Discover Your Wealth Profile To Create Massive Wealth in 2018

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Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

R324-326, Level 3

Singapore, 039593


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Discover Your Million-Dollar Wealth Profile To Create Massive Wealth And Enjoy The Freedom You Truly Deserve

2nd June 2018, Saturday | 9am - 7pm | Suntec Convention Centre

Rich people are rich because they know their Wealth Profile and leverage on their strengths and personality to 'shortcut' their path to massive wealth.

But do you know your Wealth Profile, and know which path to wealth is the Easiest, Fastest, and Shortest for You?

Why You Must Be At ACE Wealth Convention 2018

#1 You Want To Know Your Wealth Profile Using Bazi, A Scientific Profiling Method Used By The Rich And Famous

  • The Rich and Famous know the path that leads them to wealth. Do you know yours? Get your FREE Bazi Wealth Profile personalised to your Date and Time of Birth… to reveal your shortest and easiest path to wealth.

#2 You Want The Simplest Formula To Build A 6-Figure E-Commerce Business

  • Everyone is buying things online. But are you selling online? Today, you can quickly start your own E-commerce business and make thousands of US Dollars Part-Time, without websites or handling logistics. (This is NOT low margin models like dropshipping or online arbitrage kind of stuff).

#3 You Want A Proven Strategy To Make Consistent Profits From The Stock Market In 2018

  • Stock market corrected early this year. Trump is waging trade war with China. With so much uncertainty, how can you profit from the stock market?More importantly, how can you make consistent profits with 90% probability of winning, using low capital to compound at 5% a month, or 60% a year? (And we are just being super conservative!)

#4 You Want Expert Advice How To Profit From Blockchain Tech In 2018

  • Crypto took the world by storm in 2017, with early investors making huge 1000% ROI in under 1 year. How will crypto progress from here? What are the undervalued coins with huge profit potential in 2018? Get yourself educated and profit from this global transformational wave. Plus, get Free 0.0001 BTC from us to kick start your investment journey… Risk Free!

Create Massive Wealth By Discovering Your Shortest Path To Wealth By Attending This Event And Learn From The Top 4 Wealth Millionaire Experts!

"Discover Your Wealth Profile Which Will Reveal Your Easiest, Fastest, And Shortest Path To Wealth… Just By Using Your Date Of Birth"

Master Kevin Foong

Bazi Wealth Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Master Kevin Foong:

  • Your Bazi Wealth Profile, personalised to you based on your Date and Time of Birth. This Bazi Wealth Profile will reveal your fastest path to attain massive wealth… specified to the industry, business, and career that you will prosper in.
  • Achieve Clarity in your Personal Path to Success. There are many ways to achieve success, but you want to know your own “Path Of Least Resistance” where you can achieve success with minimal effort… at the shortest time possible!
  • Identify and Leverage your In-Born Talents, Strengths, and Personality to Create Massive Wealth. Many people don’t know their hidden talents in their Personal Bazi Wealth Profile. If you don’t know your talents, and don’t know how to use them, you’ll never be rich!
JosephineJosephine, Singapore

"I thank Master Kevin Foong for his expertise in providing a comprehensive revelation of my Bazi chart. He was spot on in deducing my traits and life events through analysing the chart.

I was most surprised that he could find out about my personal things without me saying anything. This is definitely not a cold reading. The insights from Master Foong has allowed me to rethink, plan and maximise my life’s vision."

ThamTham, Singapore

"Not only is Master Kevin Foong exceptionally accurate with his work, but he was also very clear in the manner he presented my past, current and future situations. He gave me many pieces of advice for my career and my health, so I could make the best decisions.

He also gave me a little Bazi crash course and taught me how to read my daily Bazi, which is what really sets him apart from other Bazi masters I visited previously. If you’re looking for answers to certain aspects of your life, I recommend him!"

“How To Quickly Start Your Own E-Commerce Business And Make Thousands Of US Dollars Part-Time… Without Websites, Without Handling Any Products, Or Even Finding Customers Yourself ”

Ivan Ong

Amazon 8-Figure E-Commerce Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Ivan Ong:

  • A Proven, Step-by-Step System which has already helped ordinary Singaporeans build 6-figure e-commerce business, with no website at all. Yes, no need website, no need to handle inventory, no employee headache, allowing you to focus fully on earning income!
  • Why Leveraging On Amazon Is Probably the Best Way To Grow Your E-Commerce Business. You’ll open your eyes to the amazing Amazon platform that does almost all the hard work for you… including selling and promoting your products for you!
  • A Little-Known Strategy used by million-dollar companies to create hot-selling products, with raving fans rushing to buy from you, even at premium price! This model is way way better than low margin models like dropshipping or online arbitrage kind of stuff.

Making 6-Figure Income Online Just Like What You See Below... Without Any Website, Without Handling Products, Without Employee Headaches, Is Not A Dream Anymore... But A Reality For Ordinary Singaporeans Like You And Me

Ivan Ong

“Discover How You Can Make Consistent Profits From The Uncertain And Volatile Stock Market In 2018”

Daniel Loh

Stock Investment Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Daniel Loh:

  • The First Half of 2018 Surprises Many. Stock market corrected, Trump waging trade war with China. How will the stock market perform in second half of 2018? Daniel has uncovered these opportunities and show you how to make huge profits from them. Don’t miss out!
  • What Are The Best Sectors And Stocks To Invest In 2018… that will make you really rich? You must know all these stocks so you can invest your hard-earned money at the right places, and potentially see huge profits by end of the year!
  • How To Consistently Make Money From The Stock Market in 2018 regardless of market conditions. If you want to have a safe investment strategy that gives you consistent passive income from the stock market every month, you must be there. Daniel has taught his proven strategy to thousands of people, and you surely don’t want to miss!
Linda TanLinda Tan, Full-Time Housewife

"I am very happy to be able to gain aconsistent income in trading while staying at home looking after my two kids!

I am able to consistently make at least a 5% return per month using Daniel's strategy. The best thing is I only spend 5-10 minutes per day. Thank you Daniel!"

Jackie CharJackie Char, Former Construction supervisor turned Full time trader

"I quit my job after attending Daniel’s class to become a full time trader. I make around US$100,000 in 6 months. I am glad I made the right decision to become a full time trader. Thank you Daniel.”

“Discover The Proven Strategies To Profit From Crypto And Blockchain Technology…From The Expert Who Helped Ordinary Investors Make 400% ROI In Just 1 Month ”

Louie Pinto

Blockchain Wealth Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Louie Pinto:

  • Discover Why Crypto & Blockchain Technology Is The Future Of Money and Currencies, and why you must know it today. Early investors have become millionaires. Those who invest in 2017 have made 1000% returns. But the good news? We are still in the early stage. Don’t wait, or you’ll regret later!
  • How To Get Started With Crypto and other Alternative Coins In Singapore. But most importantly, with the popular BTC coin is at a relatively high price, can you invest now? What other crypto coins can you invest, that have the potential to give you better returns than BTC? Louie will reveal his research that day.
  • Proven Strategies You Can Grow Your Wealth In The Crypto Market. Buying BTC coins is just one method. There are other safe, tried-and-tested ways Louie and his community have used to profit from crypto… some which helped their investors made 400% in 1 month!

“I have made over 400% from crypto market in just 1 month after learning from Louie Pinto.”

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Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

R324-326, Level 3

Singapore, 039593


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