Cuddle Up! Empowerment & Consent Workshop
Cuddle Up! Empowerment & Consent Workshop

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Cuddle Up! Empowerment & Consent Workshop

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Modo Yoga Austin & Bikram Yoga Austin East

Modo Yoga- 7010 Easy Wind Dr Suite 130, Austin, TX 78752

Bikram Yoga- 3801 Berkman Dr #B, Austin, TX 78723

Austin, TX 78752

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Nov 27th 6:30-8:30pm @ Bikram Yoga Austin East

Dec 4th 6:30-8:30pm @ Modo Yoga Austin

Dec 18thth 6:30-8:30pm @ Modo Yoga Austin

What is Cuddle Up?

A non-sexual safe space for adults to enjoy the power of human touch. The need for human touch and affection is one of the strongest and most powerful. We all share this need. Many find themselves unable to have this need met regularly. Before every cuddle party is an consent and self empowerment workshop. During the workshop attendees will learn about consent, boundaries, and communication. You'll ge to know your fellow cuddlers and feel more comfortable sharing in some contact. After the workshop is the guided cuddle session. Your host will be there to support and encourage you to take risks, be brave, and act boldly.

Who is Cuddle Up for?

Cuddle Up is for everyone! All 18+ adults welcome to attend. Cuddle Up is not just for singles. It is for anyone who feels a need to have more human contact and touch in their life. Cuddle Up is for anyone who wants to know more about giving and receiving consent. Cuddle Up is for anyone who seeks personal empowerment. It is for people who fear rejection. It is for artists, businessmen, singles, couples, friends, happiness seekers, and euphoria chasers.

What happens at Cuddle Up?

Each cuddle up begins with a consent workshop. During the workshop you'll learn the rules of cuddle party and how to stay safe and comfortable throughout the event. You will learn how to ask for what you want and will practice saying "no" to what you don't want. We will go over how to ask someone to cuddle, how to make specific requests for what you want, and what to do if you change your mind. Cuddle Up is a hyper consent environment. You need to ask to do anything including cuddling with a new partner, joining a group of cuddlers, changing body position, or changing hand position. You will gain confidence and feel more comfortable around unfamiliar people. You will practice rejection and be better prepared to handle it. You will learn how to give clear consent.

After the consent workshop is the cuddle! The cuddle up is a freestyle group cuddle session. You are free to move around as you wish, cuddle with whomever you please, and have as many different partners as you like. You can join of group of cuddlers or connect one on one. The cuddle portion lasts about 1.5 hours and is completely freeform. You are not required to cuddle with everyone, you only cuddle with who you want to. Cuddle Up activities can include holding another person, massage and touch, group cuddling, and hair stroking. Cuddle Up is a non-sexual event.

What is the atmosphere like during Cuddle Up?

The atmosphere of cuddle up has been described as euphoric, the ultimate relaxation and total bliss. You can expect to feel relaxed, comforted, warm, cared for, positive, meditative, inspired, happy, and at peace.

Rules of Cuddle Up:

Ask for what you want.
Say no to what you don’t want.
You can change your mind at any time.
You are not required to cuddle with everyone at the party.
You only cuddle with who you want to.
You don’t have to explain yourself.
Cuddle Up is a dry event, no alcohol will be served.
You should come to cuddle party free of the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
Reach out to your Cuddle Up host if you feel uncomfortable at any time.

What do I wear to Cuddle Up?

Cuddle Up is a fully clothed event. Come in your comfiest pair of PJs, fuzzy socks, and barney slippers! We want you to be warm, cozy, and comfortable above all.

What do I bring to Cuddle Up?

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket. We will have some of these items available but not enough for all participants. Help us make our space cozy and comfortable.

Our Venues:

Modo Yoga Austin is located at the Crestview Metro Station in central Austin.

Bikram Yoga Austin East is located in the Mueller neighborhood of east Austin.


No refunds will be offered for this event. Your ticket to cuddle up will be valid for any future party if you cannot attend the party you purchased a ticket for. If you decide to use your ticket for a speciatly party that costs more than the original ticket price you can simply upgrade your ticket at the door by paying the difference in ticket price. You can also tansfer your ticket to someone else by simply forwarding your eventbrite confirmation email to them with the tickets link. Please follow the Faye Fearless facebook page and subscribe to the events to be notified of upcoming cuddle parties. Parties are hosted at least once per month.

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Modo Yoga Austin & Bikram Yoga Austin East

Modo Yoga- 7010 Easy Wind Dr Suite 130, Austin, TX 78752

Bikram Yoga- 3801 Berkman Dr #B, Austin, TX 78723

Austin, TX 78752

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