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DevPortal Awards 2021 - Gala Events

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Devportal Awards Gala events with jury interviews and devportal teams, where the winners of the 17 categories will be announced.

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The Devportal Awards Gala events (10 November and 15 December) celebrate innovation and excellence in the devportal space. During the events jury members share their key takeaways and the 17 category winners will be announced.

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Devportal Awards Gala Events

10 November - Developer Experience Awards

(16:00-18:00 UTC, 17:00-19:00 CET)

After an interview with the jury, we announce the winners of the following categories:

  • Best API Reference Documentation & Support
  • Best Findability of Products in a Devportal
  • Best Accessible Devportal
  • Best Developer Dashboard
  • Best International & Localized Devportal
  • Best New DX Innovation
  • Best Onboarding
  • Best Community Spotlight & Outreach

15 December - Business Alignment & Operational Excellence, Best Overall and Community Awards

(16:00-18:00 UTC, 17:00-19:00 CET)

After an interview with the jury , we announce the winners of the following categories:

  • Best Internal Devportal
  • Best API Business Model
  • Best Developer Portal for Alternatives to REST-APIs
  • Best Use of Monetization
  • Best Use of API Gateway Integration
  • Best Editorial Experience in a Devportal
  • Best Design
  • Best Overall and Community Award


Past events in the season

6 October

(15:00-17:00 UTC, 17:00-19:00 CEST)

All sessions include a 10 minutes showcase presentation by the teams and a 10 minutes Q&A session.

FourKites Developer Portal

"Our Dev Portal enables our goal of being API-first and acts as a single source of truth for our external APIs." Sankar Babu (Staff Software Engineer), Yamini Lakshmipathy (Engineering Leader) and Harihara Subramanian Radhakrishnan (Senior Product Manager)introduces the FourKites devportal.

Wultra Developer Portal

"We believe that our decision to make our product documentation public and release most of the software as open-source is a game-changer." Petr Dvorak (CEO) introduces the key features of the Wultra developer portal.

Yoti Developer Portal

"Yoti has created an integration ecosystem for developers of all ranges to integrate six complex products simply." Kiran Bali (Head of Integratoin) introduces the Yoti developer portal.

RingCentral Developers

"The RingCentral Developers portal is built by developers for developers, offering a No Code, Low Code, and Pro Code approach to app development." Mike Stowe (Director of Developer Marketing) will introduce the RingCentral developer portal.

13 October

(15:00-17:00 UTC, 17:00-19:00 CEST)

All sessions include a 10 minutes showcase presentation by the teams and a 10 minutes Q&A session.

KBC Developer Portal

"The offered integration methods vary from API integration to no-code solutions such as our partner hub, in order to serve the variety of entrepreneurs that can benefit from extending their offering to their customers". Katrien Van Gijsel (Team lead ) will showcase the KBC developer portal.

Euler Hermes Developer Portal

“EH manages to integrate their corporate devportal without relying on one of the big API management suites. They integrate instead with their own toolset such as AWS gateway, a corporate open source IDP and Gitlab CI/CD”. Sophie Rutard (Head of Documentation Management) will introduce the Euler Hermes deveportal.

Amadeus For Developers

"Amadeus for Developers aims to provide a stellar developer experience by streamlining the onboarding process to just 3 minutes, providing easy access to the documentation and resources that developers need " Francois Masson (Manager of Product Management and UX/UI team) will present the Amadeus developer portal.

Reonomy Technical Documentation

“The Reonomy API reference combines a novel D3+React-based design with fully interactive query builder to create easy-to-use, comprehensive documentation.” Peter Henderson (Software Engineer and Technical Writer) will introduce Reonomy.

20 October

(15:00-17:00 UTC, 17:00-19:00 CEST)

All sessions include a 10 minutes showcase presentation by the teams and a 10 minutes Q&A session.

ABN AMRO Developer Portal

“By offering API products on our Developer Portal, clients can leverage ABN AMRO's capabilities to reinvent the customer experience, automate processes, and build a future-proof banking solution.” Koen Adolfs (Lead Product Owner), Brendan Lynch (Lead Technical Writer), Martin Gleissner and Eveline Albers (Business Developer) will introduce the ABN AMRO developer portal.

G+D Convego® Connect APIs

“Our aim is to provide simple, easy and seamless API-integration solutions to ensure that our customers and partner institutions can keep up with the changing expectations of their end-users and also, stay ahead of them.” Meenakshi Khatri(Global Solutions Product Manager) will showcase the G+D Convego® Connect APIs developer portal.

PlatformOS Developer Portal

“The platformOS Developer Portal provides onboarding, conceptual information, tutorials, examples, API references, use cases, and best practices to developers building their apps or sites on platformOS.” Diana Lakatos (Director of Documentation) and Adam Broadway (CEO) will introduce platformOS.

Onfido Developer Hub

“Onfido's Developer Hub provides a vast, and varied array of content aimed at all levels of expertise from onboarding quick-start guides to comprehensive technical reference pages.” Phoebe Baxter (Software Technical Writer) and David Vilf (Senior Product Manager) will present the Onfido developer hub."

3 November

(16:00-18:00 UTC, 17:00-19:00 CET)

All sessions include a 10 minutes showcase presentation by the teams and a 10 minutes Q&A session.

BT API Developer Portal

“Targeting both business development users and technical developers, the site offers information regarding our range of API products from case studies and marketing content to technical reference documentation on how our APIs work.” John Daffern (API Platform Senior Product Manager) will introduce the BT devportal.

Barclays API Exchange

“Barclays has a broad community of Developers aligned to various business areas, each building different capabilities to better serve our customers. Barclays API Network is the key in bringing all of that together.” Liam Gallagher (UX Design Lead) will showcase the Barclays developer portal.

Codat Portal

“The Codat Portal is designed to enable developers to get started in seconds, with everything our community needs to build fast, innovative financial products on our API-first platform.” Callum Taylor (Product Lead) will introduce Codat.

Smartcar Developer Platform

"At Smartcar, we believe a great developer platform for cars needs to be developer-centric, have robust product features, and provide a seamless experience to vehicle owners." Sanketh Katta (CTO + Founder) will present the Smartcar developer portal.


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