Denver Real Estate Investment Project Tour - Learn / Network w/ Local Pros

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Denver, CO

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This is your opportunity to experience a Real Deal with one of our local Team leaders. At these events, we will go over how we acquired it and what he needs to do to rehab it. We will tour the property and go over all the numbers and whats expected to be made in profit on this properties.

Each Training is unique so enjoy this weekends FEATURED TOUR. Real Estate Investors In Our Community Walk New and Seasoned Investors Through Real Deals. So Much Of Real Estate Is Hands On, That We Provide The Hands On Development For Our Community Of Investors Nation Wide.

Bring in your potential deals to review to see if it really is a deal!

Are you ready to have a financial rebirth? We'd love to have you as a special guest for our training!

Get you tickets as these events fill up fast!! REGISTER NOW TO RECEIVE ADDRESS AND MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

Real Deals form Real Investors! Here are only some of what our community is doing across the country. Click the images to enlarge and take a closer look.

  • Bill Zufelt
    Bill Zufelt
  • Stephanie
  • Cluade Durham
    Cluade Durham
  • Mike & Anthony
    Mike & Anthony
  • Anthony Micheal
    Anthony Micheal
  • John Albert Ferguson
    John Albert Ferguson
  • Ram Mishra
    Ram Mishra
  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson
  • Mary Catherine Walsh
    Mary Catherine Walsh
  • Christopher Galletta
    Christopher Galletta
  • Matt Weldon
    Matt Weldon
  • Steve
  • Jason 2
    Jason 2
  • Jay Massey
    Jay Massey
  • Jason Secrest
    Jason Secrest
  • Dalton Deal Breakdown
    Dalton Deal Breakdown
  • Justin & Kristina
    Justin & Kristina
  • Mark Piper
    Mark Piper
  • Loretta
  • Cameron S
    Cameron S
  • Jeannine | Maggie | Stephanie
    Jeannine | Maggie | Stephanie
  • Chris Randall
    Chris Randall

Who We Are...

Our Philosophy
ELEVATE is not just a community of like minded investors and business owners. It is a philosophy infused into every area of our lives. We believe in living to our highest potential, and inspiring and guiding others to do the same. We believe in Elevating our goals, our businesses, our vision, our families, our health, our spirituality as we understand it, and all areas of the human condition so we might live truly blessed and abundant lives. Elevate is an action oriented philosophy, believing that it is only through the application of correct principles that true wealth and prosperity can be achieved. Elevate believes in servitude leadership, understanding that it is only by living by example can we inspire others to do the same. Elevate believes in the spirit of abundance and giving back, and we strive to bring the principles of wealthy and abundant living to our local communities, as well as serving the communities that have given us so much prosperity.

Leadership Team:

Jon ONeal

Jon is one of only a handful of members who sit on the Founders Advisory Board for Renatus. He has an extensive background and knowledge in owning and operating his own general contracting business. He was introduced to the world of real estate investing and never looked back.

Within two years of being a part of Renatus Jon has become a recognized leader and the founder of this Elevate Team. Through commitment, consistency, a clear "why" and application of knowledge he has become officially out of the "rat race". He has produced over four hundred thousand dollars in the last two years, successfully completed multiple real estate transactions and owns several rentals. His dedication and commitment to this team goes above and beyond expectations.

imgMichael Huggins

As a leader of the rapidly growing teams in Salt Lake City & Denver, Michael Huggins - is the youngest member to sit on the Founders Advisory Board for Renatus brings much to the table. With his extensive knowledge in personal development, Michael has coached many into living the life they deserve. As the youngest leader in the Renatus community, he has set the bar high for those following, and he will continue to push himself to be the best he can be.

With 5 years of experience, Michael has mastered the skills of running a successful marketing business. He now runs a team of 220+ people and has cleared six figures for the last 2 years. This heightened income has allowed Michael to follow his dreams. He now has the time freedom to tinker with race cars, travel the world, and be with his family.

What does Michael love most about his profession? Being able to help others achieve the results he's seeing himself. Michael has no shortage of content, and he's fired up about sharing his knowledge!

Raul Campos

Raul Campos spent nearly 20 years as an Independent Investment Advisor, managing money for clients and himself. In 2001 he sold his practice and enjoyed a few years away from Wall Street while contemplating his next move. He discovered the wealth-gaining opportunities found in real estate and wanted to start investing. Raul quickly realized that if he was to have massive success he would need to get the proper education and network with other successful investors to quickly cut his learning curve.

He found the Renatus education and applying those investing strategies and techniques, his success skyrocketed. Raul now completes 40-50 transactions a year and continually adds to his real estate portfolio. Today he enjoys assisting and mentoring others all over the country with this powerful knowledge so they, too, can go out and succeed in their real estate investment endeavors. Raul says, “Want to be a successful real estate investor? GET EDUCATED!”

imgChristion Sadler

Christion Sadler is CEO of Patriot Property & Management and founder of Investors Train Investors. Through his companies, Christion has bought and sold properties spanning multiple states including four counties of his home state of Utah. He has helped countless individuals across the nation learn and apply real estate investing strategies. He is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and mentor on the topics of sales, marketing, personal development and real estate investing. His mission in life is to inspire others to live at a higher level of their own potential. He lives that mission everyday through his real estate mentoring and also by constantly seeking improvement in all areas of his own life to be an example to others. Christion has met many challenges in his life before and after becoming an entrepreneur, but now looks at each of those challenges as important lessons to help him grow. Above all things, Christion values his relationships and that is easily seen in his interactions with family, friends and even perfect strangers. He considers those relationships as his most valuable assets. Currently Christion has real estate projects underway ranging from single family fix & flips up to 100 acre development parcels. He is an avid learner and teacher at the same time and looks forward to helping you take your Renatus business to the next level!

imgStuart Rosenberg

Stu is a wonderful husband and a proud dad to three beautiful girls. He loves to play the piano, write music and have fun in the sun! He has been an business owner, and entrepreneur for over 23 years. He owns and operates 4 different businesses. As Co-owner of Creating Solutions he has helped numerous people solve problems they've had with their properties. Since beginning his real estate investing career he has successfully completed multiple transactions, has two rentals, and is part owner of 97 properties including residential, commercial, multi-family and raw land. As co-owner of Creating Investors. Stu has helped numerous individuals start their own real estate investing and marketing business.

imgTonia Rosenberg

Tonia is an amazing wife and a mom to three beautiful girls. She loves to ski, go 4-wheelin, hiking and the great outdoors. She has a degree in web design and uses her talents to lend support to the team and investing community. She has owned multiple business for over 23 years. Tonia is a co-owner of Creating Investors and loves to help teach and train on business ownership and marketing. Her strengths are in design, development of marketing material and business strategies. Since beginning her real estate investing career she has successfully completed multiple transactions, has two rentals, and is part owner of 97 properties including residential, commercial, multi-family and raw land.

imgAnjanette Mickelsen

Anjanette passionately works in the music business, 18 years and counting, becoming one of the country's top vocal coaches. She also has co-written songs that have reached #2 on the Billboard Classical and Classical Crossover Charts. She now lends that passion towards helping individuals and families become financially free through real estate investing. She loves teaching the Cashflow Game Night Trainings which trains people the basics of financial literacy and analyzing real estate deals.

imgRegina Ngata

She is known as "Lani" but to others known as Regina Ngata. She is a mother, wife, sister, daughter, cousin, friend and mentor to many. She is married to her sweetheart Finau Ngata and together they have 2 daughters Ofa & Leila. She got started doing real estate investing end of January 2014. She was mentored by great leaders, had went thru training to develop skill sets that have helped in building the momentum she has acquired in such a short time. She now has a team here in Salt Lake City as well as in Honolulu, Hi. She has done her first real estate deal as a seller finance and working on a few rehabs on the Wasatch Front as well as a lease option deal. She is looking to expand her real estate portfolio nationwide. Lani is a determined individual and willing to help in the progress and growth of her team as well as others. Always thinking of ways to better her skills as a leader so that she can help others who were in the same place she started. She is an amazing leader to our Elevate team and wants to inspire many through her actions.

imgDel Jensen

Del Jensen, a full time Real Estate Investor and Independent Marketing Affiliate, helps other people realize their financial goals through the magic of Real Estate Investing.

Prior to becoming an active investor and upon retiring as an Army Officer, Del entered Corporate America ultimately being named a VP and Site President for a Fortune 10 Corporation. Although professionally successful, Del didn't have the amount of time freedom he desired to spend with his beautiful wife Jill and their 9 children. In fact Del relates that the year he began investing, he canceled or cut short every family vacation without exception. He became introduced to Renatus, LLC and came to realize this was the "most brilliant marketing plan and opportunity in America today." He became a student of Renatus and quickly generated a six figure income through the marketing opportunity, even though he was only working this business part-time. He continued his success and quickly replaced the income from his full time job and developed a portfolio including cash flowing properties in 3 states.

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Date and Time


Various Locations TBD Day of Event

**RSVP for Available Space & Address

Denver, CO

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