Divine Decision: Manifestation versus Surrendering

Divine Decision: Manifestation versus Surrendering

Actions and Detail Panel


Will you Take Action?! Or Let the Universe lead The Way!?

About this event

I’m sure that you have heard of using the law of attraction to manifest your heart’s desires. The Secret, Creative Visualization, Think and Grow Rich, and other popular books teach us that in order to get what we want, we need to use visualization, say affirmations, think positively, and never ever doubt your dreams will come true.

But, is this working for you? Why or Why not?

According to an article by Annie Zhu at Tarumah.ca; Manifesting can go wrong if we’re pushing too hard to make the ego‘s wishes come true instead of what’s really for our soul’s highest good. But on the other hand, by surrendering, we let go, and many people may interpret this as being passive, and just allowing life to carry you like a bag in the wind. Who wants that?

In this Class we will discuss both Manifestation and surrendering concepts and ways to bring more power into your spiritual work. We will give practical methods to take your life creation space to the next level.

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