Crystal Sound Bath & Astrology

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Crystal Sound Bath & Astrology

VIRTUAL Crystal Sound Bath - *Friday, Feb 10th, *7pm PST/ 10pm EST

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Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is joining dreamy, romantic Neptune in Pisces. Venus is feminine receptive, yin energy. It’s how we deeply nourish ourselves, and in this process, magnetize what we desire toward us, rather than needing to chase after it. By being what we desire, there is a natural flow of giving and receiving. We can channel this tender energy to create more harmony in our relationships and to remove any blocks to self-love. There are so many different ways you can tap into it. It can be as simple as cooking a nourishing meal and savoring every bite, clearing and cleansing your home or sanctuary, sending time in nature or in a ritual bath, dancing, lighting candles and saying affirmations, or meditating on the goddess within. It’s very much a self-care practice; nurturing the divine feminine; the mysterious, magical sensuality that's within all of us. Affirm to yourself and to the universe exactly what you want and how you are ready to live. Breathe in and imagine your breath filling your heart space with this infinite light. As you breathe out, fall into spaciousness. The vibration of gratitude in your heart expands the abundance of love in your reality.

Short astrology meditation & breathwork, followed by crystal singing bowls, original soundscapes, nature sounds and ethereal vocals to take you on an inner journey. The vibrational power of sound has the ability to transport the listener to a state of deep meditation and relaxation where the chakras are balanced and the energetic body is harmonized.

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Dynasty Electrik is Jennifer Deveau and Seth Misterka. We were initiated into the sound healing practice of Svaha Yoga by Lisa Ishwari Murphy. We fused our knowledge of music with shamanic sound healing to create a unique style of sound therapy—the Dynasty Electrik Crystal Sound Bath. We established an influential sound healing journey at Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery in Los Angeles and have worked with Usher, Rachel Platton, Marvel Studios, and SnapChat, among others. Our work has been featured in Forbes, High Times, and in numerous television/ internet shows and film. Thank you for being here 💜

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