Data Science Education Webinar: Tim Erickson

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How much data science can we do without coding?

“Quite a bit,” thinks Tim Erickson. Grouping, slicing, filtering, aggregating, and reorganizing data are implicit prerequisites for higher-level data science work. With the right tools, we can see the power of these “data moves” to help us explore large, unruly data sets, see the underlying patterns, and make effective claims about the data.

In this webinar, you will use CODAP to do all of these things with some interesting data. (So bring a computer, and be sure you know how to navigate between zoom and your browser!) We’ll use these experiences to explore important questions in data science education: What does it feel like to do data science? What distinguishes data science from statistics in K–12? Would having used tools like CODAP, and activities like these, help students when they encounter more advanced problems and tools?

Join Tim Erickson of EEPS Media for a 2-hour webinar about data science education. Tim is a freelance science and mathematics educator, working with Meg Holmberg. He is currently working on the NSF-project Data Science Games from the Concord Consortium.

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