Cyber Security Awareness keynote (English)

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Ananda Wellness & Retreat Conference Center

Villapark Fontein

Banda Abou


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Language: English


Who Is the target audience for the Cyber Security awareness keynote?

Honestly: fit for everyone, however the content is aimed at employees, entrepreneurs and managers. Do you have your own company with some employees? Make sure they don’t miss this! This will ensure an increase in cybersecurity awareness.

After the session you will also receive a signed free copy of the book Reset!, which held the top position of the management book charts in the Netherlands. The book will have a personal message, written by Erik Jan, for you. The spirited and inspiring way in which Erik Jan will take you along in his masterclass, will not soon be forgotten. After the session has ended, there will also be some time to ask specific questions that apply to your organisation.

Erik Jan last year in Curacao during workshops

Unique about this masterclass: special attention for YOUR learning objective! After you ordered your ticket(s), you will have the opportunity to reveal 1 learning objective to Erik Jan. Because the session is held with a small group, your input can easily be implemented in the session of this masterclass.

What will you learn?

The costs generated by cybercrime are reaching an all-time high in the Benelux, up to 10 billion euros. The first companies bankrupt due to hacking, are already in the past. Securing yourself through hardware and software, sanctions against employees… it all isn’t enough. I’ll take you through the world of the internet, showing examples of about how people can enter your laptop, your organisation, and how you can easily prevent a whole lot of the risks. Some of the subjects include:

- Attention for your personal learning objective!


- How can you put cybersecurity on the agenda?

- Dangers for big and small companies.

- Why it is everyone’s domain and responsibility.

- How do you protect yourself, your family and your company from the dangers of the internet, without having extensive technical knowledge?

- How hackers can enter a very secured company and how to stop them.

- The danger of “smart” things, which are all connected to the internet. (the internet of things)

- Concrete information for managers and employees who are working in an organisation.

- Latest development.

- Inspiring examples that you can implement yourself!

Location: the session, which are held by Erik Jan, will take place at the Ananda Wellness Retreat and Conference Center. A stunning location! Ananda’s goal is to contribute to Curacao as a wellness location, also for business. The hospitality Ananda’s staff shows, goes perfectly with the content of the Reset! book, which you receive after the session.

Kevin Mitnick is exclusief geinterviewd in Hoofdstuk 2 van Reset

After the session Erik Jan will give you a free signed copy of his book Reset! In this book he also exclusively interviewed Kevin Mitnick! In the years Erik Jan worked for NOKIA he met Kevin and worked together at an event. Kevin is the world most famous hacker.


  • There is no pissibility for restitution.
  • Take your paper ticket to the event, or have it on your smartphone
  • You can order as many tickets as you like, it is not necessary to register on your name
  • Tickets only can be used once and will be scanned at the entrance
  • Please take notice about the date and time your reserve the ticket for, there is no possibilty for a refund

About Erik Jan

Erik Jan Koedijk is coming back to Curacao! A year and a half ago he gave the famous X-Factor Business Workshops, together with Henkjan Smits. From 11 September to 14 September in 2017 he will introduce his book RESET! at the Ananda Wellness Retreat and Conference Center. His book recently held the top of the charts in the Netherlands when it comes to management books. Apart from that, he will also hold Social Media Masterclasses and an inspirational session about Cybersecurity. Every participant will receive a personally signed copy of the book Reset! after the session.

Erik Jan Koedijk komt naar Curacao

Erik Jan went online in 1991/1992. He got his first job in 1992, where he earned the nickname “Mr. Internet”. Back then no one was looking into the internet, but Erik Jan already felt right at home! He was one of the youngest country managers at Nokia Enterprise Solutions (the organizing body that brought security (firewalls), mobility (smartphones) and software (push-e-mail) on the market). Later he became responsible for EMEA partner marketing. He shattered one record after the other during his career at Nokia. A leading exhibition concept, a successfully deployed strategy at Second Life, a sophisticated European partner strategy. Even as soon as 2004 he started Social Media workshops and two years running he received the Nokia Circle of Excellence sales award.

Also during his career at Nokia he shattered records by making schools and companies safe during the “first connection” to the internet (1998 – 2002) . He was the general manager for Benelux at SurfControl, securing children and employees from the dangers and darker sides of the internet.

Get your people along!

He knows how to gain the trust of people and puts organisations and people into motion. This year will be his tenth year as self-employed entrepreneur, during which he was always involved in meaningful and distinctive projects. He took on his role of management and organisation advisor and keynote speaker. During these 10 years he supported more than 100 organisations. For example in 2015 he managed to get Ricardo Semler to the Netherlands, for the Baak. This is when he came up with the “Ricardo Semler and friends” concept. A resounding success, visited by more than 1500 people and praised by Semler himself. He came up with a strategy to sell close to €300.000 worth of tickets, only by using Twitter and Facebook.

It's his passion to unite people, knowledge and technique. By now, a whole lot of people are reading his book Reset!, which appeared on 14 February and held the leading position on the management book charts for weeks on end!

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Date and Time


Ananda Wellness & Retreat Conference Center

Villapark Fontein

Banda Abou


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