District 100 Virtual Learning Lab - November 1, 2020

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Join us for the November 1, 2020 District 100 Virtual Learning Lab and expand your Toastmasters knowledge!

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Learning Lab - November 2020

Please join us on Sunday, November 1, 2020 between 10am and 1pm for our monthly Toastmasters District 100 Learning Lab. We have one hour sessions in three experiences to help you and your club thrive as you continue to work towards your personal and your club's goals.

Choose from the following experiences (you're welcome to mix and match classes from different experiences):

Member Experience

• Know Your Audience: 10am - 11am

• Introduction to Pathways: 11am - 12pm

• Pathways and Beyond: How to Organize Your Speech: 12pm – 1pm

Club Experience

• Building Relationships and Rapport: 10am - 11am

• Beyond the Club: 11am – 12pm

• Lively, Interesting, and Productive Club Programs: 12pm - 1pm

Leadership Experience

• Developing Leaders – Resolving Conflict – Part 2: 10am - 11am

• Journey to DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster): 11am – 12pm

• How to be a Super Club Sponsor, Mentor or Coach: 12pm - 1pm

Then be sure to do the following:

1) RSVP by clicking "Register" on this invitation

2) Choose your classes in the registration form

3) Make note of the class GoToMeeting call in link below. See you online!


Submitted by Charlotte Naugle, DTM, PQD D100

Learning Lab Opportunities November 1, 2020

10:00 – 11:00 sessions

Member Experience – Know Your Audience

Speakers want to share knowledge and move an audience to share their viewpoint. To do this, the speaker must send their message in such a way that it is easy for the audience to receive and understand it. The speaker must know who the audience is and fine tune how the message is sent to the audience in order to succeed. This session is designed to assist the speaker in knowing what variables to examine in speaking to audience and being successful.


• To understand why it is important to know your audience

• To understand the diversity within a group of individuals listening to a speaker

• To understand the factors that help keep the audience’s attention

• To share individual experiences with an audience

Club Experience – Building Relationships and Rapport

One of the most profound experiences we can have in our lives is the connection with other human beings. Positive and supportive relationships will help us feel healthier, happier, and more satisfied with our lives. Working successful with all the different types of relationships we encounter is important. This session will provide tips on how to develop more positive and healthy relationships in all aspect of your life.


• Learn what a positive relationship looks like

• What factors are needed to develop a positive relationship

• How can you implement the information received to help enrich your own life

Leadership Experience – Developing Leaders – Conflict Resolution Part 2

This session is part two of dealing with conflict. It will include the resolution process, which are the steps of resolving a conflict, and how to apply it. In addition, assertive language phrases will be provided to assist the speaker in working to divert a conlict. You did not have to attend Part 1 to attend this session.


• Review the types of conflicts

• Learn the process (steps) in resolving a conflict

• Learn some assertive phrases that can be used to divert a conflict

• To discuss real life situations and methods for use.

11:00 – 12:00 Sessions

Member Experience – Introduction to Pathways

Welcome to Toastmasters International learning experience called Pathways! This is an exciting, flexible, and interactive way to develop your leadership and communication skills. Having a problem? Need some assistance? Want to know what this program is all about. This session is designed for YOU! Come and learn!


• Introduce the overall program

• Introduce the 300 unique competencies

• Introduce the 11 specialized paths to choose from

• Learn how to gain access online and from anywhere or anytime

• Be aware of the real-world transferable skills gained through Pathways

Club Experience – Beyond the Club

There is life in Toastmasters beyond the club level! The structure of Toastmasters International provides an opportunity for a member to seek new experiences that stretch beyond the club. Those opportunities include the area, the division, and the district levels. There are specific activities attached to each of these areas in which members can participate. This session is designed to provide more information about each of these areas. We encourage our members to participate if they are interested in expanding their growth beyond the club.


• Why explore opportunities beyond the club.

• Learn what opportunities are available in the area, division, and district levels both knowledge/skill

• Learn what factors need to be considered in participating beyond the club

• Learn about the benefits in participating in these activities

Leadership Experience – Journey to DTM

The journey to Distinguished Toastmaster (highest award) is an exciting and rewarding experience. If you are interested in taking this wonderful journey, this session is for you! It will help you plan, move through the steps, and enjoy receiving the highest award in the organization. Some people choose to take this journey more than once…you can receive as many DTM’s as you want to earn. Here is an opportunity to be guided and mentored through the process with an experienced DTM.


• Assessment of what is needed by Individual interested members

• Assignments to positions or tasks necessary to complete requirements

• Can begin the journey at any time

• Guidance and mentoring will be provided as necessary for committed members

12:00 – l:00 Sessions

Member Experience – Pathways and Beyond: How to Organize Your Speech

Speech organization is more than just the order in which you discuss the points in your speech. The words in a well-organized speech work together to attract and keep the audience’s attention. The order of both the words and ideas, lets the audience know the importance of how each point relations to the other to assist in getting your message across. This session is designed to provide the speaker with specific ideas and methods on organizing a speech. This session correlated with the outlines in pathways project.


• The importance of having a well-organized speech

• Learn the factors that effectively organize a speech

• Using the outlines in Pathway Projects to plan

• How to make and use a graphic organizer (mind map) to assist in organizing ideas and points

Club Experience – Lively, Interesting, and Productive Club Programs

Providing lively, interesting and productive club programs are essential to your club’s success. Attending meetings with the same format week after week, month after month, can become monotonous. Members are more likely to skip meetings or stop altogether if meetings become routine. Regularly planned special programs for meetings will provide new experiences and breaks the routine. Toastmasters provides 18 different programs ideas to spice up a meeting. Remember what will work in one club, doesn’t mean it will work in another club. Come and see what is available and what will fit your club.


• Learn the reasons why variety of programs are important for clubs

• Learn the 18 program ideas Toastmasters provides

• Learn how to brainstorm and create interesting meetings

• Share ideas that other clubs have used and how they worked

Leadership Experience – How to be a Super Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach

You want to try your hand in leading? You need to serve in one of the roles for credit towards a DTM award? You want to experience helping others? You want to give back what you have gained? This session is designed for these purposes. We need super club sponsors, mentors, and coaches for our clubs. It is a good time to throw your hat in the ring and try. This is a fun way of developing leadership skills.


• Learn the roles and responsibilities of a sponsor a mentor, and a coach

• Determine what opportunities that are available for each category

• Possibly be assigned to a club with the appropriate designation

• If filled a position, receive credit for serving

Meeting Links Below


Member Experience Sessions - Learning Lab Virtual Room #1

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Club Experience Sessions – Learning Lab Virtual Room #2

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Leadership Experience Sessions – Learning Lab Virtual Room #3

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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