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Deep Activism: Sourcing political change from the causal realm through imag...

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Join us Sunday Dec. 18 for a deep dive into the foundation of all true change, the creative realm of Spirit.

If you’ve been feeling called to activism in response to the threat of a Trump administration and other troubling currents being seen worldwide, but have not felt a fit with types of externally focused actions, this may be the event for you.

If you have longed for a community focused more on what it intends to create than what it intends to resist, this may be the kickoff event for you.

If well-being for planet, people, and the systems that constitute our society is what you aim for, even if you don’t know what the answers look like, this is the event in which you can safely explore with others who also dare to imagine what they cannot know.

Within a ceremonial container, we will explore our visions for the world we wish to see, knowing that this embodied clarity contributes to the manifestation of that world, often through avenues we cannot yet imagine..

Toward the end, we will focus the energy generated toward the specific goal of creating an Electoral College outcome the following day that allows us to avoid an extreme period of regressive politics and rising totalitarianism.

We are operating under the belief that radical evolution of the societal frameworks of politics, economics, environment and human rights are needed to create a sustainable future, and that we will get the level of threat required to motivate enough people to actively envision and then create that social evolution.

In other words, if we require a Trump level threat to motivate us to focus our creative energies toward the future we want, then we will get a President Trump. If however we can rise to a Trump level of response to a status quo level of threat, then we will be able to avoid the extreme challenge of trying to create progress under a repressive regime.

Please join us in co-creating the future we want for ourselves and coming generations.

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