Deep meditation meet up in Lisbon city center

Deep meditation meet up in Lisbon city center

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Little Yoga Space

42 Rua da Assunção

1100-044 Lisboa


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Deep meditation meet up in Lisbon city center for healing & peace of mind

About this event

This is for anyone who wants to go really deep in their meditation, maybe deeper than you ever went.

These meetings will help you heal emotional wounds & find peace of mind.

It is a safe space for you to share what is going on for you emotionally (only if you want) in a non-judgemental and compassionate space.

It is a space where you can encounter yourself, emotions and life in a completely new and fresh way.

There will be a guided meditation at the beginning, followed by a question and answer session session and a space afterwards for connecting with like-minded people.

The session will last between 1-2 hours depending on how many people are there.

A little bit the approach I use:

All the teachings are based on encountering all of your experiences with nonjudgemental openness, thereby allowing a space for deep healing & awakening.

I learned about this while living for 4 years at a meditation retreat center in India, Sweden and practicing over 10 000 hours of mindfulness & self-inquiry teachings.

A little bit about me:

All I could see in the past was suffering all around me and within me. I just wanted nothing more than to find what is true because nothing made sense to me about this world.

It all started me on a profound spiritual journey where I traveled the world to learn from the best teachers I could find.

I spend thousands of hours receiving teachings and practicing under the guidance of some truly remarkable teachers, for which I will be forever grateful for.

Life was never the same afterwards. I started to get in touch again with that about me which is always at peace, no matter what happens in life.

In the midst of heartbreak, physical pain, intense fear, sadness and loneliness I found freedom of suffering.

The absence of stories gave rise to peace of mind.

Since this intensive self-inquiry into my own healing & awakening, I could not resist sharing what I learned with others. It is an absolute pleasure to be facilitating these meet-ups.

What to expect:

The session will last 1,5 hours and afterwards there is a space to drink some tea and socialize if you wish :).

The sessions will be in English. You won't need to bring any meditation cushion or anything as mats, blankets and everything else is there.

Since it is a guided meditation session and it disturbs the others when someone rings the bell, please make sure to arrive 5 minutes earlier so we can start on time and don't have interruptions.

The sessions take place in the first floor of the building.


Little Yoga Space

R. da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa, Portugal

Ring at the doorbell number "3"

More about my healing & awakening journey:

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