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Deep Connections: A Relationship and Intimacy Building Workshop for Gay Men

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TBA in Manhattan

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DEEP CONNECTIONS is a workshop for gay men of all relationship statuses who are ready to have richer, more fulfilling romantic and sexual relationships.

If you’re single you know full well that hook up apps give a predictable result. You might still go to them from time to time to get that hit of closeness and attention. The in-the-moment physical connection might give a temporary high, but you rarely, if ever, experience deeper fulfillment or connection, and you are ready for much more.

If you’re in relationship (whether monogamous or not) you love each other deeply, but the years together have brought decreased emotional and sexual intimacy, arguments that are never fully resolved, and the spark between you just isn’t so bright anymore. On some level we accept that this is “just how it goes” in long term relationships, and we settle into the rut of partnership.

You want a partnership that feels like you hit the jackpot, even after years of being together. One where you fight for each other’s dreams. There’s deep connection, dedication, and trust. Your man has character, integrity, and is also there to hold you when times are tough.

We all know that relationship takes work, but most of us were never taught exactly what that work was - because most of our role models didn’t have much of an idea themselves.

It IS possible to create deep emotional intimacy with the person you just met. It IS possible to have a long term relationship that is thriving and full of turn on, even after years of being together.

Who is Deep Connections for?

First let’s talk about who it’s NOT for. This workshop is not for you if you…

  • Simply want to find your next hookup
  • Are completely satisfied with your love life and see no need to make it even better
  • Keep trying to solve your most important life, relationship, and career challenges on your own
  • Want to get your partner to see it your way so your relationship will work better
  • Want to avoid confronting your "checking out" behaviors – whether sex, porn, work, food, drinking, etc.
  • Are not ready to engage in honest self-inquiry and break old relationship and life patterns

However, if you want...

  • Deeper, richer connections with your romantic and sexual partner(s)
  • Clarity around what you want in your love life - and how to get it
  • More freedom from addictions like porn, sex, food, work, or drugs and alcohol
  • Expanded awareness of your own and your partner's habitual obstacles and blocks to intimacy.
  • More fulfillment in other areas of your life - career, life, self worth, friendship, family.
  • Deepened trust in your ability to show up powerfully loving and grounded to even the most challenging relationship situations.
  • Simple yet powerful tools that, when practiced, will transform your relationship - immediately

Then this workshop might be for you.

In a safe, non-sexual environment, Deep Connections blends modern practices of personal growth with millennia-old methods for cultivating energy and intimacy into a powerful set of tools that, when implemented, will completely transform your love life.

The promise of this workshop: You will walk away more able to create true, lasting fulfillment not only in your romantic relationship(s), but every relationship in your life.

"If you’re a man you need to meet Bob Schwenkler.

You don't have to understand what he does exactly. I didn't fully grasp it until tonight. But trust me on this: His work is rare and special and needed. It's no accident he was brought into my life.

I got something I needed tonight at his event. I'm confident there are millions of men all around the world that his work needs to touch."

“One session with you was much better than what I got from a whole year of therapy.”

“We’ve laughed more in the last 6 months than we had in the last 6 years.”

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TBA in Manhattan

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