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Deep into Mindfulness: 6-week Online Advanced Meditation course

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Online via Private Akanista Facebook Group (Live)

United Kingdom

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Skills you need to build a successful and healthy life at home and in the office

Suitable for those who completed 6/8 week mindfulness meditation course with Akanista or any other organisation in the past
Tuesday 24th Oct - 28th Nov 2017
7pm - 8.15pm

We know life is not always pleasant. There are unpleasant moments. We can feel overwhelmed when we lose track of ourselves and our goals and when our expectations do not meet. We can become hard on ourselves and can feel sad, depressed and anxious about future. In this 6-week online course, we aim to equip you with advanced mindful techniques that you can use to find out why you feel the way you feel and what to do about it. You will go week by week with us live.

You will get these benefits

  • 1 hour 15 mins of live meditation with Karuna and Nitima with structured talks and meditations

  • Various types of meditation techniques such as insight meditation, loving-kindness, visualisations and affirmations

  • Stories and interactive exercises to learn easily

  • Each week has step by step themes to help you learn more mindfulness

  • Live feedback on any questions and feedback on emotions you may be going through or on the theme of the day

  • Post meditation Q&As will be answered

  • Homework will be given each week to practise daily at home

  • Further reading materials to enhance your knowledge

  • 24/7 email/online support during the course

Themes each week

  • Week 1: Developing the right attitude

  • Week 2: Applying skilfulness to deal with challenges

  • Week 3: Getting body-mind balance

  • Week 4: The art of letting go

  • Week 5: The theory of perception

  • Week 6: Gratitude - being ordinary to do extraordinary

Good to know
If you are joining this course, we expect you to have done some meditation already and had previously joined a mindfulness meditation course. The reason we designed this course is because often the initial experiences of meditation can lead to higher expectations, because you may have felt calmer, less reactive and happier. But as you got busier in life, the honey moon period short lived. You may be frustrated as you don't feel the same way. More worry, tension, and self-blame instead.

How do you get over this? What do you do things differently to stay positive, resilient, and happier?
We aim to ask these questions and answer them in this course for you from our own experiences. What habits you need to build? How can you go on building that step by step? Each week we'll work through with you and emotions in very skilful way. It may be positive or negative - investigating them and befriending them. We have our inner commentary about everything that we feel every situation etc. The graduate program is about getting deeper and understanding ourselves a little more.

How it works
You will need to have an active Facebook account, a good internet connection and updated version of your browser on your phone or computer. You are happy to use this social network to join the meditations each week. It will be on our private Facebook group where only the registered members can watch live videos, post comments and get feedback too. Ideally we would have preferred doing at a venue, but due to distance and accessibility, we preferred doing it online. And Facebook is currently the best platform for online video and communication. Once you register with us, we will immediately contact you via email to join our private Facebook group. If you need help setting up an account, please let us know so we can help you.

Anything shared in the group will be strictly private and confidential. We will get everybody to agree on this before the meditations. The videos will last for 15 days and then will be removed. However, a copy of the meditations will be saved on our database for future use.

You are expected to set aside time each week in the evening, in a room not disturbed by people/things.

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Date and Time


Online via Private Akanista Facebook Group (Live)

United Kingdom

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