Deposit for Dodgeball Tournament, check-in @ 6pm,  6:30pm start
Deposit for Dodgeball Tournament, check-in @ 6pm,  6:30pm start

Deposit for Dodgeball Tournament, check-in @ 6pm, 6:30pm start

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20902 Cumberland Road

Omaha, NE 68022

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This tournament will run from 6:30pm until 10:30pm. Minimum of 6 people on each team (maximum 10 people). Each team will play a minimum of 2 pool play matches. Matches will consist of up to 3 games that are each 4 minutes long. A match is won when a team wins two games (best of 3). After pool play, all teams will be placed in a single elimination, random draw tournament to determine the champion.

Teams will check-in a half hour before start time. After each player has checked in, they will receive a wristband that must be worn during the entire tournament. Players will not be allowed to play without the wristband.

Winning team will receive their $75 entry fee back. There will be prizes for best dressed and best team name also!

The following rules must be observed during play:


The game shall be played between two teams of 6 players. All other players will be available as substitutes. Substitutes may enter the game only during the case of injury. A substitute is not a player eliminated. If an injured player requires a substitute, that injured player cannot come back during the same match the player was injured during. A player may only play on one team for the duration of the tournament. Each team may have a maximum of 10 players and must have at least 6 players.


The games will be played indoors at The MARK. The playing field shall be divided into two (2) equal sections by disk cones that the balls will be placed on. There will be at least 2 courts used throughout the tournament.


The official ball used in tournament will be an 8 1/4 inch rubber-coated foam ball. Participants must wear shoes, shirts and pants/shorts.


The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them OUT. This may be done by:

  1. Hitting an opposing player with a LIVE thrown ball.
  2. Catching a LIVE ball thrown by your opponent.
  3. Causing an opponent to drop a held ball as a result of contact by a thrown LIVE ball. (usually occurs when a ball is being used as a shield to block a thrown ball.)
    LIVE (def.) A ball that has been thrown and has not touched anything, including the floor/ground, another ball, another player, official or other item outside of the playing field (wall, ceiling, etc).
  4. An opposing player stepping out of bounds. (To avoid getting hit by, or attempt to catch a ball, and not because he or she is retrieving a ball for more information see the section on Boundaries)
  5. Any ball hitting the back wall is dead (as if it hit the floor). If a ball hits you, then the wall you are out. If the ball hits the wall then you, it is a dead ball. A ball laying on the floor shall be considered part of the floor.

Game begins by placing the dodgeballs along the center line. Players then take a position at their back end line. Following a signal by the official, teams may approach the centerline to retrieve the balls (see Rush Rule below), this signal officially starts the contest.


Each and every ball retrieved at the opening rush must first be taken to the back wall before it may be legally thrown at an opponent. During the rush, sliding IS NOT permitted; you must approach the center line under control. If you cross the line, you are out.

Its good to be strategic, but stalling is not a part of Dodge The Ball.

1. If a court monitor determines that a team is stalling, the monitor will warn the team, and begin a five second stall count. Failure to throw within the five seconds will result in the stalling team losing possession of ALL balls on their side.

2. If both teams are stalling and refuse to throw, a reset of the balls will occur in the center of the court. Also, it is illegal for the team with more players to control all the balls for more than 5 seconds.

3. If the leading team controls all the balls they must make a legitimate effort to get at least one ball across the midline and into the opponents backcourt. Teams cannot simply set one ball across the midline of the court.

Lastly, any player or team who makes an obvious attempt to not aim at, or not throw at an opposing player, with the intent of stalling the game, will result in that individual being warned. Continuing to stall in this manner will result in the player being called out.


The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner. A 4-minute time limit has been established for each game. If neither team has been eliminated at the end of the 4 minutes, the team with the greater number of players remaining will be declared the winner. All balls are dead (even if they are in the air) when the 4 minute horn sounds. In the case of an equal number of players remaining after regulation, a 1-minute sudden-death overtime period will be played. Three-on-three, first man out.


Players will be expected to honor the officials ruling whether or not they were eliminated by a legal hit. Players will be expected to play with integrity, regardless of what any individual referee sees, if any tournament official sees you not eliminate yourself after being hit, you will be disqualified for the rest of the tournament. All contests will be supervised by at least one field monitor. The field monitors responsibilities will be to rule whether or not hits they observe are legal.



  1. During play, all players must remain within the boundary lines.
  2. Players may only leave from the back line to retrieve balls and must return to the court through the back line - in which case you have 5 seconds to retrieve a ball, and come immediately back into the playing field. In other words, your team will only have access to the balls laying out of bounds on your side of the court. .
  3. A player may be handed a ball, provided the player receiving the ball remains completely within their teams field boundaries. Players may pass a ball in bounds, while standing out of bounds. Spectators CANNOT pass balls.
  4. A player shall not:
    a. Have any part of their body contact the playing surface on or over the sideline.
    b. Enter or re-enter the field through their sidelines.
    c. Leave the playing field to avoid being hit, or attempt to catch a ball.
    d. Have any part of their body cross the center line and contact ground on their opponents side of the court. This rule includes the rush at the beginning of the game. Penalty: Player will be declared out. Note: A player not immediately re-entering the playing area may be declared out.


Matches will be decided using a best-of-three format in which the first team to win two (2) games will be declared the winner.


The following are expectations of all players:

  1. Play with integrity and respect the judgment of game officials and staff.
  2. Understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game.
  3. Respect your opponent and congratulate them in a courteous manner following each match whether in victory or defeat.
  4. Be responsible for your actions and maintain self-control.
  5. Do not taunt or bait opponents and refrain from using foul or abusive language.
  6. Fighting or threats of bodily harm are not permitted.
  7. No tobacco products are permitted on the grounds.

Anyone in violation of this code of conduct as declared by the tournament personnel will be disqualified from the tournament with- out refund and will leave the premises immediately.

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20902 Cumberland Road

Omaha, NE 68022

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