Direct Selling Edge Webinar for Direct Selling Companies Feb 16-17-23-24

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Direct Selling Edge Conference Reviews I learned more in 2 days than I have in 25 years selling MLM. I have a startup company now, and this

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Direct Selling Edge Webinar

Presented in February on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 3 hours each day for 2 weeks, this webinar is the best place to go to learn how to build and grow your direct selling or network marketing company smarter and faster.

Direct Selling Edge Conference Reviews

I learned more in 2 days than I have in 25 years selling MLM. I have a startup company now, and this conference has been extremely helpful.  Karrie Mattia

 I came to this conference two years later than I should have. Had I come two years earlier, I would have saved over $100,000 AND two years.  Thomas Baker

 Thank you for the Direct Selling Edge. It was fantastic. I learned so much and every speaker was first class. If fact, the entire event was definitely one of the best learning conferences I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended many!). You had the perfect flow. The right amount of time per speaker, enough breaks, great start and end times. I was actually able to absorb everything vs. getting overwhelmed. The access to the experts each day and for the panel discussion was icing on the cake. I can’t thank you enough for the education, the new friends I met and all the generosity and expertise in that room. Thank you Jay and your team. Highly, highly recommend this conference!  Kathy Ellis

Every second was worth the time! I've learned more in 2 days that I've learned the last 18 months as a president of an MLM. Thank you!!  Guy Douglas

I went to another company's conference last spring. I learned more in the first two hours of this conference than I learned in two days with the other one. The content shared was detailed and specific. I now know how to proceed with our company.  Gwen Wolken

 Thanks for a great event, packed with relevant, motivating facts, ideas and truths about the direct selling industry. Everyone was very qualified and enthusiastic and prepared to show us "insider" information that can be a game changer for your business. Glad that I drove 7.5 hours to get here.  Nancie Anne Frazer

 Having been at numerous conferences, I have rarely attended one where all of the speakers had such great content, passion and energy!  If you are considering starting an MLM company, there is no better resource to use than this.  Tony Stewart

 The DS Edge was a home-run for the preparation of my business launch.  The knowledge and motivation of each teacher has helped to give me the "edge" I need to be successful.  I left feeling equipped with the right tools to launch my business confidently.  Melanie Kittrell

 Great conference.  Certainly worth the time and the investment.  Knowledgeable speakers.  Relevant information.  Very interesting and useful information.  Never dull.  Thanks!  David Malpas

 The conference was jam-packed with practical information on how to start and improve a direct sales business. Thank you very much for putting out such good training sessions and value. We appreciate it!  Andrew Khong

 The quality of the presenters was top notch. Every session was valuable and we learned an enormous amount in just two short days. I would recommend this conference to anyone starting a direct selling business. We are at the very early stages of building our business and found this conference a huge help setting out critical path and priority tasks.  Cathy O'Donovan

 Great job at this event. You all have provided excellent information for startup companies. You all gave a good overview in your areas of expertise and I would recommend this conference to anyone looking to start a direct sales company. For those of us who have been in the industry like me, this was an excellent refresher course. Reinforcing the basics is always helpful and critical to new companies. You covered what people need to know to start their companies.  Ray Grimm, Jr.

 The conference has been a true game-changer for us!  As a first-year old direct sales company, the things we learned here been key in preventing us from making some costly mistakes.  I would highly recommend this conference to any person with a desire to be successful in direct sales.  Adrian Alvi 

 What a great group of speakers!  Jay Leisner is a great teacher and has a strong, experienced perspective on Direct Sales.  I learned a lot from Kevin Grimes and Jeff Jordan that I needed to learn.  Scott Burnett and Troy Dooly were very inspiring and personable.  Donna Marie Serritella was a perfect afternoon speaker to keep us engaged and interested.  I also enjoyed the experience to be able to ask everyone questions afterwards. Denise Davis

 I've been in the profession for 13 years and learned a lot. This direct selling school was presented by experts whose knowledge you can trust and who genuinely care about your success and the success of the industry. These people are knowledgeable and authentic.  Rodney Brandt

 This conference was exactly what our business needed. It was very educational and the speakers are all wonderful. If you have questions, this is where you need to come to get them answered. It really is priceless information.  Shaina Hayes

 I wanted to thank you for the conference.  I come from a Real Estate background and have attended many conferences in the past. I was prepared to hear sales pitches from multiple presenters. I was expecting to be coaxed into buying multiple books and cd's. Well, what I got was the exact opposite!! I got an overload of information about the MLM business. I thought this event was so worth every bit of the money we paid to attend. The speakers were engaging, full of information, and eager to answer any and all questions.  Ty Jackson

 I attended another conference recently and by comparison I was impressed by the level of relevant detail that was provided at the Edge Conference. It was very informative and more than worth the cost.  Doug Weick

 Thank you again for sponsoring the Conference. It was probably the best money I've spent to date during my research phase of this business.  Al Ramirez

 Definitely worth the money.  As a matter of fact, after 30 minutes, I think I got my money's worth.  I found out that my business plan was not legal and by the end of this, I've learned all the tools and information to make this work.  It's a really good program.  Zach Taylor

 Thank you for the most crucial information supporting my Party Plan Business.  This 2 day class was exactly what I needed!  Great job by everyone!  Absolutely every aspect of my business was covered.  Thank you again. Cheryl Wollrab

 I was amazed at the information.  I thought it was going to be a broad stroke event to get you with different vendors.  I was very surprised to see all of the targetted topics, how in depth they went into discussing very important issues, for anyone whose considering getting into the MLM business as a startup company.  Mike Duke

 It's been a very good conference really on the nuts and bolts of trying to figure out how to turn a company into an MLM.  I think these people are very talented and knowledgeable and will really help you to build your business and help you to move forward.  Susan Averett

 Jay, Kevin and all other other speakers provided us with great information, in-depth, thorough, and painted a perfect picture for us so that we have a good sense of what we're getting into.  I want to thank all of them for their time, their effort, and for providing myself and my wife with the information that we need to go forward with our company and make it grow.  Thanks a lot.  Stanley Chang

 As a former distributor, as a board member for a large network marketing company, as now an owner of a network marketing company myself, this conference has been extremely helpful.  Great speakers, great content, A to Z, everything that you need to know as a startup.  Brad Doyle

 Attending the DS Edge was different from any other MLM conference I had been to before.  I've been to other conferences,  They try to sell you services, they do give you information, but the difference with this one was we actually left with actual steps, tasks we can take, things we can get done to make sure we are successful, so I highly recommend it.  It was a great use of time.  Bethanie Nonami

 Thank you for the excellent conference.  We were both thrilled that our investment of time, money, and energy were not wasted.  This conference was full of critical details that are going to help us with the success of our venture.  Initially, I was a bit skeptical considering the other conference we attended really offered no nuts and bolts.  This conference gave a great amount of detail.  Conferences like this are difficult in that your emotions and up and down the entire time between I can do this and this is impossible.  It was a huge relief to find out that we were not alone and that most of us all face the same emotions.  I cannot thank you enough for your honesty and candor.  We are taking all your ideas into consideration.  Have a great afternoon.  Terry Wallen

 We found the presentations and the one-on-one discussions to be very beneficial and have spent a lot of time this week reflecting upon our business model.  Ron Chandler

 I believe this conference is a must for anyone looking to start a network marketing company.  Steve Carmack

 Excellent conference.  Speakers provided great information that was practical and concise.  Exceeded my expectations!  Doreen McMorran

This was very informative and educational.  The speakers were experts.  I would highly recommend this two day conference to anyone looking to build a direct sales company.  Terry Howlett

 The conference helped us to meet professionals in the industry to build our support team.  It was a nice combination of great material and personal networking that will be beneficial for the growth of our business.  Julie Haushalter

 This conference was absolutely amazing.  I was beyond blown away at the amount of valuable information provided by the conference speakers.  I also really enjoyed the one-on-ones with the presenters to ask more detailed questions.  It was such a great investment and I got much more value than I could have imagined.  I also enjoyed interacting with the other entrepreneurs wand bouncing ideas off of each.  Absolutely a wonderful experience.  Great job!!  Pamela Davis

That was just an amazing, enlightening, uplifting and educational conference! Thank you for sponsoring it and getting this all organized. I was so impressed with the presenters and learned so much. And it was great to make the industry contacts. Huge thanks for all you did!  Amy Kramer

 Join Us

Come join us for the most information-packed conference and school for new and established network marketing and party plan companies.  Top industry professionals from all facets of the direct selling industry come together to host the Direct Selling Edge Conference.

 Learn from 10 industry experts as you begin or continue the journey to build and grow your business.  With so many moving pieces, it's easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed with details.  By making a small investment for travel and the low cost of a ticket, you'll walk away with the right information and know EXACTLY what needs to happen next to get your business off the ground or to grow it faster.

 We look forward to meeting you. We'll be covering the following topics: 

  • MLM Compensation: Learn the differences between the many different forms of compensation, what makes a compensation plan good, and how to design a compensation plan for your company.
  • MLM Legal: Learn of the challenging legal obligations required by all direct selling companies.
  • Legal Insurance: Discuss several simple methods to legally fortify your business from regulators and class action attorneys.
  • MLM Software: Explore the technology needs of all MLM and party plan companies.  Learn what matters most when shopping for software.  Discover what you need to do and know before you select the right MLM software for your business.  It's information, not a sales pitch.
  • How Direct Sellers Think: Knowing the direct seller is crucial in order to have a clear vision, an inspiring mission, and growth in your direct selling company.  Learn the mindset of your sales force.  Replace their fears with consistent “feel good” activities and rewards including recognition, incentives and specials.  Gain a fresh perspective about how your volunteer sales force will do anything for a company when they feel a part of it.
  • Direct Selling Operations - On Time and On Budget:   Operational excellence depends on being efficient and consistently meeting strategic goals with established timelines and cost constraints.  Come prepared to learn the best strategies for successful project planning and project management in the key direct selling operations of distribution, inventory management, and support systems.
  • Eight Pillars of Iconic Companies: Launching a new company is more than just having a different product, or launching a better service. To launch a successful company you have to be driven to make a difference in the world! Dooly shares the eight pillars iconic companies all have in common and how when you build on these same eight pillars and fully understand your driving purpose, you will increase your success as an entrepreneur one hundred fold. Learn how some of the most successful teams in history have gone on to become iconic purpose-driven corporate cultures.
  • Compliance Administration: Learn from the nation's top MLM compliance administrator about specific strategies to go about building a solid compliance record with your sales force.
  • Recruiting and Building Your Sales Force:  In the beginning, it’s your company’s responsibility to recruit.  It’s faster when you have your initial leaders in place.  Learn how and what to do to find them.
  • Panel Discussion:  Get fast answers from our speakers to your questions on topics presented, or on topics of your choice.   
  • Personalized Sessions: Schedule a personal, 15 minute session with any of the faculty members.
  • And much, much more!

Our goal is to overwhelm you with value and give you the information and insights you need to get started.  Buy your ticket today!

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