DFW - Age of Sigmar Tournament - "Ardboys"

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Texas Toy Soldier

2540 Marsh Lane


Carrollton, TX 75006

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Refund Policy

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POINTS: 2000

DATE: Saturday, May 25, 2019

COST: The cost for the event is $15


The event will be held at Texas Toy Soldier

2540 Marsh Ln #100

Carrollton, TX 75006


The tournament will be capped at 18 players.

Slots can be reserved by using this Eventbrite link XXXX. All other available slots are on a first come first served basis the morning of the tournament.

If you reserve a spot and arrive after 9:30am, your spot will be given away to another player who is present. Please show up before 10:00am to ensure you are not late.


Timings, Draw, and Pre-Setup

Each round will last 2.75 hours, and players will begin play as soon as they arrive and are paired.

In the event players are still not finished at the end of a game then they will be asked to stop and work out results.

We STRONGLY encourage each player to finish out their game even though they may be under certain defeat. This allows all players an opportunity to obtain secondary objective tournament points.


Registration: 9:15-9:30

Round 1: 9:30-12:15

Lunch: 12:15-12:40

Round 2: 12:45-3:30

Round 3: 3:45-6:30

Awards: 6:45


Players will create a BATTELHOST army (2000 pts/3 Battleline/0-400pts Allies) list using the Matched Play system from the General’s Handbook 2018. Please note any other Warscroll with matched play points can be used (Forgeworld etc.).

Armies will be allowed to select realm artifacts listed from pages 72-85 in the Malign Sorcery book if the army is said to be from a specific realm. This MUST be shown in the army list.


Players are expected to hand in their lists on the day during registration. Each player is expected to have their list printed out or in a digital format for reference and to be able to show each opponent both lists before each game.

NOTE: WE WILL NOT ACCEPT HANDWRITTEN LISTS. This is because we will not have time to verify the accuracy of these lists on the day of the tournament. There are several programs that will calculate your army list for you for free, including www.scrollbuilder.com. Printing a physical list is preferred, but we will accept a digital copy. If digital, please let your opponent see the list before the game starts.

For clarity

• All your Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits, and Artifacts must be stated on your army list.

• Your army’s home realm, if you choose one, must be stated in your army list. Including realm artifacts/spells you choose.

• All units must be written in the sizes they will be used in (including things like fanatics).

• All upgrades and options must be shown on the list.


We think games of AoS look best when all models are fully painted and modeled to represent what they should on the battlefield. While fully painted armies are not a requirement for this tournament, we wish to encourage players to paint their armies. We have adopted the following rules for our tournaments.


Battle Forged - An army that is fully painted may re-roll priority rolls of a 1. If your army is Battle Forged and your opponent is not, you may choose deployment instead of rolling off. If both players are Battle Forged, roll off as normal.

An army is considered Battle Forged when the following apply
• All models used must be fully painted miniatures of the appropriate type for the troops they represent

• The minimum requirement is 3 colors in an appropriate scheme, with textured/painted bases.

• All models are WYSIWYG to their warscroll description.

o i.e All unit options and command models must be shown on the models, for example if the models in a liberator unit have Sigmarite Hammers and a Grand Hammer you cannot use the rules for Sigmarite Swords and a Grand Blade.

Undermanned – An army that has fewer than 50% of their units painted must re-roll priority rolls of 6. i.e. if your army has 10 units total (including heroes) and more than 5 units are unpainted or not fully painted, your army is Undermanned. See Battle Forged requirements above for what is considered to be a “fully painted” unit.

I’VE BESTED YOUR ARMY, MY GOOD SIR! This tournament encourages slaying your opponent to a man (if possible!) Each player will earn 5 TP for every 500pts they slay at the end of the day.

BACK TO HELL, YOU CUR! A player earns double Kill Points for any NEWLY SUMMONED UNIT they slay during the game.

CHECKMATE, MY DARLING! If you slay the general from an army that doesn't have the ability to summon new units to the table, you will earn triple the kill points for slaying the starting general.

HAVE SOME CHEESE WITH THAT WHINE! A player who makes a comment about how unfair or broken their opponents list is will lose 250 KP from that game to a minimum of 0. Grumbling, grunting, and eye-rolling also count!

SORRY? HOW MIDDLE CLASS… A player who apologizes to their opponent for doing something really nasty on the battlefield will lose 250 KP from that game to a minimum of 0. Apologies include; Sorry, my bad, I hate to do this, I didn’t want to do this, I didn’t think it would be that bad, etc.


Battle Tournament Points

• Major Victory = 30 TP’s

• Minor Victory = 20 TP’s

• Draw = 15 TP’s

• Minor Loss = 10 TP’s

• Major Loss = 0 TP’s

• Every 500 KP earned at end of day = +5 TP’s

• Formal Attire = +10 TP

• No Formal Attire = -20 TP

• Dapper Dan (Best Dressed) = +10 TP

• Southern Gentleman (favorite opponent vote) = +10

Painting Tournament Points:

• Army is Battle Forged = +15 TP

Southern Gentleman (Sportsmanship Tournament Point)

• Up to 30 TP’s based on “favorite game” votes.

The Champion of the Mortal Realms will be the player with most Tournament Points, if two people are tied then the following will be considered in this order until a winner is determined:

• Secondary Objective Points - Each player secondary objective points will be added to break any ties on Tournament Points


All 3 battle plans are unknown to players and will be revealed by the tournament organizer prior to each round.


This tournament will be played in the realm of Aqshy. Each player will have access to the realm spell and command ability for the table they are playing on, listed on page 255 of the Core Book. Players will also roll for the “Realmscape Feature” for their table at the beginning of each game and follow the rules accordingly.

Armies will be allowed to select realm artifacts listed from pages 72-85 in the Malign Sorcery book if the army is said to be from a specific realm. This MUST be shown in the army list.

Example: A Stormcast Eternals army from Aqshy (realm of fire) is fighting an Ironjawz army from Ulgu (realm of shadow). The Stormcast and Ironjawz player could have previously selected a realm artifact from their home realm (Aqshy and Ulgu, respectively) from the Malign Portents book. This should be shown on their lists. They are then matched on a table set in Ghur (realm of beasts). Both players will then be able to use the realm spell and realm command ability for the realm they are fighting in (Ghur) from the Core Book, as well as all of Ghur spells listed in the Malign Sorcery book.


Terrain will be pre-set. Please do not move any pieces. If a piece of terrain needs to be moved in order to place an objective, please consult the TO first.

Scenery Rules: Scenery rules may be used in this tournament. Discuss with your opponent and agree prior to deployment if you would/wouldn’t like to use Scenery rules.


• Champion of the Mortal Realms – 40% of the entry fees in store credit

• 2nd place - 25% of the entry fees in store credit

• 3rd place - 10% of the entry fees in store credit

• Dapper Dan (Best Dressed) – 10% of the entry fees in store credit

• Southern Gentleman – 10% of the entry fees in store credit

• Middle Class Filth (last place) – 5% of the entry fees in store credit

If you have any further questions, please e-mail ryancouch@gmail.com or message Couch on the Discord app.

If you haven’t yet joined the Defenders of the Citadel Age of Sigmar group on Discord, what are you waiting for?!?!? Join us here: https://discord.gg/yjbVeA6

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Date and Time


Texas Toy Soldier

2540 Marsh Lane


Carrollton, TX 75006

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