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Data Platform Day, Bangalore – February 27, 2016, Saturday at Microsoft (Full Day)

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Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd MPR Krishna Room, 3rd Floor, Global Technical Support Centre, Embassy Building Level 3, Block B, Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Off. Intermediate Ring Road Bangalore, 560071 India

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Data Platform Day, Bangalore – February 27, 2016, Saturday at Microsoft (Full Day)

Lunch: Lunch will be available for attendees

Dear SQL Geek, cordially invites you to next dose of Data Platform Day (Full Day) on 27 February 2016 (Saturday) at Microsoft Bangalore from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. This is a free community event.

Session details are as follows:


Session 1: Build End to End Solution Using Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Abstract: The data landscape is more varied than ever with unstructured and structured data originating from many cloud and on-premises sources. Combining and shaping complex data can take more than one try to get right, and changing data models can be costly and time consuming. Data Factory enables you to process on-premises data like SQL Server, together with cloud data like Azure SQL Database, Blobs, and Tables. This demo based session will focus on development of ADF solutions

Speaker: Sudhir Rawat (Microsoft)

Session 2: Multidimensional Modelling - I'm Not Dead Yet!

Abstract: MOLAP is in the market since SQL Server 2000 and is by far the most use OLAP product to date. With the introduction of Tabular model, people believed this myth that MOLAP is history. In this one hour demo heavy session, we'll learn to model data with MOLAP. We'll learn to define data sources, dimensions, attributes, relationships, hierarchies and cubes with SQL Server Data tools. MOLAP is very much alive!!!.

Speaker: Ahmad Osama (SQLMaestros)

Lunch Break: Lunch Break

Session 3: SQL Server Cardinality Estimation

Abstract: In this level 400 session, you will understand how the SQL Query Optimizer produces those awesome execution plans. The demo packed session will show the you the magic and complexity behind cardinality estimator of SQL Server.

Speaker: Amit R S Bansal (SQLMaestros)

Session 4: Data Security In Your Next IoT Project

Abstract: Abstract coming soon!

Speaker: Anirudh Deswandikar (Microsoft)

Session 5: Managing "Unpredictable Database Resource Demands" with Azure Database Elastic Pool

Abstract: A common SaaS application pattern is for each database to have a different customer, each with varying and unpredictable resource consumption (CPU/IO/Memory summarized with DTU). With these peaks and valleys of demand for each database, it can be difficult to predict and therefore provision resources. As a SaaS developer or Database administrator how can you predict the pattern for each database and provision resources accordingly? You're faced with two options; either over-provision database resources based on peak usage--and overpay. How can you be within the budget for many such databases? In this session we'll be focusing on elastic database pools specifically to help you solve this problem of managing "unpredictable database resource demands" Instead of overprovisioning databases to meet peak demand, customers can combine elastic databases in a pool where a large number of them leverage the same resources, all within a defined budget. There will be demo and discussions to showcase the service followed by Q&A

Speaker: Pooja Kamath (Microsoft) and Hitesh Chouhan (Microsoft)

Session 6: Resource Governor for IO

Abstract: Resource Governor was introduced in SQL Server 2008 to achieve predictable performance in a multi-tenant environment, to support mixed workload patterns, to provide mechanisms and tools to deal with runaway queries, and to enforce resource limits for CPU and memory. In prior releases, there have been incremental enhancements to this feature. SQL Server 2014 now supports resource governance for IO. In this demo-heavy session, Microsoft Certified Master Amit Bansal will demonstrate how to implement Resource Governor to configure resource limits in a comprehensive manner including IO and guarantee predictable performance for different tenants. Along the way, you are also going to see enhancements to Extended Events framework and disk specific counters that have been added SQLServer:Resource Pool Stats.

Speaker: Amit R S Bansal (SQLMaestros)


City: Bangalore

Date & Time: Saturday, 27 February 2016 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Venue: Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd, MPR Krishna Room, 3rd Floor, Global Technical Support Centre, Embassy Building, Level 3, Block B, Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Off. Intermediate Ring Road, Bangalore – 560 071

Parking: Parking is available at Pyramid Food Court

Note: Come by 9.30 am for registration and security formalities. Please be seated by 10.00 am.

We look forward to your participation. Please forward this email to your friends & colleagues to make them aware of the event. Your efforts in spreading the word will be highly appreciated.

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