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Delay the Inevitable March 24-26, 2017 HRS EASTERN REGIONAL TACTICAL

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Ticket sales have ended
You can contact Alfons for last minute instructions at 517-414-1164 voice or text

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Fort Custer Training Center

1 Denso Rd

Battle Creek, MI 49037

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
You can contact Alfons for last minute instructions at 517-414-1164 voice or text
Event description


“Infamous Alfons” and members of the WWII HRS Re-enactment groups 5SS Sturmpionier “WIKING” and US 45th Infantry I&R Platoon invite you to attend our World War II weekend of fun at the Fort Custer Training Center in Augusta, Michigan, just west of Battle Creek.

Event features:

Up to two nights in restored military barracks

High intensity tactical combat system

Saturday night banquet

After dinner entertainment or visit "Custer's First Stand" on base bar

You must preregister for this event to get your name on the security gate entry list!

BIGGEST NEWS UPDATE! THIS EVENT IS NOW CLASSIFIED AS THE "HRS EASTERN REGIONAL TACTICAL"!! This does not affect non-HRS attendees ... please note that HRS members must select a separate ticket to take advantage of their membership. ALL HRS "tickets" will cost $10 cash "at the door" when you show up to register. The Saturday banquet is an extra $5 that must be paid for by credit card when you order your ticket.

You must be at least 16 years of age to attend this event.

There are two methods to preregister: 1) Use by noon , Wednesday March 22, choosing to prepay your chosen ticket using a credit card or to pay in cash or check when you arrive. 2) Fill out the registration form and waiver and mail in with a check or money order for $20. Mail in forms must be received by Tuesday, March 21. If you are not sure you can attend but want to be on the gate list “just in case”, just register on Eventbrite using the “pay at registration” option. Preregistrations may be canceled and refunded if done before registration closes, or by emailing before 9pm, Sunday March 26.

Vendors can use the common area and stay on base for a modest fee of $10 for a 10x10 foot area. Vendors, use the ‘free ticket – pay at the gate’ option. Any additional vendor employees may also use the ‘free ticket –pay at the gate’ registration option. Anyone that needs more space can reserve it with an additional fee (pay when you arrive). For those bringing Class III weapons from out of state, Fort Custer Training Center 2501 26th Street Augusta, MI 49012-9205 is what you’d use for your ATF forms. Do not use this address for GPS directions – they will take you to the wrong gate!

Our event is open to all reenactors that can comply with our Safety and Autheticity standards. We will be enforcing HRS Safety and Authenticity rules as this is an HRS "sanctioned" event.

We don’t want to disappoint anyone, but HRS S&A rules will be strictly enforced. If you have ANY question about being able to properly portray a COMBAT participant in Western Europe in early 1945, please contact us first. It is your obligation to meet our standards, not for us to alter the standards to meet what equipment you brought.

** NOTE! ** Due to security concerns, the military is becoming more concerned about the ammunition and pyrotechnics that are brought on the base. NO LIVE AMMO! No homemade pyro, only store bought, non-aerial (ala rocket) pyro. No ammo in the barracks area! HAVE ALL YOUR BLANK AMMO PACKED IN SEE THROUGH ZIP LOCK BAGS with YOUR NAME AND UNIT NAME CLEARLY MARKED to assist in Saturday distribution!! The Security Guards must see the tips of all ammo to ensure they are blanks – THINK like a security guard and pack the bags very loosely, LESS THAN ½ FULL so the bag can be laid out on a flat surface and contents inspected easily! The larger the bag the better! Have your weapons and ammo readily available for the security check and things speed up!

If your throw-able hand grenade is an excellent reproduction, please paint a portion of the explosive charge medium blue to indicate that it is inert. Grenades that have been lost in the training area have nearly caused “unexploded ordnance” concerns by the base staff!

Belt fed ammo boxes are fine as-is, as the belted ammo is easy to inspect for live rounds. The completed boxes are then collected. Inspected ammo can be put into any kind of marked box or bag for easy carry. The ammo will be collected at the Security Gate by Wiking staff, to be taken to the Wiking Troop Tent on the edge of the tactical area. After your vehicle is inspected, you are welcome to stop at the Troop Tent, as that is also where ammo vendors will be set up. If you want to preload your weapon magazines, you are welcome to do so at this time, please provide a marked bag or box that the loaded mags can be stowed in for the night. After Saturday inspection, all units will pick up their ammo while deploying to the field.

BAYONETS will be allowed on base but KEEP THEM SHEATHED and STOWED AWAY until the Saturday tactical. NO WEARING OF BAYONETS in the barracks area. Anyone wearing a bayonet except for in the tactical will be escorted off base! No other knives longer than 4” will be allowed on base.

We will be using the modern restored barracks – 24 bunks per floor. The barracks are no smoking, no cooking. Bunks with mattresses are provided, but you need to bring any bedding, pillows and toiletries you need. Your unit may rent a private floor for an extra cost .. ask for availability.

We are all responsible for returning the barracks in a clean and operational fashion! Female participants will be housed on base in the “BOQ” building, a semi-private roomed dormitory close by the barracks and there is an additional charge for these rooms of $10 per night and they are strictly on an as-available basis.

The tactical will be using the objective based tactical system called “Rules of Engagement for Tactical Objectives” (RETO). The rules are a point-based system of tracking successful strategy during the tactical. More details at: or you can stay updated at the event Facebook group: The Facebook group is private, so you have to ask to be included or be invited in by someone that is already a member.

There is no “scenario”. The forces must use chain of command, reconnaissance and cooperation to win. You might think of this as a tactical with a little bit of “Capture the Flag” and “Scavenger” hunt thrown in!

We will be using Training Area 3 again!! If you have or know of any miliatary truck transport to help get the troops out to TA3, please have them contact me for fuel/towing $ assistance. If you have transportation, bring it on out!!

The tactical will last about 6 hours, beginning at 10:30am. You MUST arrive in time to register and attend the last 8:45am RETO seminar or you will not be allowed to deploy. There are no scheduled lunch breaks, work it out in the field! As there are areas and stockpiles of Victory Points to defend, troops can be rotated to meet their own physical ability. Water will be provided in the field, but bring your own tactical rations.

GPS directions: use 1 Denso Road, Battle Creek, MI To get to Fort Custer, take I-94 to Exit 92 (Climax Road) and turn NORTH. The road will curve to the left and the second traffic light is Hill-Brady Road, turn WEST (left). After about 3/4 mile turn LEFT on to Denso Road to the entry Gate. Have your Picture ID ready. Proceed straight ahead and follow the road and “WW2” signs to the Registration Mess Hall.

You may arrive anytime after 1pm on Friday, March 24, but not after midnight or before 7am Saturday morning! Our ammo collection staff needs this time off for rest.

Remember, we are guests of the base and your behavior should reflect that.

WWII era transport vehicles that will support the movement of troops in and out of the tactical area will get a fuel rebate – please contact Alan for details! At a minimum, if you bring a vehicle that will transport at least 4 soldiers, your registration fee will be rebated back to the vehicle owner.

Please, only period style vehicles parked next to the barracks. Unload your gear and park in the Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) parking lot.

A snack bar, operated by the 45th Infantry I&R Platoon (HRS) will open in the common area mess hall, and will offer a simple selection at very reasonable prices Friday night until 10pm. This fare may also be available for a short time after the Saturday tactical for those not staying for the banquet. On Saturday morning, the snack shop will offer a $5 pancake and sausage breakfast, and microwaveable breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and juice for your convenience. The refrigerators and freezers are available for your common use, if desired.

Once again we are offering a sit down, catered pot roast / roasted chicken banquet buffet with dessert and beverages on Saturday for an additional $9!! Banquet meal tickets must be prepaid to ensure enough food is prepared. We have a limited number of tickets, and they are transferable if you pay and cannot attend. A few tickets may be available for purchase after you arrive, just ask at Registration. You are welcome to bring your own adult beverages for the Saturday banquet. “Custer’s First Stand”, the on-base bar will be open both Friday and Saturday.

NO overnight POV parking in front of barracks!

The POC for any specific questions on RETO or this event is Alan Miltich,


Phone 517-796-9193 9am – 9pm Eastern time, please!

To contact Alan on base Thursday through Sunday 517-414-1164 (cell)

Tentative Itinerary:

Tuesday, March 21: Deadline for mailed in prepaid applications to be received

Wednesday, March 22: Deadline for Eventbrite registration (6 pm EDT)

Thursday, March 23: Early arrival of Wiking staff, after 1 pm

Friday, March 24: 1300: Registration, Snack Bar, Vendors, and Barracks Open (1pm)

2000: RETO opens, seminars on 60 minute rotations

2200: last RETO Seminar begins

2300: Registration Closes, Vendors close down

2400 Quiet Time in barracks, be considerate of others!

2400 No new arrivals w/ ammo between midnight & 7am! unless you make arrangements w/ Alan

Saturday, March 25: 0700: Coffee is on, Snack Bar and Registration opens

0745: RETO seminar

0900: Registration Closes

0845: LAST RETO Seminar Begins

0930: Units form up for inspection at Ammo Dump

0945: Deployment to the field begins

1030: Engagement begins

1630: Engagement ends

1830: Banquet, prepaid tickets only!

2000: Scheduled Entertainment

Sunday, March 26: 0730: Coffee on -- last of sweet rolls and micro sandwiches!

1000: Barracks inspected - have a safe trip home!

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Date and Time


Fort Custer Training Center

1 Denso Rd

Battle Creek, MI 49037

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