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Dark Moon Dark Goddess Global Women's Ritual

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~ Feminine Fullness Dark Moon Dark Goddess Global Ritual ~

Sisters of Spirit, Moon Priestesses, Wondrous Woman!

Join our global circle for some dark season, dark moon MAGIC!

As the days darken, the veils thins and we find ourselves immersed in the season of release, we will come together during the November new moon in Scorpio for a ritual weekend of Dark Goddess Activation.

For thousands of years women circled together to align with the moon tides and do their ritual work, we have the opportunity to step into a long lineage of wise women, attune to the potency of the lunar and seasonal cycles and RITUALIZE!

Held in the synergistic field of global etehric sister circle, we will take a deep dive!

We will open to the power and wisdom of the many faces of the Dark Motherr; Lilth, Innana, Ereshkigal, Hecate KALI-MA

These goddesses are here to teach us about Empowerment through Intensity, they connect us with the magic of divine dissolution, they requires us to courageously look in the mirror and embrace our personal and collective shadow self, they instill us with the courage to descend into the underworld and teach us about the beauty of THE DARK!

The ritual takes place Nov. 17th – 19th


You join this circle by registering through Eventbrite and making your $33.00 contribution.

On Nov. 12th, the weekend before the ritual begins you will gain entry into our secret Moon Priestess FB Group, you will also receive all of the weekends Ritual materials

~ Our Dark Goddess Moon Ritual Video (also available in just audio format)

~ Supplementary Dark Moon/Dark Light Audio Meditation

~ Moon Muse Movement Practice (to prepare the body temple for magic)

**All materials are yours to keep and are appropriate to do on ANY New Moon!

We will meet in our secret Facebook group where we will support one another in the weekend process, sharing illuminations, ideas, connections and inspirations.

Over the weekend, everyone will listen to the meditations do the movement practice and perform the Ritual – YOU DO THIS ON YOUR OWN TIME IN YOUR OWN SPACE (anytime within the weekend)

We can share our experiences and stay connected through the process through our FB group.

You will want to have about 90 minutes – 2 hours at some point within the dark moon weekend to do the Ritual

This Dark Goddess release ritual will serve as a safe and sacred way to align with the seasonal tides and honor the magic and mystery of decay, dissolution and change.

The intention of this ritual is conscious completion and release; we will work with the power of the pentagram, the many faces of the Dark Mother and the new moon frequencies of deep, dark void space magnetics.

We enter into this supported ceremonial space to empower ourselves as living Earth Goddess Moon Priestesses connected into the divine essence of the cycles of life .

I am excited to announce, that I will be in India on Shakti Pilgrimage during this ritual, anchoring the group energy at prominent Kali and Durga temples in the Motherland.

And as much as we are working in the realms of spirit, we will also be working in the realms of the material, I will be tithing 13 percent of all proceeds to an organization of OUR CHOICE, there are a lot of people doing great and needed work that could use some monetary support, we will all vote together as a group (in our secret group) where we will donate these monies.

Thank you so much!

Excited to share in this sacred space.
)0( Dark Light Blessings To You )0(

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