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Customer Discovery Interviews - Online Workshop

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This online workshop will focus on a specific method you can use to discover your first customers: Customer Discovery Interviews. We’ll cover when and why you should conduct them, how to structure them, and we’ll finish by preparing our own interviews to conduct after the workshop is over.

This is a practical hands on workshop, not a webinar. You will be required to do actual work using Zoom and Mural to facilitate exercises. So come prepared to work!

For Corporate Intrapreneurs

Customer empathy is hard to come by in a corporate environment, often for the simple fact that there are many people working “far away” from the customer. However when it comes to developing sellable products and services, there is nothing more impactful to your early stage business model than truly understanding the person you are selling to. This workshop will not only show you how to conduct effective interviews with real and potential customers, but also how empathy helps your business navigate the present and prepare for the future.

While the way you use customer discovery interviews will depend on the access to customers you have, the foundational skills you’ll learn in this workshop will likely impact the way you and the people around you think about new product development.

For Startups

Moving quickly from one idea to another can make you feel like you are starting all over again and again and again. Having the capability to empathize with real people about their problems gives you the confidence that while your business ideas may change, your core job stays the same: deeply understanding someone’s problems, and attempting to solve them in genuine and novel ways.

This workshop will teach you a great tool for maximizing the amount of learning about your customers you get out of the time you put into de-risking our business models.



How is an online workshop different from a webinar?

In a webinar, you are just watching videos with little interaction or facilitation. This workshop will be going through exercises live with and instructor and facilitators who will work with small groups to go over some finer points of the exercises.

Is there a different time slot available?

Yes, we alternate the time slot to be accessible in different time zones. Please email Hello [at] Kromatic.com and let us know your location and we'll invite you to the correct session.

Are there non-profit or startup discounts?

Yes, we always support community leaders and non-profits. Please email Hello [at] Kromatic.com and let us know your situation.

Can I attend in person?

No, this is online only.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email Hello [at] Kromatic.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

What's the refund policy?

Absolute money back guarantee within 30 days of the workshop. Even if you simply didn't enjoy the webinar, you can ask for your money back.

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