DAYBREAKER NYC // September 21st 2016

DAYBREAKER NYC // September 21st 2016

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DAYBREAKER NYC // September 21st 2016

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On Wednesday, September 21st, we're bringing you something special!

In the spontaneous spirit of mischief, we can’t give up all the secrets so far ahead of the big day, but we can tell you that something special is coming. Expect yoga, coffee, healthy juices and breakfast treats, a dance floor with your favorite peeps and a DJ who bumps bass so bold you’ll be happy you hopped out of your sheets.

See you on the dance floor. ;)


Daybreaker is creating an entirely new genre of experience.

It starts out as a dare from your friends or an article that sparked your curiosity... and ends up as the best decision you could make to re-imagine your morning and add a dose of mischief to your life. Our lives are often so predictable, so routine — which is why we come together to wake up our senses — all of them.

At Daybreaker, we dance our faces off before work and feel gloriously healthy while doing so. We gather in community to participate in something greater than ourselves. Daybreaker is about choosing to live life differently, choosing to be happy, and choosing to pursue the best versions of ourselves. See you on the dance floor.

Secret Location to be announced shortly - NY - View Map

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