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WHAT THE Bleep is Bitcoin? Crypto Or the BLOCKwhat????

It’s totally another language..We get it…

And kind of makes your head hurt?? A little anyway..


WEARESHE IS A collABORATIVE of savvy innovative women who are “disruptive” (in a good way) creating new business concepts and applications (using blockchain technology) to redefine how we lead, impact and create abundance in the world.


To empower, Educate and inspire women to create innovative projects and collaborate with a shared value or "currenSHE" so that together we can redistribute wealth and create massive impact in the world!

How do we do that?

We have created a collaborative platform of live events, workshops trainings and unique collaborative masterminds that

1) Empower and educate women on the future of business

2)Inspire Innovation and Creativity

3)Activate new levels of Abundance

4)Support collaboration

So how do we do this?

  1. To Empower and Educate

When women are empowered with the right knowledge, skills and the right tools we are unstoppable-

We are entering into this digital era whether we like it or not and this is our opportunity to become aware and educate ourselves on this space and understand where the world is going.Then and only then we can make informed and intuitive decisions about our future and choose how we wish to interact with this digital landscape.

We want to create a platform where women can not only develop their leadership but also to dive deep into the cryptocurrency landscape, learn about the technology behind Bitcoin and what decentralisation actually means because when we understand the fundamentals of this it will open up limitless possibilities and potential on what we can create as women.

Ladies this is big! What we are seeing is the biggest transfer of wealth that this world has ever seen and yes we can all play a part in this and it’s time that we reclaim our abundance and wealth. But not only that this is the biggest opportunity we have for innovation and freedom to create new business concepts, applications and projects that will positively disrupt and impact the planet! Excited yet?? We totally are..keep reading

In WEARESHE we are committed to first and foremost supporting women in understanding the scope the blockchain and what decentralisation really means so that we can positively impact our own future and the future of the planet.

And we get it-- I know you are wondering what the heck is the blockchain? It’s a whole new language and it’s literally a minefield out there so that is why WEARESHE collaborative is creating events, workshops and trainings to support you in wrapping your heads around this stuff!

Because we believe knowledge is power and the right knowledge in the right women's hands is a GAMECHANGER..

  1. To Inspire innovation

At WEARESHE we are all about supporting and inspiring innovation. This is to support women in seeing the bigger picture and providing a platform that allows for innovation and creation of new ideas and concepts.

To use this new technology as an opportunity to create solutions to solve some of the world's biggest problems and to give back and redistribute support and abundance to where it is needed.

This platform guides women through a creative process to allow for these ideas and concepts come to life, to be developed and implemented.

  1. To Activate Abundance

We are all about abundance and in fact -just by getting involved in the WEARESHE collaborative there are many ways you can create abundance. We want to support women to become set up in the crypto space. Learn how to buy and trade cryptocurrencies, learn about mining's, icos and investments and build a long term strategy for wealth in the crypto space. This will set women up for life and provide them with financial freedom so they can put their energy into the projects that lights up their hearts the most.

But we get it- we know that us chicks like to be savvy and intuitive when it comes to our money, our investments and our wealth strategies. So we want to empower women to navigate the crypto landscape with a healthy discernment, to remain grounded and intuitive and not to get caught up in the hype.

But not only that, in order to activate this greater abundance we believe that we must make a quantum leap in our approach to our manifestation and our mindset practices and learn how to attune ourselves in every moment to receive abundance. It is a state of being that needs to be nurtured and maintained. This is about learning to hold the capacity of wealth within you.

  1. Support Collaboration (develop a shared Currency-SHE)

We have created collaborative model/ blueprint which allows women to collaborate in a way that this world has never seen before. It allows for a women to step into and recognise their core skillset or what we like to call (SHE Power) so that they can work together collaboratively on their businesses and projects. This model allows women to create a shared curren-SHE (currency) and supports innovation in a way that we have not seen before.

Just like the concept of the Blockchain WEARESHE rewards contribution so it creates a space where women lift each other up and we are all rewarded for it.

Now.. we know this concept is different..

It is multifaceted..

It is unique..

And it is not something that you can grasp from just one facebook post or video..

This is a process of learning..

Of making a quantum leap in your mindset,

It is about being open to something new..

And shifting our belief systems in what is possible..

It is not something we can share with you in one facebook live or webinar alone (although we could try) but it may be lost in translation. There are many layers to this and we want to create an experience make it fun and easy to wrap your head around it..

So what is the first step?


Ladies let’s understand the bitcoin basics and grasp the core concept of what decentralisation actually means. We want women to be empowered so we have created a very unique event where you can come and be part of this shared learning experience….

Think Crypto for Chicks - bitcoin and crypto translated in a language that us chicks actually understand, forget the cryptic language, let’s break it down bit by bit (lol no pun intended) so that we can actually understand this space be empowered to make informed decisions about how to move forward with your business and the future of your wealth.


The Bitcoin basics:

  • Learning this new language
  • Decentralisation & the Future of Wealth and why it is so exciting
  • What is bitcoin? The Blockchain?
  • How to activate new levels of abundance
  • A new blueprint for innovation
  • A new blueprint for collaboration and more..

This evenet is Australia’s first (possibly the world’s first) Crypto for Chicks event and we want you there….!!!


If you have no idea about the blockchain or anything I just said BUT you are curious to know more - you NEED to come along..

If you want to grow your wealth strategies, mindset and be open to something new- you NEED to come along..

If you have heard of bitcoin as a digital currency or you have already dabbled or invested in some cryptocurrencies but want to learn more about the bigger picture and how you can integrate this into your business -you HAVE to be here..

If you are struggling to expand your current business and want to learn about a whole new space that allows for innovation and business expansion - You would be SILLY not to come..

If you have an idea you want to birth and it seems the current feat system and business structure does not support it- you definitely need to be there..

If you are really ready to make a quantum leap in your approach to business and collaboration and be around like-minded savvy women- than you DEFINITELY Need to come along…

We expect this event to be a sell out so make sure you book your FREE Ticket now!



The Original Co-Founders: Two Birds One Idea

Meet Niamh Cronin: The Storyteller & Messenger

International Speaker, Leadership & Transformation Coach and Co-founder of the WEARESHE Collaborative.

Niamh has an impressive corporate background including managing a Channel Sales Business for a Fortune 500 Giant in Australia. She bridges the spiritual and business realms in a very grounded and tangible way and infuses her expertise in spirituality/transformation with business, sales and marketing & branding so that she can be a bridge for leading women to do the same. She is leading a powerful "new way" for woman to create more success and impact with greater ease and flow.

Meet Eve Clare: The Chameleon & Peacemaker

Innovative Trainer, Dispute Resolution Specialist and Co-founder of the WEARESHE Collaborative.

A complete chameleon, Eve is a business manager, entrepreneur, counsellor, mediator and experienced trainer, Eves professional and personal life is nothing short of impressive. A school drop out and teenage mother at the age of 16 only to become a sort after graduated professional with a surfing spirit. Eve is a national trainer and motivator supporting people that are wanting to improve their quality of life and learn about the art of gratitude, adventure, business and focus. Eve is dedicated and extremely passionate about helping people change the paradigm that is holding them back from success in any area of their lives.

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Sunshine Coast


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