Dr. Anne Balboni is the state coordinator & clinical director of the state wide Rhode Island Critical Incident Stress Management TEAM, Inc. Anne earned a Masters in Education, a Masters in Counseling and a Doctorate in Psychology. Anne serves as a member of the ICISF Board of Directors as well as ICISF faculty member, authoring the CISM Applications with Children’s course. She is an ICISF approved instructor for many ICISF classes. Anne has presented on crisis intervention topics internationally as well as assisted numerous groups in the development of crisis response teams. Dr. Balboni is a member of the Rhode Island Disaster Mental Health Task Force and serves as adjunct faculty at the Community College of Rhode Island in their Emergency Management \ Homeland Security Program. She has over forty five years experience in the field of education, twenty-eight years as an EMT and twenty one years as an EMT instructor. Private practice includes CISM intervention, education & consultation with emergency service organizations, veteran’s organizations, schools & industry. Anne is board certified in traumatic stress and credentialed as a Diplomate with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. She is a member of the International Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists.