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Dr. Shantella Sherman is a historian and journalist whose work documents African American history, popular culture, Women & Gender studies, Black British culture, and the American Eugenics movement. Dr. Sherman serves as the publisher for Acumen Magazine, a historical magazine that fuses history and journalism and which follows the trajectory of eugenic thoughts and threads in popular culture. She is a former editor with The Washington Informer and Philadelphia Tribune newspapers, and contributor at Essence Magazine and the NAACP's Crisis Magazine. Dr. Sherman is a graduate The University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and native of Washington, D.C.

My mission is to take the tools of the newsroom and the college history class and bring them to everyday people who will use them for the purposes of uplift, empowerment, and peace. Through work with other organizations, like House of Khepera, I am meeting this mission.

The aim of this project is to change the effects of eugenics and how it is applied, so that the recipient will better understand why he or she exhibits certain behaviors or feels a certain displeasure. This pain has a chance to heal and will allows them to make positive life changes. It is a practical and feasible three-step plan that can bring about enormous transformation within the community.

We will analyze both the historical and social platform of the film, as well as place various scenes into current context. This is an open and very informal dialogue that will allow you to ask questions, seek advice, and share your own related experiences.

Film Title: Attack the Block | Genre: Sci-Fi |Time: 88 minuten | Regisseur: Joe Cornish | Year: 2011| Cast: John Boyega, en Leeon Jones.

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