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Divine Feminine Temple

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The Divine Feminine Temple is a safe, sacred space that honors, supports and inspires you to become all that you are as a woman.

About this event

Dear sister,

Are you on a journey of healing, empowerment, and awakening?

Are you seeking a feminine space in which you can receive healing and inspiration and be supported in your journey?

Are you hungry for authentic connection with other sisters on a similar journey as you?

Then join us in the Divine Feminine Temple.

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What is the Divine Feminine Temple?

The Divine Feminine Temple is a safe, sacred space that honors, supports and inspires you to become all that you are as a woman. It is a feminine space of healing, love, magic, and Divinity. It is a space in which you can heal, connect, be inspired, and discover.

We women cannot heal from trauma and patriarchy and awaken within masculine contexts. Nor can you do it alone. The Divine Feminine Temple honors every aspect of who you are as a woman in mind, body, heart, and Soul. It offers you a sisterhood that nourishes, supports, and empowers.

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One thing I know from my own journey is that women need the presence, healing, and guidance of the Divine Feminine to become all that we are. In the Temple, you will be in the presence of and held by the Divine Feminine. You will receive channeled guidance and transmissions from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and other Divine Feminine Masters.

The Divine Feminine Temple is a monthly event for women. Each month, we will explore an aspect of your personal or spiritual growth. It is an opportunity to receive inspiration and healing on that issue, reflect on and set your intentions and goals. You can explore and express yourself through sharing and story, sound and art, movement and poetry. You can share and receive others’ sharing, be supported and support each other, and so build authentic sisterhood.

In the Divine Feminine Temple, you can:

  • Gather with other sisters in a sacred space
  • Receive guidance about the issue
  • Receive sound healing
  • Receive a channeled message from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, or other Divine Feminine Masters
  • Journal or engage in a creative or embodied practice
  • Share authentically

This month’s topic is SELF-LOVE.


October 9, 2022

“Self-love is the most sacred gesture a woman can extend to herself. Everything begins here. It is so essential. Women are conditioned to give, often at the expense of who they are, at the expense of themselves. They put themselves second, or after the family, and that is their part, in their and others’ eyes, of how they lose their value and invalidate themselves. The best way for a woman to learn to love herself is to create a daily self-love and self-value practice.”

-- Mother Mary

Self-love is the practice of changing your stories about yourself. Defy any and all unloving stories and consciously choose loving ones. Self-love is softening and opening your heart to yourself, especially to your wounded parts that feel rejected, abandoned, afraid, ashamed, or guilty. Self-love is learning to see yourself from your heart, not from your beliefs or Inner Critic. Self-love is learning to respect, nurture, and care for yourself. Self-love is learning to cherish yourself. Self-love is encouraging and cheering yourself on.

How do you want to grow in self-love?

What You Will Receive:

  • Grow in self-love
  • Shed unloving stories and create loving ones for yourself
  • Receive sound healing to heal and open your heart to yourself
  • Be inspired and uplifted by channeled messages from Mother Mary and other Divine Feminine Masters
  • Leave nourished and connected with sisterhood

What You Will Receive:

  • Feel more courageous and energized to be, speak, and live your truth
  • Feel lighter by shedding limiting stories
  • Feel more aligned and embodied in your truth
  • Be inspired and uplifted by Mother Mary and other Divine Feminine Masters Masters
  • Leave nourished and connected with sisterhood
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My inspiration for this event is drawn from one way the Goddess is honored and worshipped in India. The Goddess, the Divine Feminine is multifaceted as a diamond. Vast, beautiful, and magnificent, she has many forms, functions, and expressions. In temples and ceremonies, 108 expressions of her are recited as a flower is offered at her feet with each one.

You, as a woman and a Divine Being, have the very same qualities and expressions as the Divine Feminine. From courage to compassion, self-protection to self-love to self-nurturing, truth to power, beauty to sensuality, these are your inner jewels.

Each month, we will select one quality or expression of the Goddess. Each Temple visit offers you healing, inspiration, and self-discovery of how you embody and express it. As you nurture and polish them one by one, you shine first to yourself and then to others and in the world.

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