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Ethereum OC and So Cal Blockchain want to encourage the sharing of research and ideas about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We believe we can learn from one another and the consensus of the crowd.

So since studies show that people research and learn more when they have some skin in the game we want to introduce our members to a "Crypto Coin Challenge" that will be a game of skill based upon

This will be an educational platform and game where we get to learn from the wisdom of the crowd. We are testing out some of our assumptions on ourselves, our friends and family and local Blockchain community. Plus we think it will be a fun way to learn and test our theories about cryptocurrencies! If this sounds interesting to you we hope you will join us.

To participate there is a $20 cost. Which you can pay in person or on Eventbrite at the link below. Then at each Meetup everyone who decides to participate picks the crypto or portfolio of crypto's that they believe will perform the best by the start of the next Ethereum OC Meetup as reported on The cryptos need to be in the top 100 of the on the list AND have a average daily trading volume of over $250k. This is to help prevent gaming the game and to encourage doing some research.

So you know the time frame for your calculation the meetups will be posted in advance. If there are any discrepancies they shale be determined by consensus rule.

While the meetup is going on and the guest speakers are sharing the results will be tallied and recorded from the previous Ethereum OC Meetup. After the regular meeting has ended the person who picked the crypto or portfolio of cryptos will teach the rest of the group how they did their research and what data caused them to make the choices they did, so we all can learn.

For teaching and sharing with the group they will earn 75% of the Crypto Coin Challenge platform participation cost collected in the previous meetup. The person who made the 2nd best selection will get 10% and the person with the 3rd best selection will get 5%. After they fill out a questionnaire that the rest of the group can use to learn from. 5% will go towards the costs of running the educational platform and meetings and the last 5% will go into a pool that we will give to the person who had the highest return on their picks over a quarterly basis.

This will take place 10 minutes after the regular Ethereum OC meetup and will last approximately 15-20 minutes. We hope you'll find this a fun and interesting way to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency. While also allowing a little incentive to share this with other’s who may feel they are too late to the crypto game and need a reason to learn about it now.

So invite your crypto investing friends and n00bs alike. We can all test our crypto investing theories and share our ideas about what are the good analytics to look for and learn some new crypto investing techniques.

To pre buy your spot in the 1st Crypto Coin Challenge where we will make our picks this Friday night at the end of the Ethereum OC Meetup. Then determine the winners at the beginning of the next Ethereum OC Meetup on Monday night at 7pm.

Note: This is not investing or providing investing advice. This is a simulation game of skill where the people who are the most successful get rewarded for teaching the rest of us what to look for in critiquing crytpocurrencies.

Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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