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Disorient Country Club IX - Euclidean Voyage

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Join Disorient at a secret upstate New York location for a self reliant weekend of camping, music, interactive art, and creative technology.

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Disorient returns for the ninth chapter of our annual journey, Disorient Country Club. Travel with us in a continuum of future past time, to explore a mountain forest topology of the discoverable and hidden. We voyage from this dimensional portal to communal points in space and time, finding new passages, seeking understanding with expanded perspectives.

Disorient Country Club IX - Euclidean Voyage

Join us for this journey of deep chilling off the grid relaxation. Country Club is a woodland oasis where blissful self-reliance meets massive multiplayer participation. Explore a constantly shifting blank canvas of music, art, and performance.

May 23th |NOON| to May 27th |NOON|

Upstate- Shandaken, New York

Location released to ticket holders week of the event

Gates open earlier this year! Thursday May 23, noon.


VOLUNTEER: https://goo.gl/Ybtqvw

SUBMIT ART: https://goo.gl/8VZRdE

WIKI: https://goo.gl/fnb9hN

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://goo.gl/e4x9Qm


Artificial Intelligence archeologists, triangular technicians, game console cheetahs, waxing waning moon watcher, Adelard of Bath, techvelvet blacksmith, nylon clad geometer, memory hologram, future retro junk collector, tessellated math robes, off planet vacationers, desert liquid core enthusiasts, PORNJ (Pink and Orange, the color of Disorient), pastel plastic alchemists, non euclidean hacker, pyramid super guardian


Releasing soon.


Releasing soon.



“Secret Ramen Cart”

Bring your bowl to the dancefloor. More details tba

Viktor Getmanchuk/Margarete Gere

“The All Nighter”

Viktor, Wallace Ballz, Margaret, Michael

“Surface Tension”

A diamond shaped Disorient boat that glides between the fabric of the worlds

Eric Mortensen and Jared Klett

“Ciani's Domain”


Geodesic Temple

"Euclid's Elements - Book XIII - Proposition 14"

30' x 30' x 20'

A loop made of nine octahedra burns on Sunday after sunset

Many more adventures released to lineup soon.

SUBMIT ART: https://goo.gl/8VZRdE

BRINGING AN ART CAR? please email proposals@disorient.info


There is no vending at Country Club, and no vending is allowed. Bring everything you need for survival and well-being including shade, food and water. There are no showers on site, feel free to bring your solar shower.

You may bring your pets but please be mindful of them, as there are coyotes in the area. Most of the camping site is in the woods.

Country Club is not RV friendly. If you have made plans to bring an RV to Country Club you must contact us directly at countryclub@disorient.info

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. This means, leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it. Bring trash bags, and take your trash with you when you leave.

Disorient is a volunteer-run art collective.

– Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and elaboration:

1. Respect personal boundaries.

2. Take responsibility for your own experience.

The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that makes you uncomfortable.

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