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Digital Marketing Training Course for Beginners / Marketing Professionals.

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Digital Marketing Training course is scheduled from June 1, 2021,- June 24, 2021, US PST - Tuesday & Thursday (6:30 PM - 8:30 PM )

About this Event

Digital Marketing Training Course for Beginners / Marketing Professionals / Startups / Working Employees/ Employers.

Digital Marketing course is for all the Marketing Professionals, Startups / Working Employees / Employers, Students, Business Owners. The course covers top digital marketing modules - SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing and Content Marketing.

The Schedule of Digital Marketing Training On Weekdays

  • June 1, 2021 - June 24, 2021( Tuesday and Thursday) US Pacific Time
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM US Pacific Time ( 2 Hours on Tuesday and 2 Hours on Thursday)
    • 16 Hours Live Theory and Practical Training during 8 Sessions.
    • Check your Local Date and Time.

    Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:

    1. Introduction of Digital Marketing

    What is Marketing?

    How do we do Marketing?

    What is Digital Marketing?

    Benefits of Digital marketing

    Digital marketing platforms

    Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing

    Defining Marketing Goals

    Latest Digital marketing trends

    Case studies of Digital Campaigns

    2. Fundamentals of Search Engines

    Fundamentals of SEO

    How does the search engine works?

    Components of Search Engines

    Google Algorithms

    Google Results Page

    Major & Minor Algorithm Updates

    Panda, Penguin, Rank Brain, Medic, BRET, Core Update 2020

    Recent Changes in Search Algorithms

    3. Keyword Research & Competition Analysis

    Introduction to Keyword Research

    Types of Keywords

    Keyword Research Methodology

    Business Analysis

    Product/Services Categorization

    Google Keyword Planner Tool

    In-depth Analysis with Keyword Planner

    Other Keyword Tools

    Competition Analysis

    Manual Competition Analysis

    Paid Competition Analysis tools

    Finalizing the Keywords List

    4. On-Page Optimization

    Introduction to On page

    On page Analysis Methodology

    Fundamental On-page Factors

    Domain name in SEO

    Importance of HTTPS

    URL Optimization

    Title Tag Optimization

    Meta Tags Optimization

    Content Optimization

    Heading optimization

    Internal Links

    Image Optimization

    Social Signals & Footer

    5. Technical On-Page SEO

    Website Speed Optimization

    Speed Analysis Tools

    Sitemaps Generation

    Robots.txt File

    URL Redirecting Techniques

    Canonical Links

    Rich Snippets

    6. Google Search Console

    What is Search Console

    Features of Search Console

    Site Verification Process

    Location Targeting

    Search Performance Tool

    Link Analysis Tool

    Manual Actions

    Sitemaps Tool

    Fetch as Google Tool

    Crawl Errors Analysis

    The Latest updates in Search Console

    7. Off-Page Optimization (Link Building)

    Introduction to Off page (Link Building)

    Link Building Guidelines

    Types of Backlinks • Link Analysis Tools

    Directory Submissions

    Local Business Submission

    Classified Posting

    Q & A Backlinks

    Blogging & Blog Comments

    Guest Blogging

    Press Release

    Document Sharing

    Other Advanced Strategies

    8. Local SEO Strategies

    What is Local SEO?

    Importance of Local SEO

    Submission to Google My Business

    Optimizing the GMB Profile

    Local SEO Ranking Signals

    Local SEO Negative Signals

    Citations and Local Submissions

    Google My Business Analytics

    9. Recovery Process & Reporting

    Algorithm Recovery Process

    Types of Penalties

    Manual Actions

    Apply for Reconsideration

    Algorithm Update Recovery Method

    Compare the Before/After date

    Panda recovery process

    Penguin recovery process

    Mobile friendly update

    How to use DisAvow Tool

    Reports Analysis

    Google Analytics Reports

    Search Console Reports

    Website Position Analysis

    Website Monthly Reports

    Backlinks Reports

    Paid Tools for monitoring

    10. Google Ads - Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

    Introduction to Paid Advertising

    Google Ads Account setup

    Interface Tour and Billing Settings

    Account Structure

    PPC Campaign Settings

    Ad Group setup

    Keyword Match Types

    Keyword Research Tools

    Ad Formats & Guidelines

    Ad Extensions

    Understanding Ad Auction

    What is Quality Score

    Factors to improve Quality Score

    Actual CPC Calculation

    Types of CPC’s

    Bidding strategies

    What is Conversion?

    Implementing conversion tracking

    Calculating ROI

    What is DSA ?

    Create a DSA Campaign?

    Segments and Filters

    Search Terms and Ad Auctions

    Customization Tools

    Generating Reports

    Google Ads Express

    What is Ads Express (Smart Campaign)

    Benefits of Smart Campaign

    Creating Campaign for Local Results

    Bidding & Budgets Setup

    Ad Creation


    11. Display Advertising & Remarketing

    Display Ads

    What is Display Advertising

    How Display Ads Works

    Creating a Display Campaign

    Bidding Strategies

    Targeting Option in Display Network

    Exclusion options

    Ad Formats and Sizes

    Conversion Tracking

    Display campaign reporting

    Remarketing Campaign

    What is Remarketing?

    Benefits of Remarketing Strategy

    Types of Remarketing Audience

    Building Remarketing List

    Building Custom Audience List

    Creating Remarketing Campaign

    Remarketing Ads Design

    Dynamic Ads

    Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

    12. Google Shopping Campaign

    What is Shopping Campaign

    Google Merchant Center account

    Creating Business Store

    Types of Product Feeds

    Product Feed Properties

    Dynamic Product Feeds

    Creating a Shopping Campaign

    Defining Product Groups

    Monitoring Campaign

    Reports of Shopping Campaign

    13. Mobile Marketing Strategies

    State of Mobile Usage

    Benefits of Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing Goals

    App Creation Strategy

    App Optimization Service (AOS)

    Universal App Campaign

    Call Only Campaign

    Conversion Tracking

    Reporting in Mobile Ads

    14. YouTube Ads (Video Marketing) & Advanced Features

    Importance of Video Marketing

    Types of YouTube Ads

    Location Targeting

    Bidding Strategies

    Automatic Targeting

    Ad groups Setup

    Targeting Options in Video Ads

    Types of Ad Formats

    Ads Cost Options

    Measuring the Results of Campaign

    Conversion Tracking

    Advanced Features

    Google Account Access

    Access Levels

    My Client Centre (MCC)

    Google Ads Editor

    Export / Import Details

    Shared Library Features

    15. Introduction To Bing Ads

    Introduction to Bing Ads

    Creating Bing Ads Account

    Bing Ads Campaign

    Exporting the Campaigns

    Generating Reports

    Bing Ads Certification

    16. Facebook Marketing & Advertising

    Introduction to SMM

    What is Social Media?

    Benefits of using SMM

    Social Media Statistics

    Goals of Social Media Marketing

    Facebook Marketing

    Types of Facebook Account

    Personal Account Setup

    Facebook business page setup

    Types of Business pages

    Cover Photo/Video Design

    Page Settings & Options

    How to Increase Facebook Likes

    Facebook Content Strategy

    Types of Posts and Statistics

    Examples of Creative Posts

    Designing FB Posts

    User engagement metrics

    Facebook Insights

    Facebook Groups

    Facebook Apps

    Facebook Advertising

    What is Facebook Ads

    Types of Objectives

    Popular Ads Campaigns

    Defining Target Audience

    Types of Targeting

    Bidding & Budget Settings

    Types of Ads

    Designing FB Ads

    Setup of Facebook Pixel

    Conversion Tracking Pixel

    Remarketing Strategy

    Reports & Analytics

    17. Twitter Marketing & Ads

    Twitter Marketing

    What is Twitter?

    Benefits of Twitter

    How brands use Twitter

    Customizing the profile

    Profile Photo & Header Image

    Types of Tweets

    Content strategy for Twitter

    How to increase Followers

    Post your First Tweet

    Analysis of Big Brands

    What is HashTag?

    Hashtags and its uses

    How to use Trending #Tags

    Tools for Twitter marketing

    Twitter Analytics

    Twitter Ads

    Setup Twitter Ads Account

    Types of Campaign

    Create your Campaign

    Followers Campaign

    Traffic & Conversion Campaign

    Targeting Options • Bidding & Budget

    Twitter Ad Format

    Image Ads • Video Ads

    Twitter Cards

    Conversion Tracking

    Measuring Results (KPI’s)

    Remarketing Strategy

    Targeting Remarketing Audience

    18. YouTube Marketing (Video Marketing)

    What is Video Marketing

    Statistics of Video Marketing

    Creating Channel in YouTube

    Customizing the YouTube Channel

    Types of Video Formats

    Create video marketing strategy

    Upload the First Video

    Video Optimizing Tips

    Video Settings

    Cards, End Screens & Sub Titles

    How to use Playlists

    YouTube Creator Studio

    Features of Creator Studio

    YouTube Analytics

    Increasing Subscribers

    Understanding copyrights and spam

    19. LinkedIN Marketing & Ads

    LinkedIn Marketing

    What is LinkedIn?

    Benefits of LinkedIn Network

    Create a LinkedIn profile

    Optimizing the profile

    Skills and Endorsements

    Creating new connections

    Posting content in profile

    LinkedIn Groups

    Finding Jobs on Linkedin

    Creating company page

    Customization of page

    Posting on LinkedIn Page

    LinkedIn Ads

    Why LinkedIn Ads

    Types of Campaigns

    Creating a Campaign

    Bidding & Budget

    Target Audience Settings

    Types of Ads

    Leads Generation Campaign

    Conversion Tracking

    Creating a Remarketing Campaign

    LinkedIn Ad Reports

    20. Instagram Marketing

    What is Instagram

    Instagram statistics

    How Brands use Instragram

    Creating Instragram Account

    Types of Instagram Accounts

    Linking Instagram with Facebook

    Tour of Instagram App

    What works in Instagram

    Types of Content (Posts & Stories)

    Post Designing Tools

    Stories & Highlights

    Importance of Hashtags

    How to use Hashtags

    Popular Tools for Instagram

    Engagement Metrics

    Instagram Analytics

    Instagram Ads

    Types of Campaign

    Creating your Campaign

    Measuring Results

    21. Pinterest Marketing

    What is Pinterest?

    Pinterest Statistics

    How brands use Pinterest

    Creating a Pinterest Account

    Types of Accounts

    Customizing the Profile

    Pinterest Strategy

    Boards on Pinterest

    How to manage boards

    Pins and Links

    Generating Engagements

    How to use InfoGraphics

    Integrating Pinterest in Site

    Engagement Metrics for Pins

    Pinterest Analytics

    Advertising options on Pinterest

    22. Quora Marketing & Advertising

    Quora Marketing

    What is Quora?

    Quora Statistics

    Benefits of Quora Marketing

    Top Quora Users & Brands

    Creating Quora Account (Personal/Company)

    Optimizing the Quora Profile

    Following Topics & Users

    Understanding the Quora Policies

    How to Answer the Questions

    Engaging with Users

    How to Increase Followers

    Quora KPI’s

    Quora Stats Tool

    Quora Ads

    Creating Quora Ads Account

    Types of Campaigns

    Types of Audience Targeting

    Bidding & Budget Settings

    Types of Ad Formats

    Implementing Conversion Tracking

    Remarketing Integration

    Types of Remarketing Audience

    Creating a Remarketing Campaign

    Measuring Results of Campaign

    23. Slideshare Marketing

    What is Slideshare?

    Benefits of Slideshare

    Create Slideshare Account

    Optimizing the Profile

    Top Slideshare Profiles

    Document Creation Strategy

    Types of Documents

    Creating Documents

    Optimizing Document

    Embedding Documents in Website

    Engagement Metrics

    Slideshare Analytics

    24. Email Marketing Strategies

    What is Email Marketing?

    Importance of Email Marketing

    Popular Email Marketing Software

    Email Marketing Goals

    Introduction to Mail Chimp

    MailChimp pricing structure

    Account setup and settings

    Email marketing strategy

    Creating a Subscriber List

    Integration of Forms in Site

    Import subscribers in list

    Types of Email marketing campaigns

    Email Marketing Campaign

    What is Newsletter

    Design a Newsletter

    Analysing Reports of Campaign

    26. Inbound Marketing Strategies

    What is Inbound Marketing?

    Why use inbound marketing

    Know your Target audience (Buyer Persona) Analysis

    Stages of Inbound Marketing

    Types of Content

    How to generate Ideas.

    Content Marketing Strategy

    Lead Generation Technique

    Landing Page Designing

    How to Close Customer

    Customer Delight Stage

    HubSpot Certification

    27. Google Analytics Reports

    Introduction to Analytics

    Implementing Analytics Code

    Setup of Conversion Tracking Code

    Types of Reports

    Audience Reports

    Acquisition Reports

    Behaviour Reports

    Conversions Reports

    Google Tag Manager

    28. Online Money Making With Google Adsense

    What is Google AdSense

    How does it works?

    Top AdSense Earners [Global / India]

    AdSense Guidelines

    Finding the Niche

    Important Factors for AdSense Success

    Types of AdSense Account

    Applying for New Account

    Create your first Ad

    Ad Formats and Sizes

    Bidding Models

    Best Practices for Ads

    Integrating Ads in Site

    Blocking Sites & Categories

    Reports Analysis

    AdSense Optimization Tips

    29. Money Making with Affiliate Marketing

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    How Affiliate marketing works

    Types of Affiliate Networks

    Top Affiliate Marketing networks

    Affiliate marketing payment models

    How to Find Profitable Niche

    Develop your Affiliate Website/App/Property

    Apply for Affiliate Marketing network

    Amazon Affiliate Network

    Integrating Amazon Products

    How to promote Affiliate Products

    Measuring Results on Affiliate sites

    30. How To Do Freelance Projects )Freelancing Concepts)

    What is Freelancing?

    How does freelancing works ?

    Offline Freelancing Business

    Registering Company

    Initial Business Guidelines

    Documentation & Quotes

    How to manage clients

    Online Freelancing networks

    Create a Profile in Fiverr.com

    Optimizing your Profile

    Create your Gig

    Types of Gigs

    Optimizing the Gigs

    How to Price your Gigs

    How to bid on projects

    How to handle the clients

    Project management tools

    Asking for reviews from clients

    31. 10+ Course Certifications

    Google Ads Fundamentals

    Google Search Advanced

    Google Shopping Certification

    Google Display Certification

    Google Video Certification

    Google Analytics Certification

    Bing Ads Certification

    Facebook Blueprint Certification

    HubSpot Certification

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