Daring Way Weekend Retreat with Cynthia Benge
$395 – $495
Daring Way Weekend Retreat with Cynthia Benge

Daring Way Weekend Retreat with Cynthia Benge

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The Saturn Building, Suite 514

3417 Evanston Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103

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Connect deeply and vulnerably with the ones who really matter... and finally be seen as the real you.

Live bold, brave, whole-hearted lives in a way you never could before.

...even if you've been trying for months or years to make progress on your own.

...even if the fear, self-criticism, or overwhem have always felt like too much to make a change.

...even if you don't quite believe you can really get the life you want.

We'll take those first steps together in a safe, supportive environment, challenging your mindsets and engaging activities specifically designed to bring out your true, whole-hearted, brave self.

You'll leave with tools and mindset shifts that will serve you for years to come.

The moment you join, that decision will already leave you feeling that you're finally taking action.

Based on the transformative research of Dr. Brené Brown.

The Daring Way is about living bolder, braver, more connected lives with the ones who matter.

And you'll keep $100 in your pocket if you register before the early bird deadline of January 18th.

Cynthia Benge, MSW-LHMC, is a Certified Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ facilitator, workshop leader, and a therapist with over 20 years of experience ina private practice in Seattle.

Dr. Brown has ignited a global conversation on courage, vulnerability, shame and worthiness. Her pioneering work has touched a nerve in the lives of so many… and uncovered a profound truth:

"Vulnerability, the willingness to show up and be seen with no guarantee of outcome, is the only path to more love, belonging, creativity and joy."

The Daring Way Seattle Retreat small group experience is all about positive energy and potential. It’s a lesson in showing up and being seen.

"Very warm, very accepting. Lots of safe interaction with others. Plenty of chances to see how things apply to me." - Dee

“It’s like a spa for your soul” -Amy

“Cynthia was able to softly and expertly open our hearts so we could see the good inside” -Nina

Group exercises and discussions will help you transform feelings of anxiety, shame and self-doubt into feelings of worthiness and courage to stand up for what you believe and connecting deeply and vulnerably with those who matter.

Through videos, exercises and activities you will:

~ Learn tools and develop practices that enable you to let go of fear, judgment and shame

~ Develop a plan to move forward into a life that is rooted in courage and a commitment to your deepest values and beliefs

~ Discover how the four major myths of vulnerability keep us from the courage and connection we desire

~ The way to finally feel “I am enough” by resolving feelings of fear, shame, and scarcity

~ How our self-worth is tied to our willingness to show up in our lives

~ The four elements of shame resilience and how to use them to build up your own resilience and courage

~ Identify the values you hold most sacred and how to practice those values in the face of struggle, pressure, and when others are testing your boundaries

~ Transforming the way we live, love, parent and lead through heart-felt vulnerability

And achieve real change in your life...

Like Hannah:

"I deepened the relationship with my daughter and revealed some deep challenges that finally paved the way for healing for both of us”

Or Brenda:

“I realized I had to let something die in order to forgive, which allowed me to eventually deeply forgive my father.”

Or Dorothy:

"It has become easier for me to be compassionate with myself, partly because I am more aware when I am not being kind inside."

And many more who have made the choice to live more connected, meaningful, braver lives.



The Daring Way Seattle Retreat is perfect for you if you can check even one of these boxes....

1.) You feel that urge for more in any part of your life - more gratitude, more acceptance, more happiness, more courage, more meaning, more purpose, more love and connection, more adventure...

2.) You want to become that better version of you in 2017 that you know in your heart you can be - living braver, opening your heart, sharing your authentic truth with yourself and with others.

And as a result, becoming a better spouse, a better mother, a better friend, a better businesswoman, a better changemaker...

If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that we need more of you out there making a difference in the world. Each of you has a unique gift that the world needs- it’s up to you to have the courage to share it.

3.) You're facing a life change or a life challenge.

Big events in our lives shake our foundation and make us re-evaluate ourselves and where our lives are going. Sometimes, we just need to find the courage to face that change. Sometimes we need to find answers inside ourselves about who we are and where we need to go. Sometimes we just need to be able to open up...

4.) You keep trying but you can't make progress.

It's easy to get stuck on our own. Sharing Vulnerably with others who’ve earned our trust is the glue of authentic connection and living with our whole heart... and we can't do that by ourselves. We need a safe environment to explore our own vulnerability and that’s exactly what is going to lead to finding our courage.

5.) You're tired of feeling “not enough”, scared, stressed out, inauthentic, not fully YOU.

Discontent is the seed of change. You are ready.

6.) You're excited by the idea of shucking off the old parts of you weighing you down... and are ready for the risk of doing something brave and bold and daring because it promises something new...

And I promise- it will be absolutely worth it!



What to Expect in this Retreat

Module 1:
You'll choose where in your life you want to show up, be seen, and live brave...

  • It might be in your relationship with their spouse or in their families of origin. Or setting boundaries with your teenagers or having that tough sex or drug use talk-
  • It might be at work- asking for a raise or more fair treatment-
  • It might be with yourself - to try to lose weight for instance or budget your money- or speak your truth
  • It might be in starting a new business or going back to school
  • It might be exploring your creativity- learning to paint or dance or garden

Module 2:
How to give yourself permission to make these changes in yourself, and uncovering what permission it is that you need to move forward.

Module 3:
We'll explore what it really means to be courageous, and how everybody can cultivate that courage.

Module 4:
We unpack your inner critic, shame, trigger spots, and more that are keeping us feeling "not enough"

Module 5:
We identify the defense mechanisms you use to keep yourself from vulnerability, so we can learn to break them down safely.

Module 6:
We dive into the myths of vulnerability holding us back

Module 7:
We develop shame resiliency to overcome those dreadful feelings

Module 8:
We work on the antidote to the inner critic and the practical tools you'll use to become more vulnerable and brave on your path to a more meaningful, connected, braver life.


  • We develop authenticity Mantras and powerful messages of truth to counter our inner negative dialogue
  • We explore practices to move us out into the world with courage and to remind us of our worthiness
  • We practice expressing how we feel and asking for what we need
  • We identify our core values- to motivate us toward what we truly believe in
  • We develop a network of support to encourage our ongoing process- a “tribe” of caring souls who are opening their hearts and moving out into the world speaking their truth in love.



FAQ - Questions Asked by Those Who Said "Yes!"

Those who get the most out of my programs are usually the ones who ask the most questions. The ones who get curious with the process and the material.

The ones who refuse to let me off the hook.

Those who hold my feet to the fire and dare to ask the hard questions.

Personally, I love it.

Because at the end of the day, that’s the only way you are going to discover the answers that are right for you. And I only want you to join us if you know it's the very thing you need to make that change, find that courage, and build those authentic connections with the important people in your life.

If you’re thinking about joining us, I bet you might have some questions yourself.

So... I've put together answers to the most common questions I get asked by those who say "Yes"... and I'm sure one or two of them will answer yours.

So let's get started...

1.) What if I'm not sure I have what it takes to try living brave?

If you think you might, then you do.

We all have what it takes. It's a matter of learning how, and practicing in a safe place.

And this is just practice. Learning some new tools- some expanded ways of thinking and then practicing with some people who are right there with you- “newbies” on the path to whole-hearted living.

The Daring Way Seattle Retreat provides both a science-backed, practical program and the warm, inviting space filled with people just like you longing to open up and learn to accept themselves and each other.

2.) It seems kind of scary to open up to a new group- what if I don’t feel comfortable?

We create a safe confidential container for people to share only what they feel comfortable with as well as activities specifically designed to bring out your authentic voice. Dr. Brené Brown has spent over 10 years researching whole-heartedness and what it takes to go all in, and developing these proven programs to ease anyone into the path of sharing from the heart and moving forward with their own courageous truths.

It’s not something you can practice on your own. It needs to be done with people.

Sharing our story is the bravest thing we can do, and we do it together step by step. We chip away at the anxiety of it. And we hold each other accountable, so you can keep trying and building trust.

3.) I'm not sure what I want, I just know I need something. Can this retreat still help?

Absolutely. The practices are designed to help you bring out your core needs and longings as well as the things that bring you the most joy. Then we identify the barriers holding you back and a pathway forward that’s just right for you.…

4.) Do I need to share deep, dark secrets that I don't want to share?

Absolutely not, you share only what you want to share. There is no pressure, only support to find your truth.

5.) I'm overwhelmed and stressed out... will this help me or just add more stuff I need to do?

There’s no timeframe with this program and no expectation for performance. It’s an overview of a way to begin practicing living life from your heart.

And when we do that the stress that comes from hustling for our worthiness falls away and we begin to feel centered and grounded and peaceful no matter what is going on around us.

6.) Are my meals covered? Do I stay overnight?

We’ll have lots of healthy snacks for you to keep your tummy full. Lunch is on your own. We do have a full refrigerator if you want to bring food from home, or PCC is right across the street. There are also a number of yummy restaurants close by- with a variety of fare- Jhai Thai, Taco Del Mar, Homegrown and The Red Door- so you won’t go hungry!

We send you home each evening so you can refuel and sleep in your own bed.

The retreat schedule is as follows:
6:30pm-9pm on Friday night
9:30am-4:30pm on Saturday
10am-3pm on Sunday

So that's it...

You should have everything you need to make the best choice for you and your life.

If that road leads to The Daring Way Seattle Retreat...

I look forward to seeing you there!



From Daring Greatly, the bestselling book by Brené Brown:

“Daring Greatly is not about winning or losing. It’s about courage. In a world where scarcity and shame dominate and feeling afraid has become second nature, vulnerability is subversive. Uncomfortable. It’s even a little dangerous at times….But when I look back on my life and what Daring Greatly has meant to me, I can honestly say nothing is as uncomfortable, dangerous, and hurtful as believing I’m on the outside of my own life and looking in and wondering what it would be like if I had the courage to show up and let myself be seen.”

Space is limited! Purchase your tickets now.

*Workshop fees are non-refundable. In the event that you are unable to attend, the fee may be used for a future workshop.

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The Saturn Building, Suite 514

3417 Evanston Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103

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