CXP CEO Retreat - Frederick

CXP CEO Retreat - Frederick

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Musket Ridge Golf Club

3555 Brethren Church Rd

Myersville, MD 21773

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Helping CEOs Work to Well Done

About this event

CXP CEO Retreat Day for Christian CEOs to Help Them Get to Well Done!

LEADING A BUSINESS IS HARD WORK! Leading a business can be hard and difficult, especially when you answer to a higher calling and are aware of your potential for  Kingdom Impact, You might find that you don't have time to strategically think about how to move forward. It is easy to get stuck and not know where to look for the answers to your questions.  

  • Do you feel stuck and alone because you feel like you have to be one that does everything for your business?  
  • Ever wish you could spend one full day with other entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners, learning their best ideas so you don't have to recreate the wheel on everything in the business?   
  • Do you want a chance to have your problems heard, analyzed, and solved by CEOs who have been there, and who have figured out solutions to the problems that are slowing you down?  
  • Do you know that you need to learn faster in order to keep up and to get ahead in the marketplace, but don't feel like you know what to learn or how to keep up?  
  • Do you want to accomplish all of the above in a spirit that follows the purpose deep in your heart, to hear the words, “Well Done.”


Imagine having a talented and experienced personal advisory board of like-minded experienced business owners and CEOs, all committed to eternal success.  Imagine having the monthly resources and discipline to focus on the most important (not just urgent) issues in your work and life. Imagine having a trustworthy facilitator/coach committed to ensuring that this process takes place using ‘best practices’ filtered through the lens of business experience.  Imagine doing all of this with others who also want to hear “Well Done.” 


The CXP CEO Retreat Experience is a full day of discussion, problem-solving, learning, support, management consulting, and accountability. We believe that when the leader is clear, everything in the organization becomes clear.

WHAT DOES A CXP CEO RETREAT LOOK LIKE? EXECUTIVE LEARNINGLearning leaders last over time. You will have dedicated time at the retreat devoted to learning the 12 Biblical business principles that you can apply to your life and business. With the help of the CXP CEO Executive Retreat Guide, you will learn how to apply Biblical Business Principles that have been proven over thousands of years and which God will use to evaluate the success of your leadership and your business.BEST IDEAS®Learn Best Ideas® from successful business leaders who have done it. You will have the opportunity to listen to and learn from hundreds of years of business success and failure. You will be able to take the best ideas and apply them to your business. You will be given time to ask questions and to share what you are doing that is working well.

Strategic ClarityAt the CXP CEO Retreat Experience, you will have time devoted to developing a leadership strategic plan that will help you focus on where you should spend your time and energy to move forward. Strategic Clarity will move your business forward as you create a WIN LIST® that will help you build momentum during the next month knowing the order of your most critical priorities.

SPACE AND TIME TO REFLECTThe best leaders set aside time to get away and learn to improve themselves because they understand the leader they were yesterday will not be able to lead effectively tomorrow unless they improve today. The CXP CEO Retreat Experience is designed with the CEO in mind.  Find a retreat near you to have this defining experience in your life and leadership.

CASE STORIES®Business happens in real-time, and the decisions that you make will determine your level of success. At the CXP CEO Retreat Experience, you will have time to ask questions to real-time situations and issues that you are facing. You will receive wisdom from your peers who will listen to your issues and questions, but who have the same values and want the best outcome for your business. Your peers will challenge your thinking in many areas of the company and your life to help you overcome blind spots that may be hindering your growth and the growth of your company.

WIN WALLS®You will have time dedicated to celebrating your wins and the wins of others. A win that is celebrated is more likely to be repeated. You will learn from the successes of other CEOs as they share where momentum is building in their life and business. Others will applaud your success as the CXP CEO Retreat Experience is designed to call out your best and to celebrate work which should enable you to hear the words “Well Done.”

CXP CEO Retreat - Frederick image
CXP CEO Retreat - Frederick image
CXP CEO Retreat - Frederick image
CXP CEO Retreat - Frederick image
CXP CEO Retreat - Frederick image
CXP CEO Retreat - Frederick image

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