Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Groups Virtual Vendor Night

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Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Groups Virtual Vendor Night

Virtual Vendor Night Business Meeting and Talk by Prof Neil Kelleher

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Discussion Group Business Meeting May 11th 3.30-4 pm EST, Virtual Zoom meeting

Talk: Building the Community of Top Down and Native Proteomics by Prof. Neil Kelleher May 11th, 2020 at 4 pm (EST), Virtual: Zoom meeting

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Abstract: While top down mass spectrometry describes the direct analysis of intact proteins and their complexes via mass spectrometry, the term more generally denotes an approach to measurement that recognizes the value of retaining as much information as possible about a system prior to analysis. By avoiding proteolytic digestion, gene- and proteoform-specific identifications can be made – directly (i.e., avoiding the enigmatic protein inference problem). Notably, the top down philosophy is equally applicable to the level of protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions. A series of vignettes will focus on both modes of Top Down Proteomics – denatured and native. I will also describe how the community of practitioners, stakeholders and consumers of proteomics are growing, helped along by the Consortium for Top Down Proteomics (CTDPs, a not-for-profit based in Boston). The CTDPs has published six articles, established norms to make proteoforms “FAIR”, and accelerate the coming upgrade in quality of information streams emerging from ‘compositional’ proteomics. As a last item to socialize, a recent breakthrough in the detection of individual ions in orbitraps (joint work with the group of Mike Senko at Thermo Fisher Scientific) will be described. By more faithfully preserving post-translational modifications and non-covalent interaction throughout the measurement process, top down mass spectrometry is positioned to make basic and translational proteomics more efficient, particularly in the detection and assignment of function to proteoforms and their PTMs underlying human wellness and disease

Bio : Neil L. Kelleher, Walter and Mary E. Glass Professor of Molecular Biosciences, Professor of Chemistry and Medicine, and Director of the Proteomics Center of Excellence

Neil Kelleher is a transdisciplinary investigator who is making an impact in the field of proteomics (proteins) and the discovery of new antibiotics and anticancer molecules. He runs the Kelleher Research Group, which invents methods of understanding how human cells work at the molecular level, and Northwestern Proteomics, the leading lab in the world for the “top-down” proteomics approach to measuring proteins. In 2016, Kelleher delivered a TEDx talk about the Cell-Based Human Proteome Project, an effort to map one billion proteins throughout the human body; he is founding president of a worldwide research consortium aiming to actualize this project.

Metrics & Research contributions (1999-2019):

• ~25-30 publications a year (H-index of 70)

• Trained 42 Ph.D.’s & >150 Postdocs + UGs (in each category)

• >100 collaborations at any given time

• Co-PI, T32 Chemical Biology Interface Training Grant (NIGMS)

• 3 startup companies & 1 Research Consortium (Based in Boston)