Demystifying UX Research: Unraveling its Complexities for Success

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Demystifying UX Research: Unraveling its Complexities for Success

In this live event you will discover the true essence of UX research, breaking the myth of perfection

By Bonanza Design

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Thursday, September 21 · 9 - 10:30am PDT



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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
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In this insightful webinar on UX research featuring renowned expert Nikki Andersen, you will discover the true essence of UX research, breaking the myth of perfection and emphasizing the value of embracing imperfection for personal and professional growth. 

You will gain a holistic perspective on validation approaches and learn why negativity and challenges are essential for driving innovation, exploring the pivotal role of a researcher as a catalyst for change, guiding teams towards user-centric design decisions. 

Behrad and Nikki will candidly discuss the inevitability of mistakes in user research and their transformative potential. 

Whether you're an experienced professional or a newcomer, be inspired to embrace the learning process, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and resilience. 

Here we will unravel the complexities of UX research, offering valuable insights to empower and elevate your skills. 

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and join a supportive community that champions growth and collaboration in the field of user research.

About the speakers:

Behrad Mirafshar

Behrad Mirafshar is the founder and CEO of Bonanza Design GmbH.

Bonanza Design is a rapidly-expanding Innovation Studio with a global team based in Berlin, Germany. Behrad started the company in 2020; within just 2.5 years (and during a worldwide pandemic), the team has grown from two to 16 with annual revenue of over 1€ million. Through his passion and hard work (and without any venture capital), Behrad has built business relationships with companies such as wefox, Zalando, and HomeServe.

Nikki Anderson

User Research Academy founder and user research coach, Nikki Anderson, is a passionate advocate for user researchers. With a background as a UXR since 2015, Nikki understands the challenges of working as a team of one and the feelings of loneliness and self-doubt that can arise. This motivated her to create a thriving user research community, offering support, empowerment, and a sense of belonging. Through User Research Academy and the membership program, Nikki aims to inspire and empower user researchers, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their careers. By fostering a supportive environment, she encourages user researchers to embrace new methods and approaches while having fun and finding fulfillment in their work.

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About Bonanza Design

Bonanza Design is an innovation boutique specialized in designing fintech & productivity apps. Turn around your business and get to exponential growth using

1. Lean Innovation Sprint: A factory line approach to innovation. Tackle the risks of developing new businesses upfront by validating your core hypotheses using throwaway MVPs and rapid experimentation through a continuous 3-week cycle of Learn-Prototype-Test.

2. UX Design & Research: Bonanza Design’s Lean UX Sprint boosts your product discovery efforts by maximizing your learnings through a continuous 3-week cycle of Learn-Prototype-Test.

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At Bonanza Design, your innovation powerhouse, we help organizations such as Siemens, Zalando, and Wefox find their differentiation point by identifying the most pressing needs of their customers.


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(Abbas) Behrad Mirafshar

Managing Director and Partner