Darbie Valenti's Master Class: Being Wrong Never Felt So Right

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Being Wrong Never Felt So Right

While we discuss our students’ physical and social safety, there’s very little focus on intellectual safety. Engaging all students requires making learning accessible to them in inclusive environments. Create more equitable learning experiences by developing low-floor, high-ceiling tasks that promote intellectual safety and truly develop growth mindsets in our students.

About Darbie:

Darbie Valenti loves first and teaches second. With empathy as the basis of her work, she builds relationships with her students while promoting a growth mindset to empower them to believe that they can make meaningful and impactful changes to our world. Darbie’s teaching experience spans elementary and middle school and also includes serving as an adjunct professor for Northwest Missouri State University. Darbie has received numerous teaching honors, including being named the 2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year. This has afforded her the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for STEM education as well as trauma-informed practices in her state, nation and around the globe as she fulfills her passion of building capacity in teachers.

About the Master Class:

This is a tried-and-true workshop from 2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year, Darbie Valenti, broken down into (5) 30-60 minute long modules.

Essential questions for the course include:

  • How can I make learning tasks that are more equitable to all students, regardless of ability level, gender, race, socioeconomic background, etc?

  • How can I get my students to become risk-takers in their learning so they truly adopt a growth mindset while engaging in rich learning tasks?

Outcomes include:

  • Learn how to create lessons that promote intellectual safety

  • Guide students to learn to embrace mistakes in order to reach deeper levels of learning while developing tenacity

  • Shift traditional lessons into tasks that are low floor, high ceiling making the activities more equitable for all students

  • Reflect on classroom management strategies and grading practices that promote a growth mindset in students

In addition to the session with Darbie, each module also includes:

  • An essential question—how this will help you as a teacher;
  • What you will learn and take back to your classroom;
  • A one-pager with reflection questions and additional resources to share with your PLC, teacher team, or school.

The course will run from October 14-November 18, with a new module being posted each week. On week 6 you will get a chance to join a live 2-hour Q&A webinar with Darbie.

Video recordings will be available up to two weeks after the Q&A webinar.

*There is an option to purchase only the recorded modules without the Q&A.

The details:

Module 1: Moving Beyond the Power of Yet

Topic: Growth Mindset in the Classroom

Essential Question: How can I truly get my students to adopt a growth mindset and be willing to take risks?

What You Will Learn: You will learn ways to adapt lessons that get students to persevere through learning tasks.

Module 2: Low Floor, High Ceiling Tasks

Topic: Learning Task Development

Essential Question: How can I create tasks that all students can enter into?

What You Will Learn: You will learn how to develop activities that are low floor, high ceiling which allow all learners to enter into the task.

Module 3: Creating a Classroom Conducive to Risk Taking

Topic: Intellectual Safety and Tenacity

Essential Question: Is my classroom conducive to risk-taking?

What You Will Learn: You will learn different classroom management strategies to develop tenacity and grit in students resulting in them being willing to take more risks in their learning.

Module 4: More Strategies that Promote Intellectual Safety

Topic: Equitable Learning Task Design

Essential Question: How can I shift current lessons to create lessons that focus on intellectual safety?

What You Will Learn: You will gain even more strategies to implement easily in your classroom that offer intellectual safety.

Module 5: How Grading Practices Impact Students’ Mindsets

Topic: Redos, Retakes and Standards-Based Grading

Essential Question: How do grading practices impact my students’ mindsets?

What You Will Learn: You will learn introductory ways to implement standards-based grading practices in your instruction.

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