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Cyberia Film Festival in VR

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The CYBERIA Film Festival is the first conventionally-styled film fest to be held in a virtual reality environment. CYBERIA seeks to explore a new frontier in cinema appreciation, reaching across the globe to bring together an audience as diverse as its content.

Please RSVP for instruction on how to join from your VR headset or in 2D mode.


February 10, 6-9pm PST
February 11, 5-9pm PST
February 12, 11am-3pm PST

Conceived by a team with well over a decade of experience producing real world film festivals, CYBERIA will gather it's audience from around the world to a virtual screening room on the AltspaceVR platform. We will present a curated schedule of short films from an assortment of genres, with a new film screening every quarter-hour.

Conversations will be muted during the screenings, but the audience is encouraged to converse with one another between films, just as they would in a brick-and-mortar theater. Anyone in the world can join. AltspaceVR is a cross-platform social VR app with compatible Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, or in 2D mode on Mac and PC.

Please see below for the entire schedule line up:


6:00 PM - Quenottes (Pearlies)

6:15 PM - Cycle

6:30 PM - Devil Snail/Worm Food

6:45 PM - Star Wars: The Secret of Tatooine – A Fan Film

7:00 PM - Horseshoe Theory

7:15 PM - Goutte d'Or

7:30 PM - Birds with Human heads

7:45 PM - New Soul

8:00 PM - Attractive Force

8:15 PM - dark_net

8:30 PM - Zinda – The Living Souls [followed by a Q&A with director's representative, Dr. Hassan Zee]


5:00 PM - The Suit [followed by Q&A with director Dave Conte]

5:30 PM - Jef Needs Ice Cream

5:45 PM - I Dare You

6:00 PM - It's a Date

6:15 PM - Lure

6:30 PM - Object [followed by Q&A with filmmakers DESCIPLE]

7:00 PM - HETJA 2 [followed by Q&A with director Michael Jordan]

7:30 PM - Zerch

7:45 PM - Three HP Lovecraft Films

8:00 PM - Kong's

8:15 PM - Story 304

8:45 PM - Smirnoff Sound Collective - Tribes (Episode 3): Dirtybird


11:00 AM - Cruel Forgiveness

11:15 AM - Knock!

11:30 AM - Riptide Rhapsody


12:00 PM - What If We Got Off on the Wrong Foot [followed by Q&A with director Bo! Campbell]

12:30 PM - Night of the Slasher

12:45 PM - A Spring Before Winter

1:00 PM - Harbinger

1:15 PM - Experiments in Non-Cinema

1:30 PM - Scary Little Fuckers

2:00 PM - Synchronous

2:15 PM - Qubitpunk

2:30 PM - Palmer's Pickup [followed by Q&A with director Christopher Coppola]

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