Dementia Futures Conference 2019 - July 5th, Sheffield

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Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN)

385a Glossop Road


S10 2HQ

United Kingdom

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Dementia Futures 2019

The University of Sheffield's Dementia Futures 2019 is a one day conference for members of the public who are affected by dementia and for organisations who represent or offer support to persons affected by dementia.

There is a tremendous range of dementia-related research being undertaken at the University of Sheffield. These studies are taking place in disciplines ranging from neurosciences to computer science.

Dementia Futures 2019 is important because it showcases the emerging research of PhD students at the University of Sheffield. This is cutting-edge research which is still in progress.

Our PhD students would like to share with you what they are doing, to communicate this research in an accessible way and to hear what you think about their studies and what difference their findings might make in future. We have sought guidance from the South Yorkshire Dementia Research Advisory Group (SYDEMRAG) about how to make the conference as accessible as possible, and post graduate researchers have been provided with guidance from DEEP - The UK Network of Dementia Voices - on presenting to persons affected by dementia.

**There willl be a Prize awarded for best oral presentation and a Prize awarded for best poster. Members of SYDEMRAG will be responsible for selecting these prizes.

At Dementia Futures 2019, postgraduate research students will present their research in short 12 minute presentations, offering plenty of opportunities for questions and interactive discussion. The focus will be on improving our mutual understanding, sharing academic and lay dementia expertise, facing the challenges of dementia together.


Bahman Mirheidari (Computer Science) 'Detecting early signs of dementia in conversation'

Hemant Mistry (Neuroscience) 'Investigating the link between brain cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease'

Osman Shabir (NICAD Network (PSY, SITraN & IICD) 'Blood Flow Changes to the Brain in Dementia Mouse Models'

Becky Field (ScHARR Health Services Research) 'Psychosocial interventions for people following a dementia diagnosis: identifying what influences acceptance or rejection'

Katy Barnes (Neuroscience) 'Changing the shape of cellular batteries to boost energy in dementia'

Manmohi Dake (Neuroscience) 'Type II Diabetes and Dementia: A story of the brain and it’s toxic ‘sweet heart’

Catherine Hynes (Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care) 'How Patient and Public Involvement has shaped a research project exploring the impact of proxy decision-making about cancer treatment on carers of people living with dementia'


During the conference there will be a dedicated Poster session at which postgraduate research students will be available to answer questions about their posters. The following postgraduate researchers and posters are confimed:

Anjana Ajikumar (Neuroscience) 'Investigating the link between infection and dementia'

Fatimah Alzahrani (Computer Science) 'Automated detection of dementia symptoms'

Jose Manuel Valera Bermejo (Neuroscience) ‘Recognising my symptoms: brain awareness and dementia’.

Motaz Fadul (Neuroscience) ‘The role of microglia in the pathogenesis of age-associated white matter lesions’.

Liliana Marisol Sepulveda Garcia (Information School) ‘Informal Caregivers perceptions of Assistive Technologies of people with dementia: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis’

Claire Garwood (Neuroscience) ‘Altered astrocytic insulin signalling: Implications in Alzheimer’s disease’

Harriet Hamber-Stott (Department of Animal and Plant Sciences) Research on flies to explore the mechanisms of Frontotemporal Dementia and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, including tentative connections with diet

Martyna Matuszyk (SITraN - Neuroscience) 'The role of sticky proteins and stars in Alzheimer's disease'

Philip Mumberson (Human Communication Sciences) ‘Keep talking for longer: speech therapy to help people living with dementia stay in the conversation’

Yilin Pan (Computer Science) ‘Automatic Home based Dementia Detection’

Monica A. Rebollar (SITraN - Neuroscience) 'Investigating the effect of atherosclerosis on the brain blood supply'

Laura Wright (Neuroscience) ‘Naming animals: Category fluency as an early indicator of Alzheimer’s disease.’

Click here for a short film about Dementia Futures

Register now

If you are affected by dementia or represent persons affected by dementia please register now for a ticket for Dementia Futures 2019.

This is a very limited availability ticket-only event. Registered delegates will be entitled to lunch and refreshments during the event.

We are pleased and very grateful to acknowledge that Dementia Futures 2019 is supported once again by a grant from the Alzheimer's Society.

We hope you have a stimulating time at Dementia Futures 2019!

Julie Simpson, Rachel Waller, David Reid

Coordinators, Dementia Futures 2019

Event image: John Wood, Visual Artist, Grosse Point, Michigan, USA.

Further information:

For more information about current dementia research at the University of Sheffield click here

For information about the University of Sheffield's Full-time MA in Dementia Studies - EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST FOR SEPT 2020 click here

Dementia Futures 2019 is part of the School of Nursing and Midwifery's 11th annual South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition, 'Dementia is...', July 1-7, 2019, Meadowhall Interchange @SYDCAE

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Date and Time


Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN)

385a Glossop Road


S10 2HQ

United Kingdom

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