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University of Louisville

Kosair Charities Clinical & Translational Research Building

505 S Hancock St

Louisville, KY 40202

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You Are Invited to the First Creative Placehealing Research & Development Roundtable

Note: This is an invitational research meeting of UofL School of Public Health. For more information, please email: If you have received an invitation from the planning team, please respond with your RSVP by Friday, January 18 so we can plan accordingly.


Forbes magazine recently reported that US employees have 1.4 billion missed days of work annually due to illness and impaired performance – an amount greater than if every nurse in the US missed a year of work. In addition to lost productivity from poor health, US employers also paid an additional $880 billion in health care benefits for employees and dependents. However, poor health is not natural. Humans, in our natural state, are meant to thrive.

This is why the University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Sciences is creating the The Center for Creative Placehealing® (CCP)— to help us realize our full potential as a society. CCP is dedicated to supporting inclusive, thriving, healthy cultures --backed by science-- in the places where we work, live, learn, and play.

The World Health Organization has identified the systemic neglect of CULTURE, in health and healthcare, as the single greatest barrier to the advancement of the highest standard of health worldwide. Through a mix of evidence-driven research, education and entertainment, CCP will leverage the power of culture, and the creative industries, to make investing in what works for population health, the “new normal” for private sector, social impact, strategy and design.

CCP’s definition of population health includes public health and wellbeing -- as defined by geographic regions, such as states or communities -- but also includes other groups, such as employees of a company, or people who share a heritage.

CCP is bringing population health professionals and scholars together with experts from many different fields -- including business, journalism, technology, economics, sociology, anthropology, medicine, communications, psychology, arts and humanities -- to collaborate on building a bridge between population health practice and research, private sector business, and creative industries. Our goal is health improvement at massive scale. Instead of hundreds or thousands, CCP is interested in reaching millions.

Unified Vision & Mission: Center for Creative Placehealing

Vision: Thriving cultures and inclusive economies where everyone is able to contribute their full, creative, potential.

Mission: Leveraging the power of arts, culture and the creative industries, to make population health practice and research, universally accessible and useful.

Values: Hope. Trust. Belonging. Purpose grounded in culture. Progress backed by science.

30x30 Impact Goal: By 2030, create a culture shift which improves the wellbeing of 30 million Americans.

Roundtable Goals

  1. Develop an initial framework for regionally-based universities to form an "Interdisciplinary Research Consortium" with shared resources, projects and collaborative grant applications based upon the principles of Creative Placehealing.

  2. Outline the framework for a “Healthy Business Coalition” of corporate leaders to work with the research consortium on health impact models that can be deployed through the creative industries.

  3. Identify professional development needs for fostering a "Creative Industries Support Network" to align health, private and creative sector leaders into a collaborative R&D model for Creative Placehealing.

Roundtable Agenda

Friday, January 25, 2019

11:30a Networking and Light Lunch

Welcome by University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Sciences

Culture Frame Switching: The Role of Business, Trust, and Hope in Creating a Good Society.

Creative Placehealing Innovation Model

Facilitated Roundtable Discussions & Report Out

  1. Enabling a Cultural Perspective on Health. What are the opportunities for Kentucky to become a national thought leader on how culture shapes health? Core research needed and tools to be developed?

  2. Leveraging Creativity for Innovation in Health Communications, Journalism & Media. How might we establish a national, Kentucky-based center focused on evidence-guided, creative production and dissemination?

  3. Highlighting the Culturally Significant Scopes of Business Action. What are the opportunities that will be most meaningful to the private sector? (i.e., Substance Use Disorder, Obesity, Inclusive Workplaces, Social Isolation)

3:00-3:15 Break

Agenda Setting for Industry-University Collaboration

  1. Creating initial work groups for (1) Healthy Business Coalition (2) Interdisciplinary Research Consortium (3) Creative Industries Support Network.
  2. Outlining research agenda and metrics.

5:30pm Final Comments/Reflections


Following the roundtable, all guests are invited to join a public celebration of creativity and health.

6p-8p – Center for Creative Placehealing Launch Celebration

  • Cash bar
  • Location: Clinical Translational Research Center at UofL
  • Free to the Public

6:30p - Welcome and Launch of Center for Creative Placehealing

7p-8p - Finale of AHA! Moments with performances and presentations by:

  • Louisville Ballet
  • Louisville Orchestra
  • Muhammad Ali Center
  • Poets Hannah Drake & Theo Edmonds
  • Lightning Talks on Culture, Environement and Health

More Info for Evening Event Here

About AHA!
Over the past year, the Year of Arts, HeALIng, & Action! (AHA! Moments) has brought together participants from across Louisville to explore creative approaches to improved health and wellbeing. Led by Humana, Louisville Health Advisory Board (LHAB), IDEAS xLab, University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Sciences, Muhammad Ali Center, and with support from Fund for the Arts, AHA! Moments has focused on surfacing insights for social innovation in health (mind/body, social, economic,environmental) framed by the arts and expressed through Muhammad Ali’s 6 core principles - Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect, and Spirituality.

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Date and Time


University of Louisville

Kosair Charities Clinical & Translational Research Building

505 S Hancock St

Louisville, KY 40202

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