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DEATH SPEAKS OUT - Murder Mystery Dinner

Brumder Mansion / MurderMysteries.com

Multiple Dates

DEATH SPEAKS OUT - Murder Mystery Dinner

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Event Details

Tonight is the Last  "DEATH SPEAKS OUT" Performance...
Saturday the 5th of May (6:30 pm) - 6 SEATS LEFT
... Then "RAISE A GLASS TO MURDER" opens in June!

The "DEATH SPEAKS OUT" Mystery Dinner Play is in Milwaukee for 9 fun performances!
Enjoy sandwiches, meatballs, pizza, beer & wine in an intimate victorian theater!

The "DEATH SPEAKS OUT" Murder Mystery Play in Milwaukee

Tickets for the Play, Drinks, Dinner are just $35 per person.
(only 40 seats available - reserve your seats online or phone 414-388-9104

for Sandwiches, Pizza, Finger Food, Cheese & Crackers, Wine, Beer, etc.

enjoy desert, more food, drinks, and party with the stars >>> SEE PHOTOS

For additional info, group parties, phone ... 414-388-9104 or 414-212-5691


Please phone for our Senior discount tickets.


Death Speaks Out

Dangerous -

If you ask me, that’s what this “Spirit Symposium” at the Brumder Mansion is. All this poking around– “symposium”, “dinner theater”, “entertainment” – who cares? Some things are just better off left alone. But then some people just don’t know when to leave well-enough alone, do they?

People like Thomas Vincent for one. Calls himself a “paranormal expert” – just because he wrote a book, Beyond the Grave, that sold a few copies way back when. He’s supposed to be the Master of Ceremonies at the Spirit Symposium. I’m betting there’s more to it than that. With a history like his you can be sure he’s got an axe to grind, and you best not be anywhere nearby when he starts swinging it.

Most likely he’ll be swinging it at Alan Pennington. You know, I never thought I’d say this about “The Mod Mentalist” but I almost feel sorry for him. I mean, he has more skeletons in his closet than a medical school, but why would he put himself in the same city much less the same room with Thomas Vincent? What can he possibly gain from it? The man must be desperate.

Oh, did you hear? Madame Georgia will be there too. Yeah, the flashy clairvoyant from Europe. She and Pennington used to be, uh – well, but that was such a long time ago. Still – would I be surprised if she were still holding a grudge about it today? Nope. Not one bit. I know Madame Georgia.

And then there’s Olivia. Fair, fair Olivia. Why such a delicate flower of the spirits would subject herself to this snake pit is totally beyond me. Some say she’s the real deal, you know. Even the truest of true believers in Spookville will tell you there’s a lot of fakes and phonies in the field – but you don’t hear that said about her. She’s one of the good ones.

I don’t know if I can say that about the Kid. Tracy Bardwell, I think his name is. By all accounts the guy’s something of a clown. Got more gear in his bag than Inspector Gadget. One of the new breed. I hear it’s all an act, that he’s not who he says he is. But then again, who is?

Like I said, if I were you, I wouldn’t go anywhere near ‘em. Too many wild cards in one place. Sure, it could be lots of fun. But would you really want to be in the same room with them if the lights went out?

Anyway, suit yourself...



Characters of the Play

Thomas Vincent - Expert on paranormal phenomena and the host for the“Spirit Symposium” at the Brumder Mansion. Vincent’s real name is Thomas Vincent Jankowski. He dropped the Jankowski as a young man before he wrote his first book, “Beyond the Grave and Back Again” which was a modest bestseller. Vincent's motive for hosting this symposium is to seek revenge on Alan Pennington. Vincent has always felt that Pennington was responsible for the suicide of his sister, Carol Jankowski. Carol had gone to Vegas seeking stardom on the stage and worked for a short time as an assistant in Alan Pennington’s mind-reading act. Alan had an affair with Carol then, when she became pregnant, Alan denied that he was the father. The distraught Carol took her own life, at least that’s what the coroner concluded. Was it really a suicide or a coldblooded murder?

Madame Georgia - An outrageously flamboyant female clairvoyant who claims to be Europe’s leading psychic (she was born in the Bronx and affects a non-distinguishable European accent). While Madame Georgia’s paranormal expertise is in question, blackmail is her game. Georgia’s been blackmailing fellow mentalist, Alan Pennington for over a year, threatening to expose him as a murderer. She’s upping the ante tonight as she suspects that Pennington might be a serial killer. Madame Georgia has other fish to fry, as well. After a chance encounter in Washington, D.C., she discovered that ghost hunter,Tracy Bardwell is a fraud. Tonight may be her final chance to seek revenge on her ex-lover, Thomas Vincent. He jilted her years ago but it's time she got even. The way Georgia’s looking at this Spirit Symposium: there’s more than a ghost of a chance that she can settle some old scores and increase her bank account at the same time. Before she gets started, she better have another drink (or two).

Alan Pennington
- the “Mod Mentalist” and mind reader. Once a headliner in Vegas,Alan is desperately trying to bring his career “back from the dead”. Alan is a chauvinistic and narcissistic ladies man and always wants to be the center of attention. There's more on this mentalist’s mind, however, than just regaining a spot at center stage. He's being blackmailed and has to eliminate the clawing hand that keeps reaching into his not-so deep pockets. Desperate to make his comeback, Alan is trying to regain his fame by landing a starring role on a new TV reality show about paranormal activities. His agent is pushing the Hollywood producers to include Pennington in the cast. Alan thinks if he can garner some good press by being part of this “Spirit Symposium”, it might be just the boost he needs to seal the deal on the reality series. However, before the show goes into production, there are a few skeletons in his closet that he has to exorcise.

Olivia Romanofski - Mysterious and beautiful young medium. Stylish, sensual and oh-so-in-touch with hidden meanings. Olivia has an almost ethereal, 1960’s flower child quality about her. Her gypsy-like costume makes her seem like she’d be more at home in Haight Ashbury during the Summer of Love. Olivia truly seems to be able to read the auras of those around her. She sensed greed, anger, revenge and danger in the air the moment she walked into the mansion and she has become more bewildered and frightened as the hands of the clock move steadily toward the witching hour of midnight. She knows something terrible is going to happen but she cannot see clearly who, or what, is going to take place

Tracy Bardwell - Good looking young male ghost hunter who is, perhaps, a bit too“spirited”. Tracy seems like a bumbling, fumbling and comical ghost hunter and he is often “spooked” by his own shadow and startles easily. But it’s all an act. Tracy is not at the Brumder to search for ghosts. He’s there to hunt for a hidden treasure map becauseBardwell is, in fact, a noted collector for the museums. He’s recently found clues that somewhere in the mansion is a hidden a rare and valuable copy of the Gutenberg Bible. The value today of a complete copy of a Gutenberg Bible is $35 million. Tracy is pretending to be a ghost hunter so he can have access to search every corner of the mansion to find this rare book. Once he does, he’ll sell it to a museum and be set for life.

Susan Pickford - Young woman who is interested in ghost hunting and paranormal events. She’s come to the mansion as a member of the audience to attend the “Spirit Symposium”. Susan is bouncy, fresh and bubbly and she admits that she’s never had any encounters with the paranormal world but has always been interested in kooky and quirky stuff like ghosts and fortune telling. In truth, she is not at all what she seems. Susan has come to the mansion to prove that Alan Pennington murdered her sister, Laura. Susan has been obsessed with her sister’s death and became a police-woman just so she could seek justice and put Pennington behind bars for the rest of his life. Working undercover and disguised as a member of the audience, Susan just might have to take the law into her own hands if she is to avenge her sister’s death.


Matthew Ecclestone ... THOMAS VINCENT
Anne Gorski ... MADAME GEORGIA
Allie Beckmann ... OLIVIA ROMANOFSKI
David J. Franz ... TRACY BRADWELL

Amanda J. Hull ... SUSAN PICKFORD

Written by Jane Cooper * Directed by Maretes Hein

For additional info, group parties,
phone ...  414-388-9104 or 414-212-5691




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DEATH SPEAKS OUT - Murder Mystery Dinner
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