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On April 25 and 26, designers, researchers, and mental health experts will gather in New York City to create a set of design patterns for mental health digital services. This set of patterns will be a first attempt at defiining a global set of best practices for digital mental health service delivery.

Wherever you are in the world, we invite you to participate! We'll be livestreaming the workshop's main presentations, as well as using a Slack channel for digital contribution to the work product. See below for details on how you can participate throughout the two days.

Finally, if you would like to contribute to the project financially, you may give a donation below. Your gift will help cover staff time, supplies, and sandwiches for hungry workshop participants— We appreicate your support!

How you can participate on April 25

12:30 US / 17:30 UK -- View the opening presentation via livestream

1:15 US / 18:15 UK -- Support the in-person working groups by contributing research evidence and proposing design patterns via our Slack channel

Contributions are throughout the working session

4:30 US / 21:30 UK -- View the end-of-day shareout

after 5:00 US / 22:00 UK -- View the inital set of design patterns on the Slack channel and add your insights and research evidence

How you can participate on April 26

9:00 US / 14:00 UK -- View the review and refinement of the set of design patterns

10:00 US / 15:00 UK -- Contribute supporting research evidence via our Slack channel

Contributions are welcome through mid-afternoon (US time)

2:45 US / 19:45 UK -- View the workshop's final product and next steps via our Slack channel

Design Patterns for Mental Health is a partnership between the Public Policy Lab and Snook.

Sign up the Slack channel here!

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