DEI + N: The Dean Talks (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Neurodiversity)

DEI + N: The Dean Talks (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Neurodiversity)

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A series dedicated to research, learning and discourse around Neurodiversity and Psychosocial effects on education and everyday life.

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DEI + N: The Dean Talks (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Neurodiversity) image

Next talk: Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 @11am EST

Relationships and Commitment

The Love Issue

You are still deserving of love! For the diagnosed, the creative, the emotional, the oppressed or the aging individual there is much intrigue around how we conduct ourselves in relationships. Among the memes about the singlehood stats for the Autistic and divorce rates among ADHD, the shelflife of the relationships of the poor, and the loveableness of the depressed, how can we explore trends in the diversity of ways we think and act and their impact on relationships of all types.


Nomita Advani, Clinical Licensed Art Therapist & Visual Arts Educator

Tanasia Hazelton, DEI Specialist and Founder

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What is DEI+N Talks all about:

A virtual, monthly event that happens every 4th Saturday at 11am running until about 12:30p.

There is a concept that we are all neurodiverse. Whether or not you agree, you might have encountered enough products, formats and instructions created and influenced by the neurodiverse, that you understand the importance of embracing and adopting a bilingual approach to their sensitivities and our shared world. This series of talks is crafted to service the selves, teachers, parents, coworkers, friends and fellow humans of the neurodiverse. Maybe society is making us neurodiverse, highlighting our differences, persisting our neurovariations and commoditizing our quirks. Products that calm us, organize us and "satisfy" our cravings aim to support and at times benefit from our identification of our neurodiversities. How can we have a conversation about our lives in a safe, shared space that supports how we are different, and alike, all at once?

Join us for a series of conversations around support for our Neurodiverse selves.

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Our next sessions:

Oct 22, 2022: Relationships & Commitment

Nov 19 (3rd Saturday): Curriculum and the Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Dec 17 (3rd Saturday): Strengthfinders

What you've missed:

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Feb 26, 2022: Working in a Neurodiverse Universe

Mar 26, 2022: From Stimulant Overload to Sensory Friendly

Apr 23, 2022: Virtual Learning Deep Dive

May 28, 2022: Music, Math and Patterns

June 25, 2022: Diagnosis and Creative Therapies

July 23, 2022: The Homework: Parenting, Potential and Purpose

Aug 27, 2022: Life Hacks: Embracing Neurodiversity

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