Data Science Education Webinar (Jennifer Kahn)

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Title: Getting Personal With Big Data

Description: Open large-scale datasets, also known as big data, and digital visualization tools have introduced new ways of thinking about social, economic, political, and scientific issues. However, engaging critically and deeply with these large datasets can be challenging unless we are able to make sense of the big data on a personal or local scale. This talk will focus on observational and design studies that investigate how youth and young adults learn to become modelers, storytellers, and consumers of stories told with big data. We will discuss how we can use big data and data visualization tools in ways that are personally meaningful to support new understandings about ourselves in relation to society.

Bio: Dr. Jennifer Kahn is an Assistant Professor of Applied Learning Sciences at the University of Miami. Dr. Kahn designs interdisciplinary, novel activities for learning in and outside of school settings. In particular, her research recognizes that how we experience and encounter information is changing. The  recent public availability of large-scale datasets, also known as “big data” (e.g., Census data),  and digital  visualization tools  has  impacted our conversations about the social and scientific world. Dr. Kahn studies how big data and data science tools can play a role in youth’s understanding of social, economic, and scientific issues. Her designs for learning support ways to amplify the voices and leverage the experiences of marginalized and underrepresented communities.

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