Divine Femininity & Sacred Womanhood 5 Day Immersion - Online Event

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Refund Policy

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Divine Femininity and Sacred Womanhood - What does this mean for YOU?

If you're anything like us, you crave a connection to the Divine.

You may be:

  • Tired of all the rush, rush, rush with not enough reward.

  • Ready and wishing for a deeper connection in your everyday world.

  • Desiring to feel fully connected to your body, sexuality and your sacred Self.

  • Wishing to know the Goddess and be able to embody Her and all that means to you.

  • Interested in crystals and energy healing.

  • Interested in kundalini and tantric energy working.

  • Excited by the wonders of the Universe, spirituality and the sacred mysteries of our world...

  • ...and at the same time, wondering how you can ground all this in, how it can help, and how you can make it work for your everyday reality.

  • Feeling disconnected at times to your womanhood, your feminine nature, and there may be a painful or traumatic past and events in your past connected to this and your sexuality...

  • ...at the same time, you may have a fiery past and nature, ready to have FUN with what it means to be a Woman and a Sexual One at that, and ready to embrace and embody your most Full-On, Bad-Ass Self, 100%!

In this amazing, Five day immersion, you will be hosted by two incredible women named Tamar Gail and Christa Norris. We are coaches, sexuality and empowerment leaders, and here to help YOU to leave worries, fears, obstacles and struggles at the door. We are here to help You bring in and BECOME the Incredible Women you've always wanted to be... (and actually ARE, inside!)

'In addition to Five days of luxury, transformational workshops and a truly amazing, powerful experience unlike any other.'

This is Your Chance, Your Time and Your Opportunity to step Inside and embody the Woman you have always wanted to be. The Woman and Goddess you have within You!! ♥

Join us!! ... and get ready, for Your World to NEVER be the same!



Opening Circle

Discussion on Womanhood & the Feminine Essence

Body Talk Sessions


Divine Feminine Movement

Sexuality, Tantra & the Womb

Womb Clearing Meditation


Divine Feminine Movement

Tantric Heart Meditation


Connecting To The Awakened Feminine Meditation

Discussion on Aphrodite Archetype

Love Healing with the Venus Guides & Power of Voice


Dance of Empowerment

Closing Circle

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Date and Time


Online Event

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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