste buds.


Jojo teaches mindful Hatha Flow and Restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra; encouraging awareness of breath, mind and body. A simple flow of postures and sun salutations to awaken the body and mind. Finding equal balance of strength and flexibility, effort and surrender in each pose. A release of any tensions, restoring balance and inviting peace, calm and a deep connection with oneself.

Please note that all rooms are based on a sharing concept.

There will also be the opportunity to book one on one treatments and Reiki attunement. For more information on this, please email us at divinity.retreats@gmail.com.

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Date and Time


Meraki Tanit

Lugar venda portinatx 18

07810 Ibiza


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