Discover the Purposes and Benefits of First Time Storytelling

Discover the Purposes and Benefits of First Time Storytelling

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Join us to learn about the three purposes and many benefits of becoming a personal storyteller.

About this event

Never heard of First Time Storytelling? It's all about personal storytelling.

Our brains are wired for stories and narratives. We enjoy them more than any other means of communication. Stories engage and hold attention.

Too many people believe the art of storytelling is reserved for writers, screenwriters, playwrights, people with wild imaginations, and marketers. IT'S NOT TRUE.

You can now learn the art of storytelling and use it to express and communicate who you are. This will drastically improve your abilities to share who you are, be heard, understood, and remembered.


Agenda - We'll Discuss

  • What is First Time/personal storytelling
  • The three purposes of personal storytelling
  • The many benefits of personal storytelling
  • How to get started with First Time Storytelling

NOTE: We will email you the Zoom link before the event


Become a Personal Storyteller

Get started with the book How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller for sale on Amazon. Improve your storytelling skills with our First Time Story Coaching Services.


Our Mission at First Time Storytelling

✅ Create the space, environment, and opportunities for people to be open and vulnerable with each other

✅ Empower people through the understanding of their own lives and experiences

✅ Assist people to learn to communicate who they are

✅ Give people an opportunity to be heard and understood

✅ Let people know their lives, experiences, and stories matter

✅ Teach people the power of personal storytelling and interpersonal communication skills

✅ Encourage people to be more open-minded and understanding

✅ Help people share, connect, and grow closer together

✅ Unite people around our common human experience

✅ Raise awareness that we have much more in common than what separates us

✅ Do battle against divisiveness, loneliness, and stagnation

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