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15 Cornell Hall

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20 PDP points. 100 minutes. Difficult people are everywhere. Or maybe, everyone is difficult during certain moments of their life. Either way, eventually you'll probably need to work with a person that you think is difficult. This experience can be stressful and make an otherwise enjoyable job, unpleasant, and even intolerable. In this workshop, you will discover some general characteristics of difficult personalities, find ways to manage your emotions, and learn how to more effectively deal with others. Most importantly, you will learn how to minimize the negative impact they create while gaining the confidence you need to stand your ground and maintain your self-respect. 20 PDP points. 100 minutes.


  • Casual attire is the minimum dress requirement for attendance at this event. View a description of this attire.
  • 100 minutes is the expected time commitment for successful completion.
  • 20 PDP points earned for successful completion.
  • Manage Conflict| Competency/ies addressed in this professional development experience.
  • The BA/PDP office is the organizer for this event. Event check-in, timeline for processing PDP points and other event details will be as outlined in the PDP Programming Syllabus.

This session takes students beyond the foundational knowledge gained in the BA course series (BA 1500, BA 2500, BA 3500) and helps students prepare for BA 4500 internship course opportunities and the professional world beyond.

FAQs for In-person events
updated January 2018

(1) I want to attend more than one event on this day. Can I register for all events at once?

Yes. However, each event requires a separate reservation. Open each event individually to access the reservation page for that particular event.

(2) Are there ID requirements to enter the event?

Please bring your Student ID to the event. The PDP office reserves the right to require a photo ID in order to enter an event. If you cannot find your Student ID, make sure to bring an alternate photo ID (military ID, driver license or passport). Digital IDs or images will NOT be accepted.

(3) Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You may contact the Professional Development Program at Cornell Hall Room 304 or via e-mail at

(4) Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, you will not need a ticket to enter the event. MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENT ID NUMBER IS ENTERED CORRECTLY in your event registration – incorrect ID numbers will appear as a non-registered ID. Therefore, it is important that you bring your student ID. Digital IDs or images will NOT be accepted.

(5) The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

No. Reservations are non-transferrable. Your RSVP admits the only person whose Student ID number was entered into the Reservation system. If you can no longer attend the event, please log in to Eventbrite and cancel your original reservation. You can also email the PDP office at and let us know your name, student ID number, date, and name of the event that you cannot attend and request that we cancel it for you.

(6) Can I make reservations for other people or give away my reservation?

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY WARNING: Any attempt to circumvent the PDP reservation system or secure a reservation for any reason outside of your own personal attendance for this event can be considered a violation of Academic Integrity, and is subject to consequences therein. RESERVATIONS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE for any reason.

Have more questions? Check out these resources on the Professional Development Program website: (1) PDP Points Opportunity Syllabus (2) FAQ’s on the PDP web page

(7) Can I make as many reservations as I want?

Yes! However, The Professional Development Program office reserves the right to cancel reservations by any student that is abusing the reservation system. Examples of reservation system abuse include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pervasive and systematic reservations beyond what is reasonable for the particular student in question
  • A pattern of no-shows at events that have been reserved
  • Any attempt to transfer reservations or profit from reservations made (see Academic Integrity Warning in FAQ #6 above).

(8) Is there a penalty if I make a reservation and then do not show up?

This is called a “no-show.” As of the Spring 2018, students may register just ONE time per event, per semester. If you make this reservation and do not show up, you will not be able to register again for this particular session until next semester. You may still be able to attend in-person events that you have previously “no-showed” for on a walk-in basis after all reservations and waitlist students are checked in.

Have more questions? More resources are available on the Professional Development Program website.

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15 Cornell Hall

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