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State Police Training Academy

7901 Independence Boulevard

Building A

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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A FREE event for parents, educators and providers

CEU INFORMATION: 4 sessions (90 minutes each) with possible total of 6 hours. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in our CEU program when you register. CEU certificates will be available at the end of the conference.

  • CEU Fees: Fee for professional CEU’s is $20 to cover administration costs to the organizers and free to educators/parents/foster parents

  • Educators: CEUs must be approved by your administration.

  • LPC and PLPC: Louisiana Counseling Association is approved by the Louisiana Licensed Professional Board of Examiners to offer Continuing Education for Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors and Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors. We have submitted application to Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors and will list approved sessions when available.

  • SLP: We have submitted application to the State Board of Examiners (LBESPA) and will list approved sessions when available.

  • Social Workers: We have submitted application to the State Board of Examiners and will list approved sessions when available.

The C W Austin LD Conference is a free volunteer effort created by concerned professionals to help parents, educators and professionals access learning disabilities resources in our community. The information and opinions presented are the exhibitors/speaker's views and are not necessarily reflect the views of the entire conference or the Greater Baton Rouge LD Coalition.


Building a Community of Carethe importance of coordinating learning goals for the student during and academic year between the classroom teacher and all related services (administration, general ed teachers, speech therapists, APE, OT, PT, and private tutors) will be discussed. Presented by Bethany Robicheaux is the Director of Special Education for the Diocese of Baton Rouge

BRIDGING THE DIVIDE: Tips for Effective Parent-Teacher-Parent Communication - One of the most powerful tools in effectively educating individuals with learning disabilities is having effective parent-teacher communication. However, for both parties, this can prove to be a difficult and frustrating endeavor. This presentation will attempt to help both parties to maximize effective communication for the benefit of the student. Presented by William B. Daigle, Ph.D. (private practice) and Brenda L. Dawson, Ph.D. (private practice)

Dyslexia: The Scientific Evidence Alive in the Classroom - This session will cover the science of dyslexia and how Louisiana Key Academy uses scientific evidence alive in the classroom to teach students with dyslexia. Presented by Kayla Reggio of the LA Key Academy. She is certified Academic Language Therapist and Qualified Instructor in the field of dyslexia with a Master’s Degree in Language Therapy and her Graduate Certificate in the Learning Therapy Therapist.

Positive Discipline for Parents and Teachers - Frustrated with all the drama and constant nagging to get your child/student(s) to behave? Wish there was a more positive and lasting method to do discipline? Well, this workshop provides positive, practical strategies to effectively accomplish discipline of children with AD/HD and other neurodevelopmental disorders both at home and school. It will transform the way you think about and do discipline - we are positive! Presented by Randall Lemoine, PhD, (Private Practice).

Evidence-based interventions for children with learning disabilities: medication, social anxiety, and homework – This presentation will be a 90 minute symposium panel focused on evidence-based interventions for children and adolescents with learning disabilities. Dr. Nemeth will provide information about effective medications to address symptoms associated with learning anddevelopmentaldisabilities as well as brain-behavior difficulties. Dr. Pastrana will describe how social anxiety impacts children and adolescents with special needs and will discuss options for interventions. Dr. Volz will present on how learning disabilities may impact homework as well as how to develop an effective homework environment and appropriate homework interventions. Presented by Darlyne Nemeth, PhD, MP, MPAP, Jennifer Volz, PhD, BCBA-D, NCSP and Fernando Pastrana, PhD, The Neuropsychology Center of Louisiana.

Fact and Fantasy of both Patient and Parent: A Look at the Realities, Myths, and Evidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder - This presentation will investigate the myths and realities of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), investigating the origins of the condition, symptoms of the condition, related learning and developmental deficits, common behavioral challenges, best practices of treatment, and considerations for effectively communicating with and relating to parents and other caretakers. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a behavioral healthcare science, will also be discussed within this presentation. ABA has been used for increased positive outcomes in the treatment of many issues, including ASD, Asperger's, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Intellectual Disability, and other intellectual and behavior disorders. Presented by Alfred Tuminello, MA, BCBA, LBA of the Emerge Center.

Career Development for Youth with Learning Differences - The lifelong process of career development poses special challenges for people with learning differences. High school and college students with LD need a multifaceted approach to career development. This session will discuss practical steps to integrate career development into your work and interactions with youth who have learning differences and describe opportunities in higher education for LD students. Presented by Lisa Hibner, Director of the Baton Rouge Community College Career Center and Mary Feduccia, PhD., LPC, and career counselor at CareerWorks 360.

Educating Your LD Child at Home: the “Road Less Traveled” Could Perhaps “Make All the Difference” - This presentation will be a case study of how educating children with learning differences has been better facilitated with attending an online high school while completing classes and attending lessons at home. This particular online school serves students in both elementary and secondary grades. Although it is a private school, online public varieties are also offered free of charge. Components of this educational experience and how they lend themselves to assisting LD students will be discussed. For those attendees who choose to select a more typical homeschooling situation, tips will be offered for providing a well-rounded experience. Presenter: Jane St. Pierre, BS, Certified Teacher (1-8), Certified Kindergarten Teacher, Certified Reading Recovery Teacher, Mother of an LD Student for 18 years.

Surviving in the Workplace with LD and ADHD: Those with ADHD and LD can experience difficulties with time management, following directions, organization, procrastination and many other skills crucial to workplace success. Minimizing challenges by bringing personal strengths to the workplace and using accommodations can help. In this session, a Human Resource Director with over 30 years of experience accommodating disabilities in the workplace will lead a practical open discussion of these challenges, and identification of potential solutions designed to create a positive workplace environment. Presented by Belynda Gauthier, Founding Coordinator of Louisiana Capital Area CHADD, (Children and Adults with ADD/ADHD) author of a Parent/Teacher Handbook on ADHD and related disorders, legislative lobbyist for ADHD issues, CHADD National Board Member, Board Member of Families Helping Families and a founding Board Member of the GBRLDC, Member of the DHH task force on ADHD.

Questions and Answers about IEP’s and 504: Come and ask any questions you may have pertaining to Special Education Laws including Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If I don't have the answer immediately I will find it for you. Presented by Kara Shupe, Educational Support Specialist and Advocate, Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge, and owner of "Latebloomers of Baton Rouge" an online support group for parents of special needs children

Experience the Frustration of Learning Disabilities: This interactive presentation helps participants empathize with and understand the frustrations of people with learning disabilities in a typical classroom setting, and how to create a successful school experience for them. The session discusses ADHD, Dyslexia (including dysgraphia and dyscalculia), Autism, and Auditory Processing issues. Presented by Georgann Mire, Founder of the CW Austin Learning Disabilities Conference, President of Greater Baton Rouge Learning Disabilities Coalition. Educational Consultant in private practice who also works in Baton Rouge Community College Office of Disability Services and Board Member of the Louisiana Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.

Practical Strategies to Implement for Improved Visual and Vestibular Function - Building on the neurobiology of the visual and vestibular system, the attendees will be introduced to specific intervention strategies that can immediately be incorporated in practice, whatever setting applies. Although the understanding of the neuropathways may be difficult, the actual gaze and mobility exercises are fun and easy to implement. Both remediation strategies, to improve the person's efficiency of visual tracking and moving in space, as well as modifications and accommodations to environment will be discussed. Presenters: Susan Ducote, PT, PCS, Terri Wilton, LOTR and founders and owners of Neurotherapy Specialists.

Why Care about Communication? Social skills and academic success are influenced when we care to correctly address communication - No matter the person’s age, having adequate communication skills is instrumental to being able to navigate the social and academic demands that we encounter on a daily basis. This presentation will provide the audience with the tools to be able to identify when to make communication adjustments from what is traditionally taught and what those adjustments are for improved thinking and problem solving. Presenter: Stacy Levy, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist, Develomental Learning Specialist, and Co-Owner, Dynamic Therapy Specialists.

Body Organization Matters! Considering alternatives to traditional therapy and medications for learning challenges - Participants will have a better understanding of the brain’s protection and survival response and how this impacts learning and development. In addition, this presentation provides an opportunity to consider alternatives to traditional therapies and medication recommendations for children with learning challenges. As participants learn to identify unintegrated reflexes in their child/student and consider how this impacts learning, behavior, and development they will be able to incorporate simple strategies to help organize a child’s brain and body to facilitate calm, organized thinking. Presenter: Vicky Poston Roy, PhD, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist, Developmental Learning Specialist, and Co-Owner, Dynamic Therapy Specialists; Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans, Consultant to the LA Dept. of Education and several school districts across Louisiana

A New Angle on Arithmetic: The role of the visual system in math perception and processing - This presentation will explore the underlying visual needs necessary for a LD student to perceive, process and succeed in math. This will include discussing and targeting the three areas of the visual system - eyes, body and brain. Listeners will take part in demonstrations, learn to identify areas of deficiency and be given key takeaways and tips that can be used immediately to help assist their child in growing stronger math ability. Presented by Tabitha Goings, COVT and Rachel Hotard of Advanced Eye Center.

Perspectives: Exploring influences of language on behavior, ADHD, and ASD - When expectations meet reality we are often left asking, "what went wrong?" When children behave in an "improper" manner should this be our initial reaction? This presentation will explore the connections between language, behavior for persons with learning disabilities, and the "Why's?" behind these behaviors. The speakers will provide information regarding behavioral observations for children diagnosed with ADHD and ASD. Participants will explore ideas to implement various approaches to home- and classroom-based behavior management strategies through language-rich environments. Presented by Ashley Bourque Meaux, PhD, CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor at Southeastern Louisiana University in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program, reasearch focusing on language and literacy development in young children.

Creating Competence with Social and Emotional Intelligence for LD Students - Participants will learn about the challenges for LD students and ways to help them overcome problems through strenghtening social and emotional intelligence. Presenter: Brandy Klingman, LCSW, CEO and Psychotherapist, Legacy Behavioral Health, LLC, offering medicaton management and counseling; Lifeworks Psychiatry and Wellness, LLC

Understanding Learning Disabilities Evaluations - Learning Disabilities evaluations are very important tools to help people with learning disabilities. This presentation will teach participants how to understand evaluations and utilize the information to improve academic success for students. The components of evaluations will be examined and discussed. Participants will learn why evaluations are important and ways that evaluations can enhance educational experience for students and educators. Resources will be provided to help parents and professionals choose evaluators and prepare students to become successful in K-12 and college. An overview of advocacy strategies will provided as well as information about the college experience for students with learning disabilities. Participants will also obtain information about the Dyslexia Center at Nicholls State University as a model for support and accommodation. Presented by Jason Talbot, PhD with the Dyslexia Center at Nicholls State University

Understanding All Parts of the IEP - This presentation will dissect the IEP and review each component. Each component will be described and it's importance will be discussed. Learners will leave the presentation with an understanding of the IEP, it's components, participants, and procedures. Learners will leave with an understanding of how to participate fully in the IEP process to effectively advocate for their child/student. Presented by Jannean Dixon, M.Ed of Cornerstone Educational Consulting

Be sure to bring a sweater as the venue is very cold.

Box lunch will be available for purchase

Registration begins at 8:00

The GBRLDC is a 501 (c)(3) tax deductible charity

Please make a donation if you can so we can to continue to offer this conference as a FREE resource

Send checks to:

Greater Baton Rouge LD Coalition

P. O. Box 85309

Baton Rouge, LA 70884

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Date and Time


State Police Training Academy

7901 Independence Boulevard

Building A

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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