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This November, CatchLight will present a series of internal and public events to celebrate visual storytelling for social good borne of our inaugural Fellowship program as well as our online, Bay Area-based program, Everyday Bay Area. We will host a series of internal and public get-togethers aimed at cultivating community, discovering new work and inspiring one another to make an impact in the world around us.


Date: Friday, November 3, 6-9pm
Who: 300 of our closest friends, supporters, partners, photographers and philanthropists
Details: This ticketed celebration at's Embarcadero location will bring together CatchLight's community of artists, industry leaders, media partners and supporters to celebrate the work of our inaugural Fellows and contributors to the Everyday Bay Area program. Fellows will be in attendance. Enjoy a slideshow and short presentations by the artists followed by hors d'oeuvres and beverages.
Dress: Festive/Cocktail
Fee: $100


Date: Saturday, November 4, 9:30am-4:30pm
Who: 130 photographers, community leaders, philanthropists, activists, art students and media partners
Fee: $40

Details: All-day event at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Join photographers, community leaders, philanthropists, activists and art students for a day of interactive dialogue between CatchLight Fellows, media partners and the community. We will explore these questions: What does it take for photographers to create visual stories that advance social change? Why does it matter?

Tomas’ Fellowship is an exploration of the pre-1848 border between the United States and Mexico, using a wooden camera and photographic processing techniques from the mid-19th century to re-imagine a time when all of California and most of the far west was Mexican territory. Tomas discusses using photography to highlight a part of our heritage that few comprehend. Tomas will then shift to discuss the second phase of his project, documenting developments along the current U.S.-Mexico border using surveillance imaging technologies and further exploring the “weaponization" of photography.

What does a divided America look like on the edges of the political spectrum? Sarah’s Fellowship explores America's history of training youth in the military, and growing nationalism among youth in the United States. Sarah’s story is a remarkable journey of gaining trust and exploring an unfamiliar viewpoint.

Brian’s Fellowship documents the activities of organizations working in California to provide viable alternatives to prison for people caught in the cycles of poverty and crime. Brian offers unique access to stories of the criminal justice space. The conversation will explore the potential role of a single subject media system that exists only to make a difference in the criminal justice system; where are the bright lines between advocacy and journalism?

How does the geography of the Bay Area—seemingly so familiar—reveal unexpected insights through the very simple act of looking? Using our EDBA feed on Instagram, we explore the New California Dream. Via a seated “walking tour” of the Bay Area, we will take a deep dive into the issue of justice, reaching beyond the simple implications of law and order to explore gender, minority issues, housing and race. What are our EDBA photographers seeing, what are they revealing and how does this inform the future of the Bay Area? How does this new and ubiquitous social media tool change and inform us, in a way that promotes real social value?

Breakdown of Costs

Light Night: CatchLight Celebrates
$100 pp

Field Notes: CatchLight Programs in Focus
$40 pp

Student, Educator and Partner Discount
$20 for Saturday event

Both Friday and Saturday events
$120 pp

Saturday lunch @ CCA
$15 pp (courtesy of Le Mediterranee)

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Erica Garber at:
For more information please contact

About CatchLight:
At CatchLight, we believe in the power of art to change the world; we believe that there is a new breed of storyteller poised to help us understand how visual stories today can bind and connect us. We are a photography organization that celebrates and amplifies excellence and innovation in visual storytelling. CatchLight promotes bold, artistic ideas in visual media that matters, while building a community of like-minded thought leaders from the arts, social advocates, media and the general public.

2017 CatchLight Fellows

Brian Frank
Sarah Blesener
Tomas Van Houtryve

CatchLight Board

Nancy Farese, Founder and Chair
Robert Rosenthal
Chris Michel
Mike Ramsay
Stephen Mayes
Deirdre Hockett

CatchLight Advisors

Ed Kashi
Richard Koci Hernandez
Stace Lindsay
David Campbell
Jim Waterbury
Elodie Storm
Cora Fisher
Amy Yenkin
Lekgetho James Makola
Ellen Schneider
Shahidul Alam
Kim Wright-Violich

CatchLight's Everyday Bay Area Photographers

Mark Murrmann

Rasta Dave

Duc Le

Christopher Michel

Jen Baxter

Alpana Aras-King

Kaitlin Yapchaian

Daniel Cohen

Tate Drucker

Pendarvis Harshaw

Courtney Stack

Emma Marie Chiang

Felix Uribe

Brenton Gieser

Colleen Cummins

Nathan Weyland

Talia Herman

Pat Hogan

James Tensuan

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