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Demand Driven Leader Workshop - Chicago, IL

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Chicago, IL 73301

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The Demand Driven Leader (DDL)™ Program equips senior and mid-level operations and supply chain managers with the ability to design, implement and sustain a Demand Driven supply chain. The program spans Planning, Operations, Distribution and Finance. Designed by the leading authorities on the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise at the Demand Driven Institute, the Demand Driven Leader program is comprised of 7 modules. The DDL Program is THE official preparatory course for the The Demand Driven Leader Professional (DDLP)™ certification test.


  • Part 1: The Rise of Complexity
  • Part 2: The Importance of Flow
  • Part 3: Relevant Information for Flow
  • Part 4: The Demand Driven Adaptive System

Module 1: Conventional Challenges for Flow

  • Part 1: Variability and Its Impact on Flow
  • Part 2: Distortions to Relevant Information and Materials - Planning
  • Part 3: Distortions to Relevant Information and Materials - Finance
  • Part 4: The Need for Thoughtware

Module 2: An Overview of Designing and Operating for Flow

Module 3: Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning

  • Part 1: Strategic Inventory Positioning
  • Part 2: Buffer Profiles and Levels
  • Part 3: Dynamic Buffer Adjustments
  • Part 4: Demand Driven Planning (Supply Order Generation)
  • Part 5: Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution
  • Part 6: Calculating Average On-Hand
  • Part 7: DDMRP Buffer Criteria
  • Part 8: MRP, Lean and DDMRP
  • Part 9: Implications for Distribution Networks

Module 4: Demand Driven Scheduling and Shop Floor Execution

  • Part 1: DDMRP Implications on Scheduling
  • Part 2: Control Points
  • Part 3: Scheduling Control Points
  • Part 4: Protecting Control Points
  • Part 5: How Time Buffers Work
  • Part 6: Capacity Buffers

Module 5: Tactical Smart Metrics for Operations

Module 6: Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning

  • Part 1: DDS&OP and the Demand Driven Operating Model Settings
  • Part 2: DDS&OP and Demand Driven Strategic Control, Measurement, Projection and Adaptation
  • Part 3: Volume and Rate Examples

Module 7: Demand Driven Adaptive System Development Path


1. What is a Demand Driven Operating Model?

A Demand Driven Operating Model is a supply order generation, operational scheduling and execution model utilizing actual demand in combination with strategic decoupling and control points and stock, time and capacity buffers in order to create a predictable and agile system that promotes and protects the flow of relevant information and materials within the tactical relevant operational range (hourly, daily and weekly). A Demand Driven Operating Model’s key parameters are set through the Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning process to meet the stated business and market objectives while minimizing working capital and expedite related expenses.

2. How does the DDL compare to the DDP?
There is some overlap between the programs. The material in the DDMRP and DDDRP sections of the DDL is redundant on the DDP Program material. The DDP goes into much greater depths on these topics. That material, however, will constitute only about 15% of the total DDL.

3. Where does the DDL Fit in the implementing Demand Driven concepts? The DDL will become a necessary cog in supporting any DDMRP (or bigger) implementation by giving mid-level and senior management an across the board look at flow and the concepts need to support flow. Without that support DDMRP implementations are always at risk. This will be particularly more important in larger enterprises.

4. What's the refund policy? There is no refund 14 days before the event.

5. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No, you do not have to bring your ticket

6. Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable? Yes, your ticket is 100% transferrable

7. Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends? Yes, you can substitute anyone from your company

8. Is the cost of the certification exam included? No, the cost of the exam is not included. It can be purchased separately after the class if desired.

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Date and Time


Chicago, IL 73301

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