Curriculum for Fulfilment
Curriculum for Fulfilment

Curriculum for Fulfilment

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Hamilton House Avon, Bristol, BS1 3QY, United Kingdom

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Are you ready for an exciting new form of education?

A day of fun, meeting new people, and learning some powerful lessons. I would love to invite you to a meeting of like-minded individuals, who all want to grow and develop the way you do.

Would you like to understand the psychology of how to make yourself happierWould you like to be equipped with the skills to thrive in relationshipsWould you like to develop the mindset and strategies to enhance the success you experience in your life?

I believe the answers to these three questions lead us to a very special state of living. It is a state of Fulfillment. It is bringing together HappinessLove and Success into a magical form of existence. In this seminar, I am going to provide you with concepts, tools, and activities that will allow you to work towards each of these three components.

Part 1: Psychology

In this section, we are going to explore how your behaviour shifts your physiology so that you can hack into your pleasure centres at will. We are going to explore the power of your thoughts, and help you discover that you really can think yourself happy. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to consciously design your lifestyle for happier living, and together we will outline the strategies for how to do so.

In this section we'll talk about concepts such as:
-Power Poses
-The 90 Second Rule
-The Mindset that has been shown to increase your lifespan by 19%

If you think you're going to be sitting in your seats listening to me drone on, think again! We will be actively shifting your physiology using some very easy yet powerful practices. This section will pick you up on what is traditionally a lazy Sunday morning.

Part 2: Relationships

We will then move onto Relationships. We will develop vital communications skills that allow you to excel in interactions and make strong impressions on people. We'll explore techniques that allow you to expand your perspective to enhance how you learn from others and understand them. We will work through conflict resolution scripts so that you can swiftly negate the negative emotions that arise in relationships before they develop into serious issues.

In this section we will explore:
-The 49% rule
-What you can see through Joe and Harry's Window
-The Emotional First Aid practices that can heal your relationships

This part of the seminar is interaction heavy. We're doing group tasks and opening up the floor to discussion. I'm not having you sitting next to someone and not even knowing their nameBy the end of this section you will have bonded with a number of your students.


Catering will be provided by one of Bristol's very own artisan tea companies, and there will be delicious, low-sugar, vegan and vegetarian snacks. You'll have a full hour to mingle with each other and share your learning.

Part 3: Personal Development

The afternoon session is devoted to Personal Development. We will outline principles of self-care so that you can feel physical vibrancy, intellectual nourishment, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual awakening. We will work through self-awareness tasks to help you discover your inner power. Then you will be equipped with frameworks that you can apply every day to maximise the productivity and success you can achieve.

This sections will provide you with tools such as:
-Your personal constitution
-The most important function you have on your phone
-The one page that will radically alter how you approach your day

This session is designed to give you a toolkit that you can take away from this seminar. I don't want to hype you up and motivate you, then just leave you to your devicesThis session will provide you with practices that you may well employ for the rest of your life.

Further Growth

To wrap up the day I will point you towards resources to continue your development. Then we will close with a couple of powerful practices to end the day on a high.

I look forward to sharing this special day with you. Bring your pens and paper. Bring your enthusiasm for learning. Bring your dreams and desires. And together we will create a wonderful experience.

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Date and Time
Hamilton House Avon, Bristol, BS1 3QY, United Kingdom

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